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Obama Played Golf 56 Times in 2014

Well, it’s a new record.

President Obama last year played golf 56 times, easily bulldozing his previous marking, set just last year, of 46 times in a year and belying claims that he needs lots of golf to relax.

This year’s total is about 28 more outings than he averaged annually during his first term, when the pressure must have really been on an inexperienced new president facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

He played only 19 times during 2012, when he was juggling the presidency and a reelection campaign. Somehow, he made it through with minimal attention to his “relaxation” needs.

The fact is that Obama is now safely reelected and feels more secure messing around on the golf course than he did when he had to face voters. Sure, it may relax him, but he clearly plays because he likes it and is unconcerned about it looks for a the self-proclaimed battler for income equality to be striding lush greens, even as millions have suffered under his lackluster economy.

Critics have noted that he seems more and more uninterested in his job, paying even less attention than he had before. This seems to be reflected in the number of excursions, which clock in at about four to five hours, he is taking to the fairways.

And, methinks he smokes on the golf course, with his friends and low-level staffers sworn to silence. Really, that’s just a guess. But it might explain some of the obsession.

On Janaury 2, before departing Hawaii, he got in one more round, the ninth of his vacation and his first of 2015, bringing his total rounds as president to 214.

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    • …Has ANYONE asked how Obama learned to like golf…?

      ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is half-black/half-white who was “raised” by his poor white mother in Indonesia and Hawaii (???)…
      Then “went” to college at Columbia & Harvard Law (???)
      Then was a ghetto/’community organizer’ in Chicago (???)
      Then served some time as a state senator (???)
      and then US Senator (???)

        • That’s classified Spook.
          Golf is a hard game to be an expert in.
          I know,…I tried it.
          Obama showed his expertise on team sports by publicly throwing a baseball like a girl.
          Now,… you blame him for trying to keep his athletic abilities private and guarded, surrounded by people that he and his administration can take down anytime they want ?

      • I am quite sincere in this: I am trying to envision a scenario where I took a vacation with my beloved wife and 12 y/o daughter growing up much too quickly, and all I did for the entire vacation was play golf with other people.

        I honestly can’t imagine lacking that sort of self-awareness.

        • Although very poor, any time my ex & I went away he had to play golf (his dad was an MD…so he had been around it). Notice the ex part. A good relationship is not had when there are no shared events. I was a married single mom. Moo though probably had her fat rubbed & her hair oiled & her claws sharpened before she pulls up to the trough.
          Kids? They’re teens. iPhone ipad i/me…

  1. Just curious, and I think I already know the answer, but how is his game? I assume he does not learn from each round, as he doesn’t seem to learn in any other facet of his extistence.

    • His handicap has never been published,…..along with his school records.
      If it was good, don’t you think the MSM would be trumpeting it ?
      Both are ‘classified’.

      • I am always curious about the class of people he chooses to play with….underlings and high school or Chicago friends…no one to ever challenge him or his mulligans.
        Former presidents have accomplished a few things on the golf course but the only one I can remember him playing with is John Boehner, whom I do not care for but he is a good golfer.
        His game was probably so far superior to Bam’s that he would never play with him again.

      • The Root offered this quote from Michael Jordan:

        “I’ve never played with Obama,” Jordan said. “But I would.”
        But he quickly changed his mind. “No, that’s OK,” Jordan said. “He’s a hack. … I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s a s–tty golfer.”

        And the following comment from Business Insider:

        “And to Rick’s handicap question, anybody who knows anything about the game knows BHO is a 36 hdcp. That’s as high as the USGA allows.”

        • CORRECTION: Business Insider was mentioned in the above quote. The quote is actually from Mike Lester last September right here on White House Dossier.

  2. Unless our congress stops him, seems Obama is well on his way to become President for Life.

    I’d feel much better if he and Michelle were out househunting and working on his Pres. Library project …. I’ve seen no hints they’re even thinking about that now.

  3. Keith, is the WH flag being flown at half-staff today in memoriam to Stuart Scott? Will the First Family travel as an entourage to the funeral?

  4. I think he should go to Cuba and develop their golf courses.

    And I am sure all the royal attendants are happy to finally to be at home with their families for a post holiday celebration and that the military at the Hawaiian base can now enjoy the facilities that were closed to them during the King’s vacation.

  5. My seven year old has a better swing. I guarantee he can’t break 100. Have you ever seen him try to throw? He smoked dope when he was young, he didn’t play sports.

    I am serious… why dosent “FNC” or “FBN” EVER MENTION how many times Obama ‘plays golf’…??? (especially on Sundays…and the Obama “family” NEVER going to “Church”…?)
    I NEVER hear that on ANY Sunday morning news show…?