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Obama Schedule || Monday, January 5, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:30 pm || Meets with senior advisors

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, January 5, 2014”

    1. Pretty much the first order of the day is the MSM round upfor marching orders. It is disguised as the PDM.

      These next two years will be a full on Obama Media Festival.

  1. And later in the week, he’s got some campaign appearances disguised as official government business.

    Staff is out there looking for some sports teams to visit the White House.

  2. Not being a polling ‘scientist,’ even stupid old me has noticed that his ratings always jump when he is out of the country. So does that mean people are happy he is out of the country and may not come back? It does seem they are approving his absence rather than his presence.

    1. As I recall, he hit 50% just after the Cuba giveaway—before he left for Hawaii. At any rate, we have a huge problem with a big chunk of the electorate who love to see him act unilaterally regardless of how many laws he breaks.

      And we have 535 lawmakers, collectively, who refuse to stand up to Preezy Lawbreaker. Boehner is chomping at the bit to reconcile their differences. Obama is celebrating!

      1. Louie Gohmert is running for Speaker.
        The vote is tomorrow .
        Melt the phones on the hill.
        Call your rep and tell him to vote for Louie.
        Lets get rid of Boehner.

        1. I am in Henry Waxman’s 33rd District, AFVet. He was replaced last Jan. by a Taiwanese fellow, Ted lieu. I’ll give it a try, but this is Kalifornia….

  3. Translation of the listed above sham “work” schedule : Dictator Obama is jet lagged and hung over from his long flight back to Washington on Air Dunce One from his opulent winter palace in Hawaii and will be sleeping in for most of the day.

    It has been a grueling vacation.

    There will be no lunch with Slow Joe Biden and his senior advisors that he will be “meeting with” are named Tylenol, Baileys, and Camels.

    Who does this communist slacker clown think he his fooling at this point.

    Curious to know how many of the military and other government employees that were forced to be away from home over the holidays due to the felony selfishness of the Obamas are now having a delayed Christmas with their families.

  4. How much time is really given toward the briefing?
    How much time is really given towards the lunch?
    How much time is really given towards the meeting with the advisors?
    Does anyone know how many advisors he has? Does anyone know if each and every thing they advise is put on record? Also which ones o goes along with and which ones he does not?
    The most important thing I think he will be doing is showing everyone his pictures from vacation.sarc.

  5. American’s need to quit consuming liberty and start preserving it.
    Too few Americans have really considered the founders “daring vision” for how to sustain freedom over the long haul. As a Brit living in the U.S. for some 30 yrs, he says “America is adrift,” and is on the brink of “swandering it’s great heritage” and becoming less free.”
    Os Guiness, the author of A Free People’s Suicide.
    This is what he should be doing today. Learning how to preserve our heritage.

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