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New Year’s Day 2015 Open Thread

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you had fun last night.

Thanks for reading White House Dossier this year. May 2015 be a great year for all of you.

I’m running an open thread today. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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  1. Happy New Year to all.
    Last night my neighborhood sounded like downtown Fallujah, and looked like the 4th of July. wow. It was fun, even though it scared all the four-legged family members.
    We do like things that blow up and go Boom!.

      • Happy New Year to everyone as well. Srdem65 you mentioned your four legged members being scared. Our pet dog, just passed several weeks ago 16 yrs old. She would shiver the entire night as she layed by our side when the fire works would go off.

      • I LOVE STRAWBERRY! Found it while taking the back roads to my parents house in Camp Verde, along with many other amazing places in AZ.

        • The Rim road is an awesome adventure. It’s about 3-4 hours through ‘Rim Country’, starting above Forest Lakes & heading west you come out a bit above Strawberry. We love it up here, a great change from the Tucson area.
          Jerome is fun too.

          • Oh yes Jerome every time. My parents have lived in that area 20 years or more and have a pass at the main place but it’s so fun we couldn’t even park anywhere there this Thanksgiving! We turned around on a
            mountain ledge which stressed only me out…love my sea level! I stayed in Sedona but Rim Country is next! Thanks ZD!

    • Many of us older ones get to bed early….we were invited to a party that was kicking off about nine…we stayed home and I went to bed at nine thirty…my husband stayed up to finish a football game.
      Happy New Year to all everywhere on this wonderful blog.

    • Sorry to say this but peeps do see things that cannot be easily identified. My wife and I were parked at Big Bear lake in CA in 1997 looking at the stars thru the moon roof. Nice clear summer night. We both observed a light traveling from north to south. It made a 90 degree turn to the straight up and zoomed straight into space, getting smaller and smaller until it was no longer visible. What the heck was that?
      Me: 30 years aerospace with the following clearance : Secret, Top Secret, and SSBI/SCIF. To get a SCIF (sensitive compartmentalized information facility) one gets a 10 year investigation by Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) and yearly polygraph investigations.

      • Sitting on my patio one fine day in Phoenix – sunny, not a cloud in the sky and a ‘plane’ was overhead – not unusual- Sky Harbor is less than 10 miles from me. The roar of the engine got louder, then never trailed, but stayed long enough for me to notice something isn’t right – that I went to look – no plane no contrail no nothing – just noise. Then in an instant it quit. ??

        We have many ‘sightings’ here in the desert. Weather balloons – ha- who uses them, we don’t have swamps,so no swamp gas, and it’s really spooky sometimes.

        • One night in Tucson, during the summer monsoons -no rain at that time, just clouds- there was like a search light shinning DOWN, circling around for about an hour! Another time a very bright light was hanging around the clear blue sky. I know Venus can be visible early am or pm, but this was 13:00…
          Oh! The first time I saw the Space Station flying about after sunset, I searched the Internet till I found the NASA link on the station’s schedule. That is cool to watch.

    • Von Ebb and srdem6, while living in the Smokey Mountains years ago, I saw a very large airplane–about the size of a 747–flying low. It was unmarked and colored a very light mint/celery green. There were no military installations anywhere nearby.

  2. Something is terribly wrong with me. Worked most of yesterday, was in bed by 10pm local and now up since 6 this morning. BUT, starting off with some Irish and coffee, then a mimosa or two and a nice Malbec with the prime rib acclimating to room temp downstairs.
    And just to show I haven’t changed, here’s the first shameless self promoting post of 2015:
    Want a Happy New Year 2016, then make 2015 a year of Constitutional resolve:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR y’all (yep we say it that way and we like it that way!)

      • X2 Great article!!!! I should have planned the Prime rib and the nice cup of Irish coffee. Instead I went to get the on sale nice tennis shoes I saw yesterday. The employee showed five mins. after they were suppose to be open. She said the manager with the key would be there in a 1/2 hour. I stuck around, listened to the morning news on the radio. Finallythe manager showed up with her breakfast and coffee in hand. 35 ,mins later. I said good morning. I started to walk to the door with them both. They said, you have to wait out here (in the cold), it will take us ten mins or so to open the store.
        Now: I know we have many more important things to make comment about. I just wanted to show my age: Remember the times when you went somewhere and the owner let you in right away. Remember when you went somewhere and the cashier knew how to count money. My point: All of the computers, alarm systems, etc. may help the store franchise, but it sure is not doing anything for the customer. I know some of you are wondering did I wait and get the shoes. LOL. No. I came home and put my tennis shoes in the wash with some bleach.
        Happy New Year Keith and all fellow readers!!!

        • Yes I remember those times and thanks for sharing the story. I spent a few years as a big box retail manager and if any of us had ever treated a customer that way we’d have been canned on the spot. (But then again THAT in itself was over a decade ago so now I’m showing my age as well! lol)
          Stay warm and hope the bleach works. (It’s a heckuva lot cheaper than new pair.)

