As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 7, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
1:20 pm || Departs White House
3:00 pm || Arrives Michigan
3:45 pm || Delivers remarks; Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, Wayne, Michigan
4:55 pm || Departs Michigan
6:55 pm MST || Arrives Arizona

All times Eastern except as noted

50 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, January 7, 2014

  1. This plant manufactures the hybrid/electric cars that nobody wants to drive… F 150 pickup that I adore was NOT made there….I feel better now. Let him bloviate all he wants at this Ford plant.

  2. In Arizona he is speaking to his usual audience who may have a slightly higher intelligence level than he does, high schoolers.
    The high school is one mile from the Phoenix VA….he can’t be bothered by going there….those older and finer men and women who have served our country might make him look like the girlie that he is.
    Shame on us for electing him (not us personal…we would never have voted for him).

    • one mile away? wow. pathetic. the first cic who is not bothered by the welfare of the men and women he sends to war or those who have fought.

      But high schoolers — there is the ticket. I assume there are a fair amount of hispanics at this high school and he will address differences not what brings us together.

      • OT: Journalists attacked. At least 11 killed at French newspaper office. Paris on high alert. Calls a terroriest attack. Three police wounded as well.
        Regarding the VA issue. They just mentioned it on Fox.
        They are speaking to the Ceo. stating that there are still a long WAIT list. He stated o is more likely to play golf than go there.
        His name is Hegseth. Stated o has not visted a singe hospital.
        MIA in fixing the VA. Hegseth o is tone deaf to this. Don’t know if he is in a bubble. He could walk a mile to the VA today.

  3. 3:45 pm || Delivers remarks; Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, Wayne, Michigan

    Tomorrow, President Obama will begin a three-day, three-city tour highlighting the proposals he will discuss in his State of Union speech later this month. One stop on the president’s visit will be the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, “where he is expected to tout the resurgence of the domestic auto industry.”

    The plant, however, will be closed according to the Detroit News “because of lagging demand for its small gasoline-powered and hybrid cars.” SNIP

    • It would be much cheaper for Swami Obama to use the Magic Carpet he stores in a closet next to the Oval Office. It’s been carefully cleaned up, gets great mileage and comes with a neat-o cape and fancy turban for the ‘Bam. We wouldn’t have purchased the darned thing for him if we’d known he wouldn’t use it.

  4. Nine journalist and two police officers killed. French called it terrorists. it is now war on jihaddist. This is an attack.
    Machine gun was used as they went into the Paris newsroom. (Magazine)
    All attacks have been used with weaponry.
    Walid Phares ispeaking on Fox now. Unable to see his last name on my small TV.
    The number of being KILLED has just been risen to 12. Twelve!
    Paris is now on high alert.

    • The man who drew the latest cartoon was killed today. It was a cartoon with one of (them) on his knees, with an IS** maniac with a knife to his neck.
      I just watched a video they were showing of a person that got shot on the sidewalk by one of the maniacs.
      On Fox and CNN we are shown video of police standing outside in the street, after the maniacs left the scene.
      As I mentioned a few mins. ago. The French President is calling this a terrorist attack. Not WORKPLACE violence.

        • Untill we hold these people accountable. The West and entire world must hold Islam and muslims accountable. We have been doing this for 13 years after 911. A General on Fox just stated this.
          I heard him call the mayor of N.Y. a certain word. I will not type it yet. If someone else is listening to him as well on Fox please confirm what he called him
          He said the political correctness is killing us. He said this was planned for quite some time. Showed they knew exactly what they were doing. Fox just stated it was 3 possibly 4.
          They asked the people inside what their names were.
          Schools have been evacuated from schools.
          The President of France scrambbled to the scene!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The terror attack in Paris was on the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, in which the famous Mohammad cartoons were published a few years ago. No free speech, no freedom of the press in islam.

  6. On Fox Josh was on. He was asked why he called it an act of violence a 1/2 hour ago & perpetrator, and why now he called act of terrorism.
    He rambled this was an act against innocent citizens and free press.

    • The best part of having Josh on FOX is that more people can see what a jerk he is and how the President lives day by day — I did notice that Josh managed to bring up the “international coalition that the President built. “

      • On CNN they just showed o’s response to this. Unable to type or write it down. Outrageous act.
        CNN does not know if o will break away from his schedule to make a comment today.
        I mentioned earlier the person shot on the sidewalk, he/she was not a bystander, he/she was a police officer.
        I am glad at least 3 times he was asked why in 30 mins he changed the word they were using on this attack.

      • Obama, like most tyrants and dictators, surrounds himself with rump-swabs, yes people, shoe shiners and apple polishers– like young Mr. Earnest. They understand their only job is to make Obama look like he walks on water and performs miracles among the unwashed. History is loaded with these revolting, spineless types.

  7. I guess FCMABBHO was right when he spoke at the UN in September 2012: There is no future for these 12 people who slandered the prophet of Islam.

  8. German, French and British leaders have already come out separately and declared this was a jihadist attack, an act of terrorism. Leaders of Germany, France and the UK are, as we write this, preparing for some sort of joint press conference to publicly condemn the terrorist attacks in no uncertain terms. Where’s the Bam? Who knows?