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The Obama Morning News || January 6, 2014

Obama emboldened after vacation . . . White House officials feel emboldened headed into what Obama has described as the “fourth quarter” of his presidency. The administration is planning new executive actions and legislative proposals in the buildup to his State of the Union address at the end of the month. It is also staking out areas where the president will aggressively use his veto authority. The Hill

Obama regulation price tag: $181.5 billion . . .  The Obama administration pushed through $181.5 billion in regulations last year, according to a new report from a conservative think tank that claimed the rules will lead to higher energy bills, more expensive consumer goods and fewer jobs. Fox News

Harvard profs stomp feet over Obamacare costs . . . For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost. But those remedies will now be applied to the Harvard faculty, and the professors are in an uproar. New York Times

The end of a free Internet? . . . In 2015, the Obama administration plans to hand over control of ICANN — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — to international governance. ICANN oversees the superstructure of the Internet, and the American Department of Commerce oversees ICANN. The plan for handing our authority to the global community would mean oversight by censors and despots in China, Russia, and Iran. National Review

Obamacare vote to test Dems . . . House Republicans will hold a vote this week to change Obamacare’s definition of full-time work from 30 hours a week to the traditional 40, setting up an early test to see how many Democrats are willing to buck President Obama and his signature overhaul now that they are in the minority. Washington Times

Keystone bills start to move . . . Wasting no time, Republican lawmakers plan to file legislation in both chambers on Tuesday to green-light the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline — as the new, Republican-led Congress begins its term. Fox News

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  1. Oversight by censors from Iran, Russia and China.
    I cannot believe this has not been mentioned the MSM this morning!
    I suggested months ago that we would need to pass messages by the old pony express method, if the eyes and ears don’t get out of our personal conversations here. Now we have this to handle. What will become of this news, NOTHING. All the blind sheep citizens of this country, and the kiss up msm will ignore, this as the list gets longer and longer.

    • And what is barry trying to achieve by doing this? What was so wrong about ICANN running the admin that this needed to be outsourced?

      This man child and his winged little minions are endlessly up to new plots seemingly every day.

      • Everyday — All he wants to do is hurt the U.S., for what reason? Everyday , another jab, poke in our eye, another classified report unclassified, so many, even investigating the Navy Seal. Obama and his communists are desperate to keep power, power crazy, it is obvious, no regard for the people, no integrity, no compassion, constantly lieing about everything. Boehner should be out, Boehner should switch to the democratic party, he is of no use to Republicans, will never get anything done, he funded Obama’s criminal ventures for the entire year. It is true Obama wants to ruin the country, for whatever reason he has running through his sick mind. He is just as bad as the North Korean leader, maybe worse. The Korean leader knows that Obama is wicked, he said it. How did he know? Obama, chronic liar enjoys hurting people. Obama must be watched because it is against the law to send money to the palestinians now that they have signed fake documents against Israel. Obama doesn’t obey the law and that is why he must be watched that he doesn’t send money to the Palestinians. Boehner has coddled him. Boehner still wants to meet with Obama, for what? Obama will never do anything for the good of the country? Boehner and the others should just forget Obama, he is no good and never will be any good to the American people. He ruined the coal industry with no regard for them at all, for that he should be impeached. Obama has no regard for anyone but himself and plots everyday what can he do to get our attention, like a retarded child. he is an embarrassment and every other country knows it but the low intelligence voters here in America.

  2. As the 114th Congress convenes, we should remember this: “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”
    — Gideon J. Tucker, Final Accounting in the Estate of A.B. (1866)

    It’s often falsely attributed to Mark Twain.

  3. Regulations and cost!
    I have been stating for the last couple of years that FOOD items have gone up almost on a weekly basis. A couple of cents here and a couple of cents there on regular items I purchase. In the past, the price of food and household items stayed pretty much the same for a certain time.
    Just in the last month or so, I have noticed items almost double in price. Butter and coffee, just two off the top of my head. I saw on the news during the holiday that eggs will go up, just so chickens can have wiggle room. What is my point, I do not see the citizens getting anything out of the regulations. He may as well just poke everyone in the eye, or raise a middle finger to each and every citizens. His actions keep making me feel as if I have been punched in the gut.

