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Obama Sanctions North Korea

President Obama today issued new sanctions against North Korea for the hacking of Sony Entertainment’s computer systems, the White House announced this afternoon.

From the White House:

Today, the President issued an Executive Order (E.O.) authorizing additional sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This E.O. is a response to the Government of North Korea’s ongoing provocative, destabilizing, and repressive actions and policies, particularly its destructive and coercive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The E.O. authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to impose sanctions on individuals and entities associated with the Government of North Korea. We take seriously North Korea’s attack that aimed to create destructive financial effects on a U.S. company and to threaten artists and other individuals with the goal of restricting their right to free expression.

As the President has said, our response to North Korea’s attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment will be proportional, and will take place at a time and in a manner of our choosing. Today’s actions are the first aspect of our response.

68 thoughts on “Obama Sanctions North Korea”

    1. He won’t know who to sanction until he reads about it in the newspapers (they take longer to get to Hawaii, don’t you know!) or hears about it on the evening news. Poor NORKs – they might be getting blamed/sanctioned for something they didn’t do.

  1. Ok, this caught me by surprise. I have been hearing comments on the news, and articles on the net that it was an inside job. I sure hope everyone is sure this time, of who was behind it. N. Korea, or a ex-employee who was ticked off.

    1. That’s what I thought too. Wasn’t there talk of the FBI messing up because they said it was NK and it turned out it was an inside job?

    1. I have had the news turned off all day. I just turned on Fox to get an update. They were discussing (again) The Price as Right. An episode were they all gave a high number for the cost of the phone. Turned it off. Will pull up news on the internet.

  2. My son’s been following some company named “Norse” and told me about two days ago that this was done by pissed off ex-employees and hackers who hate Sony.

  3. This reminds me of our attack on Libya in 1986 after the bombing of La Belle disco in Berlin. Until East Germany’s Stasi files were opened in the 1990s, many believed that Syria was responsible. But, some reckoned, even if Libya were not guilty of this particular atrocity, they had performed enough bad acts to deserve the attack.

    1. And it DID make Gaddafi shut the heck up and (atleast appear to) behave for a LONG time! I guessing having a missile ALMOST fly up one’s butt will have that effect.

  4. Individual and entities! What the hell does that mean. Nothing – zero and zilch. Sorry, ain’t buying it. The question is – will he use that infamous pen for Iran.

        1. correction

          You can nuke “their” butts too.

          I think he has plans for himself a little more world wide.

          Just sayin’

          OK Shirley — not really “nuke” “nuke” — like Whoopi Goldberg , that loyal subject of Obama’s, not like “rape” “rape”

          1. I think Obama and his masters have him lined up for the Secretary General of the United Nations position. That’s when the real troubles will begin. UN Agenda 21 will go on turbo drive when the ‘Bam gets there.

          2. Depends on if we get a President who answers to the UN or a President who answers to the American citizen and the Constitution of the United States.

            But I must agree the lifestyle of the UN, the work ethic of the UN, the possibility of the UN worldwide tete a tete with the famous and the infamous, the shaky “authority” of the UN — very much his style.

            And then there is the draw of that very rakish blue beret!

          3. Obama in a smart blue beret and a Che T-shirt. Not hard to imagine that at all. Gotta give him a scruggly beard, too. Not sure if he grow one. La Revolution, c’est moi!

  5. When is Obama going to be sanctioned for shooting his mouth off on matters he knows little to nothing about….except what he reads in the newspapers? Regardless of who hacked who, Sony is irresponsible for leaving themselves vulnerable.

  6. What I am concerned about: When was this decided? Was this on the table when he first made his speech stating there would be proportional response?
    Did He decide to do this after he was called a name?
    Did anyone in the admin. care if the news stations were announcing that someone within Sony was behind this. Does that matter one way or another?
    Those are just a few.
    There is a New York Times article on

    1. IIRC You are hopeful that the RINO leadership will be replaced — or at least Boehner. Over at AOS there is some discussion– including %ages of those in the House who are opposed to Boehner and it also links what might be a “foray” by Bridenstine.

      Here is a link that might get you there.

  7. Was not aware the president could unilaterally decide to sanction foreign powers without consent from Congress. Nothing is ever new with this guy. If it’s illegal, he does it.

  8. Sanctions, drones, secret deals with terrorist states = Obama’s foreign policy. By EO = the only way Obama rules.

    And since there is some evidence that this was not NORK — once again Obama a day late and a peso short.

    Words, words, and more words. The only way the Republicans know how to respond.

      1. New Play — 2015. You demagogic race hustler. Prove it. Prove that anything I said was racist. ( :) see previous posts on topic)

        It’s possible that there are more pesos in America than dollars — somewhere — south of the border and deep underground. It’s also possible that Mexico has agreed to assist the Obama administration with its foreign policy — beyond contingent border countries or the near Americas. It’s also possible that that Mexican cell phone billionaire who has assisted with Obamaphone has made donations within limits over the years and even some unknown to the success of Barack Obama.

        So many possibilities. So watch out who you call racist buddy! :)

        1. Listen, I’m with you 100%. My comment was generated by my exasperation with ANY negative comment directed toward, referencing or in any way referring to anyone other than white being called racist. I NEVER meant for you to think I was calling YOU a racist. Sorry if I offended you!!


          1. AJ — I was TEASING you. But :) is not a good symbol. I know you weren’t calling me a racist. I know you never would. And we both know that neither of us are.

            There was a conversation on this WHD over the days about how political correctness (including racist) was just another Communist way of smothering dissent (Dalrymple) And also that 2015 (Thomas Sowell article)would be a good time to stand up to those who intimidate us with demagoguery.

            I thought you could tell by the relatively absurd ways Obama might get his hands on some pesos. But I am not writing very carefully tonight. So, please accept my apologies for my poor form and insufficient consideration.

          2. AJ– on a slightly more serious and fearful note. Racism is not good, nor is being called a racist acceptable. In the past this (not you and me — but the use of racist/racism) could have been resolved in fairly short, honest order about a misunderstanding.

            I cannot speak for you. But I know that I was and now am quick to soothe over the “racist” charge. So, in some unsettling internal way–even for those of us who know what is going on — it is unsettling. And that is the danger.

          3. This exchange is a fine example of how effective the left’s race baiting is!! WE know we’re not racists so we should never get defensive about it.

            And here’s the end game of all this racist crap. My wife says, “You want to call me a racist? Fine!! I’ll BE a racist”!!

            Thank you Mr post-racial president!!!

  9. I am astounded that throughout this entire thing — Dennis Rodman has not been heard from, consulted or offered to fly over. Rehab?

      1. Come to think of it, whose opinion on world affairs would I value most? John Kerry, Barack Obama or Dennis Rodman? Gawd, they should make this a Jeopardy question!

  10. Obviously, the President is catching up on all those Daily Briefings he never read. He is up to the one from about a month ago stating they thought North Korea did it. Maybe by the end of his vacation he will learn it was an inside job.

  11. From an article I was reading about Obama: Anatomy of a Failure — to the point about his minions

    Members of Obama’s inner circle need not fear the possibility of some smartass journalist making them the subjects of a collective biography called The Best and the Brightest.

  12. OT Watched a bit of Hannity panel discussing Hillary Clinton. Lanny Davis, since college, has been one if not her biggest supporters. Doggedly so — he is like the most loyal Obamobot.

    And it occurred to me, perhaps — Lanny Davis just really really wants or wanted to be married to Hils or still wants to. In talking about her tonight he mentioned her following to a certain extent Barack Obama’s footsteps and “her husband’s”. Most people refer to Bill Clinton, as Bill, or the former President, or President Clinton, rarely her husband. As if Bill was somehow dismissed. It was odd. Anyway, I am always struck by his defense of her.

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