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The Obama Morning News || January 5, 2014

Another year of executive action on tap . . . The Obama administration is preparing another active year of executive action in 2015, pumping out new rules and enforcing others for the first time — setting tougher standards on everything from air pollution to overtime pay to net neutrality, food safety, commercial drones, a college ratings plan and a crackdown on for-profit colleges that don’t prepare their students for well-paying jobs. There’s even going to be the first draft of a rule for organic pet food. Politico

Obama crack amnesty lags . . . Obama’s sweeping plan to commute the sentences of nonviolent drug offenders who were caught up in the disparities in laws governing crack and powder cocaine is lagging, burdened by vague guidelines, lack of Justice Department resources and the unusual decision to invite advocacy groups like the ACLU to help screen applications, according to lawyers close to the process. Politico

Loretta Lynch accused of trampling victims’ rights . . . Paul Cassell, a law professor at the University of Utah, said Ms. Lynch’s office, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, never told victims in a major stock fraud case that a culprit had been sentenced — denying them a chance to seek restitution of some $40 million in losses. Lynch has been nominated to be attorney general. Washington Times

Obama policies boon to Wall Street . . . Six years into his agenda, Wall Street is roaring higher than ever, with the Dow topping out over 18,000 for the first time recently and the top 10 percent of wealthy Americans amassing wealth at a double-digit pace. But on Main Street large numbers of Americans have dropped from the job market, middle-class wages are stagnant, and even larger numbers of Americans are now dependent on some form of government subsidy for disability, jobless benefits or food stamps. Washington Times

Seeds of a new housing crisis . . . Mel Watt has been the government’s manager of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for only a year, but his efforts to boost access to home loans over the past 12 months have the incoming Republican majorities in Congress concerned, provoking fears that he is leading the mortgage giants down the same path that led them to fail in 2008 and receive massive taxpayer bailouts. Washington Examiner

States to challenge EPA rules . . . State lawmakers across the country are expected to take aim at a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule to limit carbon emissions from power plants, a move that would test the agency’s will to impose sanctions on states that run afoul of the regulation. Washington Examiner

Afghan president: U.S. should rethink departure . . . Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that the United States might want to “re-examine” the timetable for removing the remaining U.S.-led coalition troops in the country by the end of 2016. Reuters

Huckabee quits Fox, tests presidential run . . . Mike Huckabee will make sure that he can raise at least $25 million — or even up to $50 million by the first week of February — before declaring for the Republican presidential nomination, the former Arkansas governor told The Washington Times on Sunday.

Hotline likes Bush, Rubio . . . Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are one and two on The Hotline’s list of favorites to get the GOP nod. Rand Paul is third and Scott Walker fourth. National Journal

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    1. There is no other place for WS fat cats and the one percenters to park their money. The Feds are Obama’s guardian angel – zero interest rates for his entire reign of terror.

  1. There is a possibility that John Boehner could lose the Speaker position.
    Louie Gohmert is running against him.
    He needs 29 votes to beat Boehner.
    Here is out chance to rid ourselves of this wimp.
    Gohmert will be Obama’s worst nightmare.
    A rep from Texas and a Tea Party supporter.

    Glenn Beck just said that the hill’s telephone system has crashed because of incoming phone calls.
    America is speaking.

    If you don’t know your rep’s phone number, you can find it here;

    1. The unions and Progs are scared witless by the mere thought of employees not being forced to pay dues that find their way to Prog politicians and causes.

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