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Obama Calls Paris Attack “Terrorism,” But Won’t Say “Islamist”

In order to win the war on terror, we have to be clear first that we’re in a war, and second about who we’re fighting. The Obama administration doesn’t appear to have much of a notion about either.

President Obama today condemned the terrorist attack in Paris but failed to mention the obvious perpetrators, Islamist terrorists. I mean, even if he wants to be cautious, he could at least say it “appears to be” the work of Islamists. But this president apparently doesn’t like to reach early conclusions about things unless matters of race are involved.

Obama issued the following statement:

I strongly condemn the horrific shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris that has reportedly killed 12 people. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrorist attack and the people of France at this difficult time. France is America’s oldest ally, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world.

Time and again, the French people have stood up for the universal values that generations of our people have defended. France, and the great city of Paris where this outrageous attack took place, offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers. We are in touch with French officials and I have directed my Administration to provide any assistance needed to help bring these terrorists to justice.

Just before Obama’s statement was released, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was hesitant to even call the assault terrorism, which is about like watching “Jaws” and being uncertain whether one had viewed a shark attack.

The White House has resisted since Day One the notion that America is at war against terrorism and that a subset of any single group is to blame for it. If Obama understood America to be on a war footing against Islamists, he might, for example, have acted in time to prevent the rise of ISIS. We hopefully will not soon discover what other consequences await the failure to conceive of America in a life and death struggle against a specific foe.

Meanwhile, Obama scheduled a meeting a noon with Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the Paris attack. He still plans to travel today and tomorrow to Michigan, Arizona and Tennessee.

132 thoughts on “Obama Calls Paris Attack “Terrorism,” But Won’t Say “Islamist””

  1. Preezy Mealy-Mouth just spoke – more embarrassment to the U.S. Called it a ‘cowardly evil attack’. Never mentioned “islamic terrorists’. Said the culture and civilization of France will endure and ‘these people’ will be forgotten’ ultimately.
    What he doesn’t understand is that Muslims are taking over many areas …’no-go zones’…of France. Idiot!

  2. ISLAMIST JIHADIST TERRORIST ATTACK! The west has become scared, cowered, soft and completely subservient to the ever encroaching terrorist attacks. ISIS promised that they soon will be in Europe, this is just the beginning. Meanwhile, Sally Kohn democrat “strategist” claims that right wing extremist has killed more people. I won’t waste my time being outraged because democrats have a sick, psychotic hatred and obsession with Conservatives. I don’t give them a second thought until one of their crew says/tweets something outrageous.

  3. Don’t dare say terrorism is the principle of Islam or-they terrorize you.

    France isn’t a country any liberty-loving person should honor since its 1789 Revolution against God and elevated man to his own god, which has been the case since then, and the French have done nothing to make the world a better place. However, I don’t wish any of the stupid French to die at the hands of Islamics.

  4. Watching France 24, Paris Live.
    No doubt in their minds who did this cowardly act, not specific organization, buy why the attack.

  5. Nothing MrObama has done or said seems to be pro-American values or reflect the will of the citizens. This constant avoidance of calling out Islamic terrorism for what it is, the olive branch to Cuba, the opening of our borders to people from Mexico and South America and curtailing our military might all seem to point to his positioning himself as some new kind of world leader, but not an “American” leader.
    We’re going to pay dearly for his personal goals;
    His distain for our country is shown with every racist attack, and every move he’s made in the last two years that ignores our laws and the constitution.

  6. Was it ISLAM that took over all the lands in the Middle Ages that sparked the Crusades?

    Are the ISLAMISTS taking over land and terrorizing today acting any differently than the ISLAMISTS taking over land in the Middle Ages?

    Did the ISLAMISTS of the Middle Ages CALL themselves ISLAMISTS and MUSLIMS?

    SO, if there is no difference in the behavior of these modern day terrorists than the behavior of the ISLAMISTS in their beginning years AND there has been no “awakening” or “reconciliation” as in the Christian faith between the old and new testament, then why in the hell can’t the current terrorists be called ISLAMIC TERRORIST!!!!!!

    The longer Obama is in office the more I find myself wondering if there isn’t something to all those inet stories about him being a closet Muslim. He certainly protects them at all costs.

    1. There’s no question in my mind that Obama is a Muslim. His ring “(inscription: There is no God but Allah”

      and his intimate affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. His pastor for 20+ years, Jeremiah Wright, is a Muslim who “reconverted” to Christianity. Sure he did. Obama’s mother was a member of the Muslim cult called Subud.

      No doubt in my mind whatsoever.

        1. It’s like a puzzle, Grace. There are lots of pieces in place now and finally the whole picture is taking shape. For a long time, I thought he was just a Progressive hack (he is that, certainly), but he’s gone much further than that political position would take him. His entire foreign policy, for example, is completely pro-jihadist. Remember the photo of him taken in Somalia dressed in a Muslim Somali elder? When THAT photo showed up, his election staff went nuts, trying to dance Obama away from that little episode. Can’t let that little secret out. Yet, there it is.

          1. I mean, what candidate vying for the Office of The United States of America would even THINK of posing in such a costume in 2007 only six years after 9/11?

          2. The two things that I could never let go of —

            1) The ring

            2) Comment made at UN or wherever about 2 years ago — I can’t remember it exactly but it was basically a shiny version of Islam Uber Alles.

  7. Wait,wait, wait ………….I thought the French newspapers called these terrorists “Misunderstood Youths” every time they rioted and such?

    Now is a great time to ask Former SOS Clinton………Who should the United States of America “empathize” with today, the French citizens, journalist and police officers who died today or the Islamic terrorists who killed them?

    Less than a month ago……….Hillary stated…….. This is what we call smart power,” she said. “Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one side on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one’s enemies. Trying to understand and in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

    1. She must have sufferred brain damage during one of her ‘falling down (drunk)’ episodes. Those words will haunt her til the end of time. She has no business running for prez.

  8. Of course he won’t change his travel plans.

    Campaign appearances and personal vacations have always trumped serious matters of state.

    I wonder if Vegas is taking odds on our ability to make it through two more years.

  9. I don’t believe there’s any lack of understanding on Obama’s part. It would take a fool of huge proportion to not understand the message that was delivered with this attack, citing “revenge for the Prophet.”

    Obama understands just fine. The problem is he is sympathetic to the cause and refuses to condemn it. He speaks generic words of outrage to cover the political base, but you will never hear him call out an Islamic terrorist group.

    Taken individually, his lapses might be seen as oversights. Taken together, the pattern is unmistakably treasonous.

    1. You’re darn tooting he’s sympathetic to them! He probably is blaming the dead people because they did “slander the prophet of Islam.”

          1. Thanks for the correction. I was going from memory.
            The most disturbing aspect of that comment was that every Islamist worldwide heard the President of the United States say “death to those who slander Islam”

    2. His generic words of outrage (well put) are spoken with the passion of a man about to fall asleep.

      He saves his true passion for incidents involving race.

    1. We have questions about the judgment of publishing something like this,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said, while adding “it is not in any way justification for violence.”

      “We don’t question the right of something like this to be published, we just question the judgment behind the decision to publish it,” Carney said.

      1. I missed the comment about questions of publishing something like this. I am furious with that comment. I cannot believe American newsperson didn’t yell out: What the hell are you talking about?

  10. I can remember a time when America was the FIRST to stand, celebrate, and fight for ALL freedoms.These days only select circles are now “allowed” free speech and action without censure. America is no longer the “Land of the Free”. America has become one of the most regulated, rule bound, PC controlled, rigid, unfree nations of the world. Media is no longer seeking truth but approval, with some exceptions, thank God. Secretary Kerry celebrated France’s Freedom of Speech, yet wishes American citizens to curtail their own. How far we have fallen.

  11. “[O]ne core component of our strategy has been to mobilize the forces or the leaders in the Muslim community, particularly the moderate voices in the Muslim community to talk about what the values of Islam really are. It’s a peaceful religion and it’s terrible that we are seeing some radical extremists attempt to use some of the values to that religion and distort them greatly and inspire people to commit terrible acts of violence.”

  12. So what is wrong with:

    “Kill them all, let Allah sort them out”

    This so called ‘religion’ “Islam” is based on 7th Century AD views of the World from some nobody barbarians in the deserts of Arabia (kill & conquer).


    1. I don’t think we can trust anything as important as “Kill Them All” to a God as seriously screwed up as Allah!! But then, as with all religions, it’s not the God who’s screwed up, it’s those who pretend to speak FOR the God.

  13. From Kerry’s remarks earlier today:
    “No country knows better than France that freedom has a price, because France gave birth to democracy itself.”

    Forgive me but what history is he talking about? In that little old Kansas high school I graduated from I learned that the United States Declaration of Independence dates to July 4, 1776 while the French didn’t start their little guillotine extravaganza until 1789.

    Is there really no end to the anti-American embarrassment of this administration?

      1. I see your point, BUT those merry ol English from which we separated did have to live under some pretty pathetic Royals even after that. I still recall the bumps on the skin when touring the Tower of London. Some real sick “justice” was meted out there.

    1. Our Constitution, with its 4400 words (or so), is the oldest true Constitution in the world. Other countries have written words, declarations etc about how to run a government or liberty or how rights ought to be distributed (Magna Carta et al). But there was nothing as comprehensive or binding as our own Constitution before 1787. It’s true that you can go back thousands of years and identify the seeds and certain elements found our Constitution, but can find nothing as affirmative or wide sweeping or conclusive. The Brits, for example, do not have a true written Constitution, only a pile of laws.

  14. ‘allahu akbar’ screamed by the murderers pretty much sums it up. Islamist terrorism. Josh should read the news accounts from France.

    1. …3:24PM EST… Shep Smith on FNC is bending over backwards to get off the whole ‘Islam’ & ‘terrorist’ slant of the story…

        1. That blew my mind when I learned that just a week 1/2 or two ago.
          I just heard on English news that just a couple of weeks ago a debate was cancelled at Oxford in fear that it may offend someone.

          1. Oh yes. Brandeis is all in. I feel sorry for parents still paying tuition.

            I refuse to give one dime to my school — they turning out the likes of S. Fluke etc.

  15. A great deal of people are outside tonight in Paris showing respect to the victims and showing support for FREE SPEECH.
    There are also people in London. Peacful gathering for Freedom of Press and support for the victims.
    There are also people in Canada standing together.
    I just heard that on the London news I am listening to. The website was posted on an earlier thead.

  16. TERROR! Did o see the paramedic’s face this morning as he was wheeling the injured next up to the ambulance. The young man had a look of terror in his eyes as he was looking around. He was not looking out for a criminal, or a bad guy, he was looking out for a TERRORIST!

  17. I watched Obama give his little statement on CNN and it looked like he was just about to fall asleep. it was a somewhat incoherent statement. he sounded weak, as usual. Kerrys speech sounded much better and he gave it in French. Well, I have listened to so many grand speeches today from leaders all across the globe, and they all say that they want to defend free speech and the right to satirize. However, I suspect, when all is said and done, that we will enter an era of even more self-censorship. Because the right thing to do now would be to honour the victims and publish the “offending” pictures in every newspaper, every magazine, show them on every TV channel, but I am sure that this will not happen and so, the Evil Forces have won.

    1. Just checked Drudge Report and they published one of the pictures . Also, they have digged up an old story from 2012, then the White House condemned Charlie Hebdo for “deeply offensive” anti-Islam pictures, Jay Carney discussed it in confusing double-speak terms. Obama a free speech champion ? Shouldn´t think so.

      1. Yes of course, Mandy. And Marine le Pens party will be bigger and bigger. I haven´t heard her yet but I am pretty sure that she has spoken with gusto and bravura. However, the MSM is not keen on giving her any space….she might influence too many….

    2. I was listening to a news talk from London earlier. They stated that Spain was going to print all the cartoons. I do not have confirmation of that. If you should hear anything, please let us know.

    3. Regarding Obama’s statement, it looked like he couldn’t be bothered, as per usual when anything like this happens. Yet he certainly has energy for some things. Once he’s back on the trail slamming Republicans, he’ll be droppin’ his g’s, speaking with a Southern accent, the works.

    4. Jean Francois is a traitor and should not be Secretary of State. He is a prima dona. He lives to speak French. He knows nothing about patriotism.

  18. Adding to the fun, Secretary of State Kerry in his remarks today said “No country knows better than France that freedom has a price, because France gave birth to democracy itself.” Am I remembering my American history incorrectly? Last I knew the American Revolution predated the French. Not to mention, some folks would argue the Greece was the birthplace of democracy. :)

    1. that is hilarious! you know that “US citizenship test” you can take online that is similar to what new immigrants have to pass to get their citizenship papers*? I wonder if John Kerry could pass that.

      *or I should say “they used to have to pass”: I don’t think there are any restrictions or demands on immigrants anymore.

      1. Jean Francois Kerree could so pass the citizenship test. If it was in French and the answers were written on his hand.

        Can’t wait to see the State Department hashtags coming from the twins on this one.

  19. Eight years after September 11, 2001 America hired Barack Hussein Obama. It’s not as though his affiliations were buried – only the Left buried their heads in the ‘red line in the sand’. The GOP tip-toed around the obvious when they should have been screaming from the rafters. As for the few that yelled, it was muffled by the msm.
    France OTOH, has been dhimmi. By law France is not allowed to ask for census purposes if you’re a muslim. The best estimate is 10% of the population. France capped off 2014 when the lower house recognized the mythical land of Palestine. The link below is just the 2014 year in review in France.