        • Remember the old saying “The Customer Is Always Right”? I think that has transmogrified into “The Customer Is ALWAYS A Big Pain In The Patoot”!! Although there ARE exceptions. A few days ago I purchased an outdoor Temp/Humidity transmitter that was supposed to work with a little indoor/outdoor weather station I have. Well, it DIDN’T work. So yesterday morning I requested a refund, wondering how much hassle I was going to have to go through, who was going to pay for return shipping, etc. About an hour later I received this reply:

          “I am sorry you were unhappy with your purchase. Please accept our sincerest apologies that you received something that was different than you were expecting. I have gone ahead and refunded your purchase amount. It is not worth any more time and effort to have you send this back.

          Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


          Kindest Regards,

          Brittany S.
          Customer Support”

          I’m impressed!!

  3. Just heard that it is going to 29 degrees for the Rose Bowl Parade.
    Float decorators love it because the flowers won’t wilt.
    I’ll bet the movie stars and the performers won’t like it so much.
    Brrrrrrr !

    • and this —

      coupled with Rebecca Tallent on Boehnner’s staff.

      The point is if we can judge Obama (and we should) by the company he keeps — Sharpton et al — then we should judge our other elected officials as well. The Republican leadership is pretty smarmy. And anywhere you smell Haley Barbour …..

      The new year will not bring much that is good for America with this in our advising our leadership.

      • Thanks for the links and couldn’t agree more with you regarding the current leadership of the Republican party. I had high hopes in 2010 that the millions of grass root voices would be heard.
        After the CRomnibus stab in the back I’m more convinced than ever that even though we have both the House and the Senate, the work is FAR from over.
        Between the cronyism, the looking down to conservatives and their complete lack of ability to communicate in front of a camera (a MUST in this age), Boehner and McConnell are two of the absolute worst we could have doing the messaging going forward. Whether it’s fair or not, they both ooze the stereotypical “elite, white Republican” that the media loves to paint us all with and so we go into 2016 with even a greater disadvantage than 2012.
        The vast majority of Republicans are down to earth, hard working regular people that just want the Constitution, the rule of law and respect for the legal citizenry of this nation. Yet that truth never gets out to the general populace because Boehner and McConnell are too busy re-enforcing the stereotypes and the media is all too happy to oblige.
        On another note, I saw where the official census of this good ol U S of A is now over 320 million. And yet out of all that, we may boil down to another Bush/Clinton choice for 2016? THAT is enough to depress anyone on either side of the political aisle!

        • If you look even closer than these two examples I am sure you would find that the wagons are circled. There is no doubt in my mind that the leadership will hold. I do not even want to consider the deals that the Republican leadership has made with KStreet, the COC, Silicon Valley and most likely even groups like LaRaza etc.

          This Congress will be all about personal and political power of a ruling class. The newbies will be “punished” if they don’t hold the line. Sure, if the Republicans take 2016 it won’t be far left, but it will be a big tent where conservatives are excluded.

          Srdem65 and others most likely know more than I do, but what McCain and Jeff Flake are doing in AZ to exclude conservatives is not a good sign. And the Missouri debacle with Haley Barbour’s sticky fingers and Mitch McConnell’s as puppet master does not augur well.

          And let’s not forget about the Kelly Ayotte’s… that is one worthless Republican. Her entire existence revolves around propping up and serving as a mouthpiece for Miss Lindsey and Juan M.

    • That’s why Boehner has to go along with McConnell.
      Both are against the conservative Tea Party Movement.
      I think that they vote on both of them January 3, and the new congress is seated January 6.
      Boehner is more of a threat than McConnell IMO.

      I’ll post this site again unless someone missed it.

      All of the information you need to watch what they do is right there.

  4. I am reading on Breitbart that Obummer’s poll ratings have risen to 50% WHY? What in the world has he done to cause people to think better of him…can’t believe after all the race baiting he has been responsible for, any sane person would approve of him!

    • It has far more to do with how dumbed down society has become than anything Obama has actually done.
      If those putting him in the 50 percent had even a clue of the constitutional, rule of law damage he is doing to the system and the future of this country he’d be below 5.
      BUT, the electorate is what it is today: the trailer to the movie Idiocracy.

    • It’s the holidays, everyone is in a good mood, or trying to be.
      I don’t like popularity polls; most people are loathe to give a bad mark to someone, and with all the racial strife – it’s that ‘oh yeah – I really like the Black President’.

    • I always wonder about those polls myself. Who in the world do they ask? I have never ever been polled! Do any of you every know of anyone who is asked??? Obviously they must be calling the same 50 dimocrats each and every time they need to figure out how Obambi is doing. 25 say he’s doing “so so” so there’s your 50%.

