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Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said President Obama would veto Republican-backed legislation allowing the Keystone pipeline to go forward, asserting that there is already a “process in place” within the administration to consider the matter.

Obama is widely expected, after years of delay and with gasoline prices plummeting, to reject the pipeline administratively on environmental grounds.

28 thoughts on “Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill”

  1. That “well established process” that Earnest refers to? How many years has it taken Obama to get through that process?

    And didn’t his own State Department not come up with any reasons to not approve Keystone?

    Like everything else with Obama, isn’t it really just about politics and his environmentalist pals?

  2. Earnest is an a#$wipe just like his boss; the pipeline has been on his desk for 5 years. I guess they did not get the memo that the Canadians were done with this already. What a toe-rag! Obama says no to be contrary and for the sheer hell of it.

    1. Understand what he’s saying in public, but let’s not kid ourselves, he’s making a small fortune rolling that oil down his rails. The longer the fight and delay the more money he makes. Warren’s playing both sides against the middle on this one.

      1. Buffett couldn’t be too happy with Obama since 25% of Burlington’s shipments are coal. Not acting on Keystone could be a peace offering.

    2. That’s the public statement. In private, he owns the railroads that would lose the oil transport business to the pipeline. My guess is old Warren is not pro-Keystone in his most candid moments.

    1. That would have to be the “The United States no longer needs the Constitution and hereby grants that great and exalted Barack Hussein Obama Emperor for Life” bill. That’s the only one I see this petulant little ………..signing “on behalf of the American people”.
      If we survive these next two years it will be nothing short of a miracle.

      1. We’ve survived a war launched against us not very long after we beat the Brits. We’ve survived a civil war. We’ve survived two wars waged across the world. I think we can survive this Commie puke.

        1. People who lived In America then were Americans or legal immigrants who wanted to be American.

          Now we have illegal aliens who only want what Obama and the Democrats will give them and who have no allegiance to this country. Additionally we have racial polarity with no respect for the law, or the country.

          People who so disrespect our country as to come here illegally are not going to sacrificing or fighting to save our Republic.

      2. …at this rate thanks to Obama & socialist-democrats, weak-clueless GOP, and biased leftwing sycophants/dopes in the MSM I say let it all go to Hell…

  3. Doesn’t this happen every time? We get something that will help lower the gas prices, oil countries drop oil prices, we don’t do it, prices rise up over 6-12 months. rinse and repeat

      1. Right, they stay high, then re-increase when gas/transportation prices go up next time.
        I got a ‘when you were born’ comparison for my birthday recently.
        gal of milk $1.04. $3.52
        Loaf of bread. $0.20. $1.42. (What? I see them at $3.00+++)
        Gas $0.25. $3.83
        Annual income $5,199.00. $40,360
        & so on. Kind of interesting, kind of sad.

  4. Get used to him vetoing “stuff” – in each instance, he’ll make the case that he knows best and, of course, the MSM will support him lock-step.

    It’s like the midterms never happened.

    1. They just reinforced his childish behavior. Our ‘leader/ruler’ the bully 10 yr old. Watch your lunch money…oh, wait, school lunches suck now, unless you go to the 1%er private schools. The bully can have my lunch money, I’ll be hungry in either case.

  5. Someone pointed out that Warren Buffet owns the railroad that currently transports Canadian oil north to south, and which would be harmed by the pipeline. As Buffet is a noted Obama supporter, I conclude it all comes back to what Rush Limbaugh often says:


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