    • That is because you and the rest of us, HAVE been poked in the eye, given the middle finger and been punched in the gut, personally by Obama himself. While the rest of us use coupons, do without or improvise, The Obama’s had a delicious $250 minimum, tasting menu dining extravaganza in Hawaii.

    • The CPI does not include the massive inflation in food and energy prices – the basic necessities for every American.

      Adding insult to injury with rising food prices, we are experiencing something I have never seen before – product shrinking. It really comes down to thievery. We are getting short-changed on everything from TP to bags of Cheetos. I had to throw that in.

      I wonder how our ‘New Americans’ are going to cope with the culture shock of feeding their anchor babies and paying their power bills. More food stamps and welfare!

      • I have been noticing that ever since the favorite chocolate chip got smaller. The potatoe chip bag is pathetic. They claim they are making it harder to damage the chips. If any sits on the chips on the way home, it doesn’t matter. Fill the bag up!
        The bannanas, I don’t know where they are being shipped from, however you bring them home green, and the next day they are yellow with brown spots.
        The price of meat is very high!
        I was looking for different ways to make cabbage since they were on sale.
        I pulled up a receipe with ham hock. Now we always made cabbage with that. However on the site, it stated during the depression the mother would tie a string to it to cook one meal. Pull it out and use it again for the next meal. Did that for several meals.

    • I said it a long time ago too! Steak, beef, you can’t buy a steak, a little piece of meat is like $13.00 – $18,00??? Is it because of Obama? I read somewhere it is because of Sandy the hurricane? Could that be it too and of course, it has to be partly Obama, him and his regulations, him and all the protesters, too, someone is paying these protesters to keep it up, Sharpton, Holder, that idiot stupid new Mayor of New York is not acting like a Mayor, he’s an advocate of what? Black people? Thanks a lot New York for voting for the most idiotic Mayor that we ever had! The whole bunch of them are acting like they are in the 1960’s. Off their rockers, these dems, out to ruin everything and everyone American. Only out for their own precious hides.

  4. So the Harvard faculty have got their knickers in a knot over Obamacare costs. Well, well, so the shoe is on the other foot. When those “special snowflakes” ensconced in the ivory towers of academia are affected, you know it’s bad. Schadenfreude! LOL! ROTFLMAO.

    • Knickers in a knot. That a better response than what I thought, when I read this earlier. Let the professors chit chat now with the thousands of people that were LAYED OFF due to nothing else but o care. At least the professors still have their jobs.

      • If the cost of everything continues to go up, eventually it affects them to. After all, they’re mortal like the rest of us. That has to come as a shock to them.

    • I just submitted my Thursday JGlobe column on that very topic. In my research I discovered that the 2012 avg salary of a Harvard professor like the the ones complaining was $198k a year and the gap between their $750 family deductible vs a $10,500 bronze Obamacare deductible is a poster child for income/healthcare inequality.
      As long as liberals live I’ll never have a shortage of material! lol

    • ok – i can’t resist…WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      As it turns out the ‘Harvards’ are just a stupid as the American voters…

      bbbaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! baaaahhhhhhh!

      Reap what you sow you bastards!

  5. 30 hours 40 hours. Before those hours were cut to begin with. Everyone including o should have taken a 10 hour cut, at least in pay themselves.
    Not to mention he should have stated since a lot of you will screwed out of needed salary, I will, at least once, give up my costly vacation to the Islands that YOU PAY FOR.

    • Obama will veto Keystone for two reasons:
      1. Steyer hates it
      2. Buffett makes millions off BNSF rail cars carrying the oil instead
      Yet it’s the Republicans who are in the pockets of billionaires. God I hate the MSM.

      • And there is scant discussion of the Steyer and Buffett role in this.

        Amazing — there are so many opportunities for Republicans to expose the hypocrisy of the Administration. And with few exceptions they do. They are not street fighters — they prefer the ritual of the duel — and usually lose.

  6. Obama Emboldened After Vacation

    Not only is he emboldened, he is giddy. Sickening. He has met with Hillary on multiple occasions. The plan is to trumpet his ‘economic recovery’ from now until 2016. What a laugh! Does he really believe the stock mkt is a reflection of the economy? Once again, he is preying on the mushy-brained school kids to buy his snake oil. Should be the kiss of death for Hillary, too.

    Obama’s fake economic recovery – thumbs down: