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White House Dossier Returns

I will write on a limited basis today and Saturday. WHD will return full time on Monday. Thanks for your patience. This post will remain atop the website while new posts will appear below.

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  1. As usual, I’m late. But anyway, Happy New Year to Keith and family, and to all who visit here. May you have a healthy and prosperous 2015!

  2. This is an open thread , isn´t it ? Well, I have to tell you about something that appears even in our so very pc mainstream media. You all know that we have an extreme immigration over here right now, it is hardly possible to find some place for all of them to dwell while they wait for the asylum-decision. However, there is still some places in the northern parts of Sweden so this busload was transported there. But on arrival they absolutely refused to get off the bus, complaining it was too cold, too far away and what not, they wanted to go back to Malmö or Stockholm. I don´t know how this story will end but it tells something about the asylum-industry, that it resembles charter-tourism a bit, and that there probably are many out there making money on the welfare systems in Europe. Would a real refugee make such demands ?

    1. Swedishlady you stated they refused to get off the bus. When did this take place?
      I pulled of the map. Yes it seems they picked to very nice locations. If I were on vacation I would pick any places closest to the water. So point taken it does seem to be charter-tourism.
      They should be asked if they want to dine with what’s his name at the fancy restaurant.

      1. Lee, it happened during the New Year holiday.They even went on a “hunger-strike”. Ordinary people are fuming mad about it. We all know how tough it is for our children to get a place to live when they get a job in the big cities. And these people want to pick and choose on arrival ?!

        1. Sadie and Grace , I know what you mean and I agree because I have always been on the other side of that political spectrum. I can tell you that the politicians who allowed/are allowing this extreme immigration ( supported by the ever helpful mainstreammedia ) are struggling right now in a political turmoil never seen before over here. It is rather amusing. Talking about giving someone enough rope there…..I also hope that the “hanging” will really take place.

  3. SenReid (D)’s office says he broke bones in his face and some ribs after an “accident in his home” when exercise equipment “broke”.

    On that news, I have just recently aquired the title to the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m putting it up for sale on e-Bay, but as we’re all friends – you can have the first crack at being the next owner!
    I’ll be posting soon a special bank account number where you can wire me the funds.

      1. Dunno about that. But, we can count on new federal legislation mandating helmets, and knee pads be worn, and foam rubber padding on all exercise equipment.
        IMO – he got drunk, fell down, hit the coffee table, maybe fell down the stairs – period. Or, the Mrs had enough and knocked him around the bedroom.

  4. Something to consider……..
    Did you know that Nancy Pelosi could be the next Speaker again ?
    Did you know that the House can elect a non-member of the House to be the Speaker ?
    The way I understand it, is if a majority of the minority overcomes the majority of the majority, the candidate that the minority elects becomes the Speaker.
    Confusing isn’t it ?
    Terrifying isn’t it ?
    We aren’t out of the woods yet.

    A man like Lt.Col. Allen Woods could become the Speaker of the house if a majority of the republican party votes for him over Boehner, and they surpass the majority of the democratic party for say Pelosi.

    It’s enough to make your head spin.

      1. If all of the dems vote for Pelosi, whose party is in the minority in the house now, and the votes cast were more than the votes cast for Boehner, then Pelosi becomes the speaker.

        I want to correct my post above,….Lt.Col Allen West,…. my apologies to the Colonel.

        If enough people in the house said that they wanted him to be Speaker and he won the majority of the votes, he would be the next Speaker of the House, if he so desires.

        Does that clarify anything Lee ?

          1. On the Senate side, I think they have to be elected by the ruling majority from among the members.
            Harry Reid is out, Mitch McConnell is TBD.

  5. Wow..
    There is so much wrong with this – all I can say is wow.
    Will there ever be a “jump the shark” moment with this gang of misfits?

  6. Things that happened in 2014.
    What happened to Malaysian Flight 370?
    Rise of ISIS
    VA Scandal
    Admin. against the Press. most dangerous P. against the press in history.
    Those are just a few things they discussed just now on Fox. It is early, and it seems to me they left a great deal out of that discussion.

    1. U.S. Senator Tom Coburn released his final oversight report on the Dept. of Homeland Security, which has found major problems.
      Ten Years of oversight of the DHS finds that the dept. still has a lot of work to do to strengthen our nations security.
      Homeland Security spent $50 billion over the past 11 years on counterterrorism programs, but the Dept cannot demonstrate if the nation is more secure.
      Nation’s border remain unsecured. The DHS is not effectively administering or enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, while only 3 in 100 will face deportation.
      The report found the DHS spends $170 million annually to lead to the federal govt’s effort on cybersecurity, but struggles to protect itself, federal and civilian networks from the most serious cyberattaks.
      The Dept. has spent $170 billion for natural disasters since 2002 because of incresed fedral role in which the costs of small storms are declared “major disasters.”

  7. I’ve taken a break from the news pretty much over the holidays, but one thing I can say is how nice it has been to not hear or see the mug of the president everytime I turn around! ( except for an occasional picture of him with a golf club or an ice cream cone). Can he stay in Hawaii?

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