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Saturday Open Thread || January 3, 2014



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  1. OK, I’ve had enough of this glow-bull warming stuff. Here in sunny AZ, I had to use my credit card to scrape the frost from the windows of my trusty old van! FROST! on the windows – what?

    Re: the Os eating a $1,000 dinner
    It’s fun to read the liberal/progressives try to defend their hero spending that kind of money on one meal. Minimum wage, income in-equality, wealth redistribution all went out the window, and floating in was the – well, he can afford it – theme.
    The event has been discussed from almost every angle, but one: why did they decide to eat at that high priced restaurant knowing it would be reported and become an issue? Aside from the high price of dinner is the dinner itself – a artsy neo-rich way to brag about how much money one spent on a meal.
    Some might think that MrO is , well, a light in the loafers kind of guy, but he is still a guy who has shown he likes ribs, meat and potatoes meals.
    He didn’t choose this weird restaurant, probably hated the food, and as soon as they got back to their rental asked the chef to make him a cheeseburger.
    IMO, of course.

    • Yikes on the frost srdem65. Glow Bull is right!

      On the other hand, the illegal aliens might decide to move out on the thinking that it will be more and more like this and it may not be to their liking. Cold tends to lower crime.

      • Oh, Grace-we can only pray.
        I see good ol Cali is giving the illegal driver’s license ‘s also…”so they will get auto ins! Yea right!
        srdem65, on glow bull warming…Tucson’s ski valley is crowded & full, and we still have a foot of beautiful snow up here in Strawberry. It’s been in the teens at night. So yea right, glow bull bull.

        • Prayer, chanting and rain dances and perhaps Santeria is about all we have left with immigration. I heard someone — conservative — talking about it. Obama said it couldn’t be done legally, court ruled against and it is a E memo not a law — we’ll see.

          My question (besides property and road damage and carnage that will result from the illegal aliens having DLs) is once they have the DLs will they be allowed or required to show them when they vote? I do believe that voter registration comes with the DL if one is so incline. But I am not sure how that works in CA.

          Of course, they could just keep on without documents and continue working, living off the citizenry for education, housing, benefits and driving without a license. If I was them that’s what I would do. Some of them vote anyway.

  2. It’s started:

    A veteran of the U.S. Navy and decorated retired police detective is suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials for infringing on his constitutional rights after his pistol permit and four handguns were confiscated after he voluntarily sought hospital treatment for insomnia. SNIP

  3. It was disappointing today to read that Bratton has told the NYPD not to turn their backs on DeBlasio again.
    Pleased do, NYPD. His back is still turned on you.
    Those thugs who attacked the police on the bridge a few weeks ago (according to DeBlasio “alleged attacks”) are being revealed as college profs and liberal writers, some calling themselves journalists. The progressives know no limit. We must show them one.

  4. Gossip & News Division Report:

    The news feed on my FB page brings me wide-ranging memes, posters and whatever is on someone’s mind (?) questionable as that may be. Yesterday, was an article regarding MSNBC’s ratings (25-54 – down 18%). Out of sheer curiosity, I clicked on the comments and if you guessed that the loonies on the left blamed Joe Scarborough for the decline you’d be correct. Oh sure, there were a few mentions of Mika fawning at Joe and that Rachel Madcow was really the only one worth watching. To my point, what struck me, again, is how the Left personalizes their discontent and wags their tongue, not at the content but finds its weakest link and in this case that would be Joe, the self-proclaimed GOPer. No mention of Sharpton, not a word nor whisper. Reading the comments was like listening to Obama blame every one else for their own personal failures. Pure magic. I’ll look for the link and post it.

    • Nope. I’ll find my WP stuff this weekend. My computer crashed a few weeks ago. I’d saved everything but on 10 different thumb drives.

    • I got in. But it wasn’t easy. And I don’t know if I can tell you how.

      Had it open in two tabs. Went in — made comment. posted. Asked for info. I just typed in my email account and gracepmc — then it filled in my wordpress info that I had forgotten — just my user name. So I went to wp and logged in with that user name and guessed at my password until I got it right. Then it said I was logged in to the site with wp and I could change or log out??? I think that’s what it said. Then I started doing full crazy this and that. Finally I copied my comment. Went to the clean tab. Pasted my comment. Went directly to WP and input info I had gleaned before and hit post. Two or three times (because it still had the old change or log out thing) After about the 3rd enter — voila — magic.Even though I logged in on WP it shows me as gracepmc which is not associated with my WP account at all.

      If I go back it says all I have to do is post comment. That will have to be another day — because I am not known for my patience. That said, my effort was plug and unplug the computer until it works. Helpful to no one I am afraid.

  5. I do love the Obama Administration doubling down on stupid. That would be the response to NORK proportional and implying only first step. Despite evidence that could have been others.

    But that’s what Obama does. Doubles down, walks away and leaves the mess for others to clean up.

    No doubt watches the replays of these doubling down Il Duce moments.

  6. So, as I understand it, Obama is coming back from Hawaii and will go flitting oops — jetting — around the mainland telling the country how he is not going to wait on Congress and informing us what he will be doing by Executive Order — all this I guess before and shortly after the Congress he has not met is installed.

    Not sure what response Congress has to this, except for a few conservatives who have spoken up.

    Kind of bizarre to me. And yet, no eyelashes batting around the Fourth Estate or elsewhere. B teams all in place in the media.

    Obama is not all that much of a President, but he surely can read people — people in need, and people in power. Knows what he can get away with. He has overstepped for me a long time ago, but not for many. And if not him being a good read, then someone else has this capability.

    Maybe he is just in for the prancing in the lights and the flying in his private jet. Who knows.

    Looking forward to Keith’s return Monday to hear assessment on this pre SOTU activity.

    • Just saw that too Gracepmc… Boggles the mind.
      He should just go rent an apartment somewhere, let a real president live in the White House. Sickening!

      • I feel that we are going to see an example of petulance rivaling nothing we have ever seen before in a president.
        I sincerely hope this congress makes every attempt to throttle him back.

  7. Huckabee annonced he will no longer host the weekly show on Fox.
    He has not announced he is running. Will miss his show. He said he may make guest appearances.

  8. Soon the “elected” will be assembling in Mendacity City. The senior cook crooks will decide what to serve the citizens. The menu has change little. With the pantry scanty on supplies, looks like we’ll be eating more re-seasoned political potluck. Keeping the antacids handy.

  9. Caught a quick look at what appears to be a focused freshman congresswoman from Tucson — McSally I believe. Former military. Secure borders and legal immigration system improvement.

    What I liked what her refusal to get pulled off on sidelines issues and stick to what’s important.

    Understand she won by a very small # of votes. Anyway, it was my first look at her.

    Fingers crossed — always concerned some other sandwich part like Kelly Ayotte will emerge after awhile.

  10. Last days in Hawaii…
    Obama and daughters visit grandfather’s grave.
    Obama and daughters visit Pearl Jam guitarist…
    Wonder if it was only “Obama and daughters” returning to D.C.