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Biden Calls Sen. Joni Ernst Her Husband’s Name

Okay, well the guy’s name is Gail. I mean, maybe we can forgive Biden this one.


Ernst reacts smoothly, as if this maybe has happened before.

Gail, you may remember, caused some trouble for his wife’s campaign during the summer when it was revealed that on Facebook that he cracked a joke about shooting one’s ex-wife, called a then-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano a “traitorous skank,” and said Hillary Clinton was “truly more of a hag now than when she was 1st Lady!”

14 Responses to Biden Calls Sen. Joni Ernst Her Husband’s Name

      • Ernst spoke what he thought was true — crude or not. Dems do it all the time. Not defending this kind of talk, but not making a different grading system for Republicans either.

        Joe Biden embarrasses the office he holds. He does not care enough to clean up his act. He knows he will be forgiven all by the media. He is just a cheap suit now.

        • We Iowans are busy feeding the world. We don’t have time to be diplomatic. We just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

          This isn’t going to faze Joni. She has faced bullets.

  1. Biden is an idiot. It is just plain bad manners to screw up like he does. It is unbecoming and not cute, or funny, or old crazy Uncle Joe. It is just a fat politico way past his usefulness riding the dream.

    • Poor Joe is off his meds again.. all those lunches with o must be very unhealthy : beers , cigs & Jimmy Dean pure pork sausage
      patties on saltine crackers yum!

  2. Does he get paid on the side for putting his foot in his mouth?
    OT: I just heard that Mexico’s President praised o for his Executive
    amnesty today, calling it bold and an act of justice for Mexican citizens living illegally in the U.S. You cannot make this stuff up.

  3. About spouses — DeBlasio bi wife showed up at the Liu funeral in jeans. Coumo’s funeral — dress. Such small venal signs of contempt.