    1. Sadie, this attack hit a few very brave journalists but it also hit journalism in itself and I hope it will dawn on even the MSM media what a monster they have nourished. The MSM is alike in most countries , screaming racism and Islamophobia and insulting people with even modest critique on the happenings in the country. I would even say at the heat of the moment that the MSM share some guilt for these brave peoples deaths.

      1. No guilt I am pretty sure. But the fact that it was a hit on journalists — them — their kind — they will publicize it a lot. And it will be interesting to see who says what.

        I think the fact that the US media — including FOX –refuse to re publish the offending cartoon is telling. There will be “greater good” and “why give the satisfaction” reasons — all BS.

        This is tragic, but the world is slow to respond and there is no game plan. Look at that sorry ass coalition against ISIS.

        More will suffer. More innocents.

  20. A big old banner to the left that reads “5,000 Thai Women Seeking Love” well…..see ya later White House Dossier. It’s been real, folks

    1. Simply use an ad blocker program for your browser. I have an add-on called Adblock Plus and use it with Firefox…no ads, banners or pop-ups on this site or anywhere.

    2. not only does Keith not control the ads, because of pixel targeting, after you’ve been online for awhile they start serving up ads for things you have previously been searching for. so if if wasn’t you looking for Thai chicks, those ads will go away soon of their own accord and you’ll be able to see ads for–well, I wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess.

  21. soetero is a pisslamic terrorist and he’s supporting the return of the caliphate with our money and blood. I want his head on a pike.

  22. France doesn’t have the death penalty any longer. In fact, the last person put to death was a Muslim who was convicted of raping, torturing and murdering a woman. The French method of execution was the guillotine.

      1. Guillotine jewelry will be back in fashion! I always thought that was one of the strangest things — apparently Guillotine earrings were quite the rage.

  23. another half-hearted phoned-in comment from our commander “and” chief (as the Obama administration erroneously thought it was). I want someone to flat-out ask him “Why won’t you say Islamic terrorism?” just like that.

      1. Nope, they are not excluded. One of the little reported actions of the jihadists is that have been on a long campaign of violence against Muslims who have no interest in the jihad–Sufis, for example and there are others.

  24. RE>MSM and cartoon. I saw this comment elsewhere

    CBS ran a picture of a cartoon, French caption. Even documented recent Islamist terror events. Got a few things wrong, but I give them credit for putting something out.

    So credit where credit is due — CBS. As for MSM they won’t criticize Obama unlikely they will take on Mohammed.

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  26. It is OK to use White supremacists, black panthers but not Ismamic terrorism . Rewriting history as it happens … So ideologists but no common sense, right from top of the ladder!

  27. The President is not an idiot, but it is rare that someone in our country doesn’t take issue what he does say.
    Most true Muslim people don’t identify with the ideals that drive these terrorist. To say they are “Islamic” is a stretch. Most of them don’t attend Islamic services with any regularity. They use their professed faith as Muslims (when they don’t even know what it means to be a Muslim) all as an excuse for committing these attrocities in the name of faith.

  28. Dear President Obama: You have shown such a dispicable act of cowardice. Who is advising you? Fire him/her now! How could you let your country down this way? Do you think we as a nation are so stupid as to not connect the dots as long as you don’t speak the words? Your actions are so embarrasssing to us as a nation. These terrorists are following the Quran. You may not agree with their interpretation of it, but do you really believe by ignoring the obvious you are somehow influencing our nation to disassociate the way you are. Sooooo disappointed that you don’t think your own nation is capable of separating Islamist terrorist from good Muslim people and that you feel by your omission of the word “Islamist” paired with Terrorist that it wll somehow go away? You must have zero faith in Americans which is unbelievable as our president. I wish you cared as much about your nation as the 40 top leaders who showed their absolute respect for the 17 people killed in Paris as well as the guts to call a spaid a spaid. Say it Obama be our leader PLEASE!!!!! stop being a coward. these crazy people are ISLAMIST TERRORISTS whether you like it or not. deal with it. We get that it’s shameful. Its corrupt it’s murder and its a total hijacking of a religiion but not dealing with it WONT make it go away. Sincerely, one regretful Obama voter.

  29. Yeah, why won’t Obama be more specific and call it what it is: “Conservative Islamic Terrorism”.

    You wouldn’t want to be politically correct an be less specific, right?

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