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Obama Has No Meetings Scheduled with Republicans

The White House has been putting out word recently, as it does at the beginning of every year, that this time, finally, at last, President Obama is going to work closely with Congress to get things done and find areas of common ground and so forth.

But that’s really just for laughs. Obama has no intention of doing anything much with Republicans. It’s very inconvenient to hold meetings, twist arms, build relationships and forge coalitions, and Obama is temperamentally unsuited to such political grunt work, which is why he’s never really done it. And he won’t this time.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today inadvertently gave up ruse in answer to a question by AP’s Julie Pace, whose very first question at the first briefing of the year was about whether Obama had talked to any Republicans recently or had any plans to.

Said Earnest:

Julie, I don’t know of any presidential calls that occurred while the President was in Hawaii. I believe that both the President and the incoming Senate Majority Leader were spending some downtime with families over the holidays.

But I would anticipate that the President will have an opportunity to sit down with congressional leaders in the first couple of weeks that they’re back here. I don’t have a specific date at this point, but I would anticipate that that’s something that will happen if not this week, then the week or two after that.

Nope, no meetings scheduled to try to usher in this latest new Era of Cooperation and Goodwill. Not even a phone call to a Republican from Hawaii. Only call I know of he made to a member of Congress from either party was to Harry Reid after Reid fell off an exercise machine and broke his face.

Instead, Obama will be doing his usual dog and pony show this week, flying out to Michigan to talk to autoworkers about the autowonders he has performed for them and then to Phoenix and Tennessee to speak to typical Obama-style audiences of gullible school kids.

Tipping Obama’s true hand again, Earnest offered up some of the usual pablum that has signaled massive unilateral activity by the president:

We’re going to look for opportunities to work with Republicans to make progress on those priorities.  And where Republicans don’t agree, you’re going to see the President take decisive action to make progress on his own where he can.

Yes, you will we see the president do this where he can, and, where he perhaps can’t, as well.

13 Responses to Obama Has No Meetings Scheduled with Republicans

  1. Mugger: I will work with you as long as we make progress on my terms.

    Where you don’t agree, I will take decisive action to make progress I can believe in.

    Fair enough?

  2. Obama the Singular, aka the Emperor with no clothes, has done nothing for six years except promote his royal dictator self while accusing R’s of being the do-nothing party. He always fails to mention the 600 or so bills that have never seen the light of day on the Senate floor thanks to his human veto pen, Dirty Harry.

    It’s beyond time for everyone to wake up from their six year slumber to the fact that we have a maniacal, deranged serial liar running loose. Caligula on steroids. If we had a huge bonfire and burned the millions of Pete Souza pics, there would be nothing left for a presidential library except an empty suit and chair. Impeach the imposter before it is too late!

    • There are lots of grounds for impeachment. If it were going to happen, it would have happened four years ago. He is a lame, lame duck and we are stuck with him. When the Keystone is finally approved, it will interesting to see if he tries to appease the “greenies” by taking out his pen. There are no words in any language to measure my contempt. Did Moo come home with him?

      • Moo did come home with him…and if body language could kill, he would be a dead lame duck. There is a battle royale going on between the two of them. It was evident in every bit of footage during the last 17 days.

  3. It’s weird. It’s almost like we have no President. We have “this guy” — he comes and goes as he pleases, he listens to no one, he believes in nothing that is good for the country. And his henchmen have perverted every government institution and department and the media treats him as if he is some celebrity. There is never any discussion of policy or the future or building up of America. Just what he will and won’t do when he feels like it or not. It’s all rather bizarre.

    • It is so weird and bizarre. I can’t remember ever thinking we would just be better off with NO president. Well said as usual and Girly1 too nailed it.
      Wake me up when he’s outta there, it is repulsive.

  4. Even though most of the media is solidly behind Obama, I’m still surprised at how little play the difference between what he says and what he does gets. He says what he thinks “the people” want to hear, then does what he pleases, with absolutely no consequences.

  5. “No meetings scheduled with Republican’s.” No surprise here. This guy doesn’t work. Never has, and has no intention of starting now. Look at Obamacare. After a horrendous third world roll-out, he should have had a tiger-team working 24-7 to fix it for the American people. Nah, that would require work. After all, he had crossed the finish line when democrats broke Senate rules to pass the monstrosity…No, nothing will change here. He has a team of committed socialists agitators who are working 24-7 to pass junk EOs in the time he has left. He will show up at the appointed times for glib speeches about how Republicans have ruined his otherwise wonderful chance to save jobs, the economy, families and stray dogs…