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Obamas End Vacation, Return to Washington

President Obama and his family returned to the White House late this morning from their 17-day vacation to Hawaii. The Obamas departed Hawaii Saturday night.

During the flight home, Obama stopped by the press cabin for a chat, but the conversation was off the record.

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    • That is for sure. My husband and I went to Hawaii
      a few years for a Pro Bowl and we went back
      to Maui..the first time we have since 1973
      for our honeymoon..and Maui is just a beautiful
      island..staring with the Road to Hana.
      We also love visiting the big island of Hawaii
      and Kauai.

  1. Going to be an interesting week. Sounds like while Congress gets back in session, Obama’s going to be travelling the country campaigning against them.

    Oh yeah, and getting ready for his STFU speech, I mean, SOTU. ;)

  2. This is really beginning to bug me! Obama and Malia. Is it normal for a 16 y.o. to hold hands with her father??? Speaking from experience, my four daughters love their father dearly, but at age 16 they were walking five feet behind or in front of their parents when we were in public.

    I have many theories as to why he is so partial to the older daughter, but will narrow it down to two. Malia is prettier, relatively speaking. She also resembles her mother whom he despises. And secondly, he chooses to be photographed with Malia because she is the prettier one – good for photo ops.

    I actually feel sorry for the little one. In one of the photos, she looks so forlorn…and he just shuns her.

    • A year from now..Malia will be just a few short
      months away from graduating from high school
      and I think that fact is finally sinking in to the President
      I can see why he wants to be close to Malia
      since she’ll most likely be like Chelsea Clinton
      and go far away to college.

    • Girly, I agree with you that Malia is prettier, but disagree that she looks like her mother. Actually, I think Malia favors her father and his mother. Sasha resembles her mother and maternal grandmother.

      As for the father-daughter hand holding… I agree that it doesn’t appear normal for a teen.

      • Thanks for catching that. I meant to say Sasha resembles her mother…whom Obama despises. Malia is the spitting image of her father – another reason he puts her on a pedestal.

    • Mahlia seems to be The One’s emotional support and companion within the family. Remember her remark when he was writing his first State of the Union address (I think), “First one by an African-American President? It better be good.”

      While this isn’t supportive on the face of it, it shows an us-against-the-world stance that I think The One relishes.

      Sasha is very pretty, too, in a different way.

      They both seem to be untutored in polite behavior, but perhaps when they get away from The Entitled Ones, their parents, they may learn to care for the feelings of others, such as those taxpayers who footed the bill for their vacays and experiences.

    • from experience with stepsons (whos mother abused them). The parent neglects/shuns the one that they see too much of themselves in (the parts they don’t like). They also use the chosen one for emotional support when they feel they don’t get it from their spouse. their family relationships look very toxic from outside looking in. for girls sake i hope it is more healthy than it looks.

  3. I am happy the Obamas got back okay..but
    I got to thinking in just a short 11 1/2 months
    the next time they go to Hawaii it will
    be the last one before a new president-elect
    will be waiting in the wings come 2016.
    And when they leave in December 2016
    the new inaugural stands will be going up.
    Neat huh?!

    • If you really think that King Redline and Queen MooMoo will actually be leaving the WhiteHouse in 2017 you are , sadly, delusional. Like any African Dictator, he is President-for-Life.

    • American jobs are great. But what about all the talk of “global” economy from these guys? Yes keep the oil here, it will only help to reduce our need for OPEC. Still it drives me nuts all the flip flopping these guys do. Progressives are idiots.

  4. Oh no there back!!! God help us from the dictator.
    Time for a new speaker of the house. The present RINO and obama lover needs to be fired. He is a girlyboy with no love for conservatives!

  5. Between now and the SOTU address he is going to be everywhere touting his EOs and sucking the air out of everything. It will be a real media fest!

    Teed up in the off the record plane chat.

  6. How many airplanes did they use? Have Princesses Obama grown old enough to be entitle to one of their own?

    Any dogs or dog stand-ins flying about this vacay?

    Whatever happened to Bo and his look-alikes?

    Where has the Queen Meesh been these past months?

    So many questions and only about a year and half to get answers!

    • Glad I am not the only one who has noticed that MooMoo has been invisible since the first week of November. Not a sign …… not a public showing…..

      • There’s always the possibility that she is going to do the Hillary thing and run for Senate. Maybe she is preparing.

        Whatever, she is here for the remainder and she’s out there somewhere. For sure she was at the Cave dinner.

  7. Yay, now the taxpayer funded vacation for them and their staff is over. I’d like to know if their dogs have to go through quarantine, as required by Hawaii law.

  8. how many working americans get a 17 day holiday vacation? I don’t know of any to be perfectly honest.

    It is a new year – there will be a ski vacation in Feb., a spring break vacation in March, a few weekend spa trips and a trip to the Vineyard before enjoying the 2015 Holiday vacation in Hawaii.

  9. Wondering about the “off the record ” visit with the press…. Was he profanely reminding them of their loyalty to dear leader ? Just being within 10 feet of their hero must be so exciting for them.