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Obama Approval Jumped Once He Ducked Out of Sight

President Obama’s approval rating jumped during the past couple of weeks to 48 percent, according to Gallup, but it’s not clear whether this was due to anything other that he was no longer around.

On December 17, as Obama prepared to depart for his 17-day Hawaii vacation, his approval rating stood at 42 percent, about his usual level. By December 29, it has risen to 48 percent – the highest level since mid-2013 – even though Obama hadn’t done a single thing!

And that is just the point. Unable to do further damage to the economy, race relations, international affairs, or anything else other than a delicate fairway, Obama became more popular. About six percent of Americans, it seems, had forgotten he was president.

Alas, by January 3, as he boarded Air Force One to get back to Washington and resume the mischief, his approval had inched back down to 46 percent. The amnesia, it appears, was wearing off.

19 thoughts on “Obama Approval Jumped Once He Ducked Out of Sight”

  1. Keith, that is a fascinating analysis. Thank you.
    I wonder how many Americans besides the junkies like us even know how Obama spent his vacation, with whom, what people were inconvenienced, such as having to move a wedding, where the “royalty” dined, and all that good stuff. (Stuff…borrowed that term from the world’s smartest man)

  2. Well if they’d stop polling low information voters (or voters who think they may sound racist if they downvote him), I bet his numbers would be in the 20’s.

    Funny thing that Mitt Romney was right about that 47% huh? Dems are buying their supporters with our tax money, if we complain we’re racist and greedy. Sigh.

  3. Wait until gas prices start going up again…and they will. Most of the talk before Christmas was about everyone having more money in their pockets to purchase gifts and/or travel for the holidays. Combine that with the jubilation in the hispanic community re the Cuba giveaway…and voila!

    All of this is just the calm before the storm. By the time Obama vacates his public housing, interest rates will be going north, amnesty will be in full swing, and Obamacare will be the biggest mess ever created unless SCOTUS scuttles it. I have zero faith in the new Congress or it’s leaders.

  4. The President and his minions might be celebrating his jump in the polls, but the truth is out there, and was counted on election night – we don’t approve of anyone still sitting in DC. MrO’s public endorsement of several candidates last year was more like a death knoll for those who sought it out than a blessing from on high.
    If half, or more, of the population doesn’t approve of the job he’s doing, then it’s not something to cherish, but rather something to fear. He might be the drum major strutting his stuff with all the E.O.’s and regulations his minions are pushing on us, but the band isn’t following his lead.

      1. Good point on the lack of trust of anything that smells of Washington politics. The job approval of the US Congress is as close to rock bottom as it can be–likely to go even lower, though, if Boehner and McConnell don’t get their act together. I have zero confidence in either of them at this point. It’s a leadership issue, a trust issue, a get off your butt and get to work for the best interests of the United States demand, a fire-them-all mood that Congress has well earned.

  5. The latest Rasmussen poll (RCP) out today has Obama at 51% job approval. Watching Obama’s drastic swing from depression to jubilation, you would think he was polling in the 80’s. Now that he has been given a free ‘get out of jail’ card with no elections in his future, he is re-invigorated. And he is also very, very dangerous. Boehner and McConnell are no match for his cunning.

    1. Obama is at his MOST dangerous at this point. You’re right. The disguise is completely off, and he doesn’t care about being re-elected. That’s the only constraint on his political madness he ever had: re-election. He knows the corrupt MSM will continue their hagiography, their veneration, their idolizing of this Progressive politician. That’s because many of them are also Progressives.

  6. When Obama isn’t sitting down with Univision or BET and narcissistically watering down his brand, moderates and societal ‘producers’ briefly overlook his perpetually-trolling governance and his poll popularity temporarily increases. Go figure.

  7. And today, it’s back down to 44%. Three days ago, Obama was at +1, today he’s slid back down to -5.

    Despite all of the sarcasm about his golf playing habits, it seems that many Americans would prefer if he would stay in Hawaii and just play golf the next two years.

    That would give him a lot less of a chance to do more damage.

    1. People are more likely to approve of the job he’s doing when they don’t have to be constantly reminded that this bumbling, aloof oaf is their president by seeing his face everywhere, every day.

      It’s really just that simple.

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