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Obama Invites Congressional Leaders to White House

President Obama will meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the White House next Tuesday, January 13, the White House announced yesterday.

“This will be an opportunity for them to talk about a range of issues, most importantly, the legislative agenda for 2015 as well as a couple of foreign policy issues as well,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

12 Responses to Obama Invites Congressional Leaders to White House

  1. Such a hollow gesture. Photo op. Photo op. All you had to do was see O’s face yesterday when he talked about the new Congress. His eyes told the whole story – he’s not about to work with them for love nor money.

  2. This will be an opportunity to degrade the GOP leaders and threaten them with his pen and phone.
    Steve Scalise should watch his back and all sides as well. They are after him.

  3. Invited to the WH…. but our President sees it as an invite to the woodshed to teach these “folks” about who is in charge. The reign of Barracus Supremis continues…


  4. Everyone should call all Congressman and remind them that o is not their father. They are not children, and they have a responsiblility to each and every citizen of this Country.

  5. The only conditions the Congress Critters have to fulfill is to bring a fatted calf to the Won, and beg forgiveness from him for all their sins. The Republicans will, of course, have to remain on their knees in a prayerful position during the whole meeting.

  6. Uggh…
    Boehner & McConnell ARE USELESS ‘Republican’ “leaders” in that cesspool that is the US Congress


  7. In other words, he is going to lay out for them what will be expected of them, and how they’re going to marginalize and demonize opponents.
    He will ‘nourish’ them.