    • His poll numbers are a reflection of the unruly majority minority that has surfaced since the beginning of Obama’s reign of lawlessness. The increase in population is most likely due to the tens of millions of foreigners/New Americans who have answered Obama’s clarion call to break our laws by breaking into our country illegally.
      We are now officially the ‘land of the free…loaders’ with 50% of the tax revenues going for welfare benefits.

  5. Harper Collins is withdrawing their map that erased Israel. A bunch of bishops in England and Wales objected. Check out their reasoning:

    At the time, Bishop Declan Lang, chairman of the Bishops’ Conference Department of International Affairs, told The Tablet: “The publication of this atlas will confirm Israel’s belief that there exists a hostility towards their country from parts of the Arab world. It will not help to build up a spirit of trust leading to peaceful co-existence.”

  6. The chairman and ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee want answers from the o admin., on cell-site “simulators,” which are reportedly used by law enforcement to track suspects but also have the potential to capture information on cellphones in their vicinity.
    O and his crew are stonewalling.
    Another phone issue which I do not appreciate. We have Habius Corpus.
    Years back friends and relatives joked with me, that no one wanted to listen to my mom and I talk on the phone. Those types of comments were made as I disagreed with the whole phone issue. Years later I read there are now more phone issue for me to be concerned with.

    • Happy New Year!!!
      It is a quiet one. I at least have the memories of years of family parties on New Year’s Eve. Than another family get together on New Year’s Day. Lot’s of family grandparents, mom & Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. A big family on both sides. Lot’s of food, and lot’s of ball games, lot’s of laughter.
      Lot’s of memories. :)

      • Will do. I do put fresh green beans in as well. Lot’s of tabasco!
        Of course I put lot’s of tabasco in almost everything.
        I am use to wonderful hot cocktail sauce as well

        • I was asking Car In, buts that’s OK
          The best one I ever had, the bar keep used Vodka, tomato juice, a dash of Worchestershire sauce and a celery stalk.

          Never heard of green beans in a bloody Mary, ‘course, I’m a northerner.

          • Next time keep the Worchestershire sauce, add lots of salt and pepper, and tabasco. The “fresh” green bean is great, along with the celery stalk, and carrot stick.

  7. Darn! I’m in Mod Jail. 1st time in a long time. I think it must be ’cause I used the word, wait, I’d better spell it or I’ll be in there even longer, pee-eh-tee-oh-oh-tee. Oh no, I hope pee-ee-ee doesn’t get me! Thank goodness I had the foresight to bring a bottle of Tassos Colossal Pimiento Stuffed Olives with me. Anybody know where Keith hides the Gin and Vermouth?

  8. While U.S. commanders have suggested the on-the-ground U.S. activities might expand, troops are now limited to advising local commanders and retraining of Iraq’s army. They are confined to military headquarters or training bases at four sites.
    I do not understand the goal here. If there is not enough people to fight against the enemy the trained Iraq soldiers will run for their lives again.

    • Lee,….
      and many other places that our troops are stationed.
      The troops that are there are supposed to train the Iraqi Army to defend itself and the people that depend on them.

      I for one cannot determine how our troops are going to instill courage into an army that has none.
      Consider this scenario,…..

      You are a parent with a child that is just learning to ride a bike.
      At a certain point with all due encouragement, you let go of the bike and they now realize the freedom that they have now that they are in control of the bike.

      Still waiting for the Iraqi Army to ride the bike on their own.
      My estimation is that we will be over there for many years to come.

      • Great explanation. However I left out a very important part of the article on Drudge. It is the concern of our military. They are just there in four different places, that were mentioned in the article.

  9. This is the year that conversation about illegal aliens must be divorced entirely from any link to immigration.

    Illegal aliens are not immigrants. It is insulting to immigrants to suggest that they are.

    Nothing good will be done until our “leaders” stop muddying the waters by joining these two groups of people.

    Happy New Year, I hope.

    • And along those lines of truth telling and getting to the heart of the issue Thomas Sowell makes some good comments in this column which begins by calling Obama not Your Majesty but His Royal Glibness.

      He mentions that people, especially Republicans, should respond to charges of racism by calling the accuser a demagogue and demanding that they put up or shut up with evidence. And he illustrates that by twisting language the guilt is brought down — they have gotten students to criticize their parents and their lifestyles as “privilege” instead of “achievement”. And on that last point alone, arguments can be won. By pointing out that is not privilege but achievement.

      And as Anonna said, disconnect “illegal” with “immigrants”. They are illegal aliens. Or criminals for entering and remaining in the country illegally. What they are not is immigrants or refugees.

      As Keith said 2015 is a turning point year and we best start standing up for ourselves and our country. Especially since the Republican party is not going to do it.

    • And here is one more thing about language and political correctness that I just saw and borrowed from AOS blog. I hope 2015 is the year that we bash through the politically correct speak .

      Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

      — Theodore Dalrymple

    • Yeah,….that score surprised me.
      I thought it would be closer.
      Now the Buckeyes face the Ducks.
      That should be a good game.

      BTW,….I’m glad that they went to playoffs.