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Open Thread || Tuesday, December 30, 2014



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  1. I find it interesting that BHO said Tehran (yes he made another goof) could be a big player on the international stage in his NPR interview but a few years ago said Iran was a small country and basically we didn’t need to worry about them. Another flip flop,

    • ?

      At 3am Fox was all about the plane. Lazy. The have had terrible news teams this holiday. The pros — like Kruthammer still work the panels — the media darlings of the talk shows take their Washington entitlement vacations.

      • You know Dish dropped Fox and I had a few bad days…that has passed and I have recovered.
        The ones I want to see are available on video the next day. I miss Krauthammer, Bret, Steve Hayes, Megyn, Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne, Bill Hemmer and Martha, Neil and that’s about it. I can’t stand all that jumping around on Fox and Friends, have never cared for Gretchen, detest Shephard Smith, like most of the Five, not all, and have learned to like Outnumbered.
        News is available here and elsewhere when I want it.

      • Working at 3 a.m. Lazy? LOL, it is daytime over there while we’re sleeping, that’s when the news broke. Wreckage and bodies is a big developement. So sad for the victims’ families, but at least they’ll have closure, unlike the last missing plane :(

        • Point taken. I did not hang around to listen. But if I am up, and I was, I will look at Red Eye, and when there is a major news story alot of programming is dismissed and a lof the tragic news coverage is repetitive and not new.

          It’s not a big deal. I have limited expectations from cable news.

    • Rather unbelievable. Never passed through congress, Comerica was selected to administer without any public review. There is more to this than we know and that concerns me.

      • There is another tactic that they may employ here.
        When this first came to my knowledge, I asked my financial adviser about it.
        My mutual fund contains bond funds that they never buy with anymore than 5 or 6 years maturity, because, if the interest rates go up, the value of the bond goes down.
        10 year treasury bonds are a gamble, and the fact that this has been in the wind for some years now is due to the fact that the National debt has hit 18 trillion.

        The fed is desperate to pay down the debt and now they’re going after the consumer, the worker, the one that can barely make ends meet.
        Sounds like the social security ruse to me, nothing more than another Ponzi scheme.

    • Wait until it’s mandatory, when they make everyone roll their 401k into it. Or a portion of your taxes are withheld and deposited.

      And who the heck is Comerica.

  2. According to an article on Drudge Report it was probably former employees who did the Sony hacking. So, Obama had no evidence about any North Korean involvement when he went out there and accused and threatened that country. Makes me think again about the accusations against Russia . It is a scary thought that the Obama government is prepared to cause a war just like that , like it is just a game. On a whim. Careless, frivolous, dangerous.

    • Well, World War 3 would be the ultimate chaos for BO and he can then declare himself Savior World Lord and President for Life.

      It’s why I support throwing Boehner and McConnell out of their leadership positions. The Obama Coddling must stop. Even moderate msm journos are saying the world is a more dangerous place since Obama took over.

      • I support that also, especially Boehner.
        McConnell is definitely establishment but he does sometimes know how to get things done…just will he?
        I liked Charles Krauthammer’s statement that they should “Bring it on” and made Obama use the pen.

      • I support a leadership change. But I do not see any contenders or moves within the Republican Party, including conservatives, to do that. If Scalise is booted out or down because of the 12 year old accusation then perhaps Boehner would wise up and kick a conservative upstairs. But I doubt it.I just do not see any movement at all within the Party to remove the leadership.

      • They both have to be re-elected after the new congress is seated.
        That is the first obstacle that we must overcome in order to stop Obama, putting new blood in the leadership of both chambers.
        As Rush said,….they gave away the store before the new congress even had a chance to oppose him.

  3. Special security forces in Sweden are hunting suspected arsonists after fires at two mosques.

    The blazes follow a period of increased tension in the country, as politicians struggle to stem the rise of the anti-immigrant far right.

    The Säpo were called in after a blaze at a mosque in the southern town of Eslöv in the early hours of Monday morning. It followed a similar incident on Christmas Day in Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, in which five people were injured when a fire broke out during prayers.

    “It’s probably Islamophobia,” an Eslöv imam, Samir Muric, told Swedish media. “I live close and do not feel safe anymore.”


  4. It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage.
    NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops — as officers feel betrayed by the mayor and fear for their safety, The Post has learned. SNIP

  5. Blaming the media for the crisis engulfing City Hall, Bratton accused this paper of “hating” Mayor Bill de Blasio and said, “If the cops are reading The Post, they’re not going to like the mayor, because it’s hanging the mayor 24 hours a day.” Then he attacked The New York Times, saying it doesn’t like de Blasio “because he’s not far enough to the left for where they want to be.” SNIP

  6. Pfeiffer says Obama will veto curbs on DHS spending and will shut down DHS — which would be a good thing in my opinion. However, now that the Emperor’s mouthpiece has announced the coming veto the Republicans will not curb DHS spending. It’s all so simple. And absolutely perverse and outside the constitution and the balance of power and the rule of law. To say nothing of national security.

  7. One of my favorite blogspots is Joshua Pundit, who is part of the Weasel Watchers Council. The entire group of bloggers, which includes Bookwormroom, always offers up excellent brain food. Since we’re nearing the end of another year – get out your crystal ball and see if your predictions for 2015 match those that offered up.
    Forum: What Are Your Predictions For 2015?

    • If you’ve not visited Bare Naked Islam before, be warned that the site does not pull punches when it comes to photographs that show what Muslims do

  8. One of Duke’s people has said that Scalise did not speak at the EURO event.

    “He spoke early in the day to a contingent of people, prior to the conference kicking off,” Knight said. “He was not there as a guest speaker at the conference.” SNIP

    Knight estimates that about two-thirds to three-quarters of the people in the hospitality room at the civic association meeting were local residents who weren’t there to attend the EURO event, and about one-third to one-quarter were EURO convention attendees who arrived early and filtered into the hospitality room to drink coffee and kill time.
    “I don’t think Steve was aware that there was a small contingent of people who came and sat in the audience prior to the EURO meeting,” Knight said.
    I asked Knight if there was a sign on the hospitality room indicating it had been reserved for the EURO conference.
    “I think not,” Knight said. “I really truly believe, if there were any signs or banners up, Mr. Scalise would [have asked], ‘What is that?’ And he probably would have left. Because I don’t recall having any banners or signs up at all.” SNIP

    • Ha, I read that the other day. And, here’s my Kwanzaa post which sat in mod jail on this last thread until late last night:

      In Kwanzaa news, I saw an article at American Thinker the other day and have to share it. But, first let’s recall the O’s Kwanzaa statement on Friday 12/26:

      President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are sending their prayers and best wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa.

      The Obamas say in a statement that the Kwanzaa celebration highlights the rich heritage of African Americans. They say families come together on Kwanzaa to reflect on the past year’s blessing and look forward to the promises that lie ahead next year. The Obamas are vacationing in Hawaii.

      They’re calling attention to Kwanzaa’s seven principles, which include creativity, self-determination, purpose and unity, responsibility, cooperative economics and faith.

      The Obama say they remain committed to building a nation that provides opportunity for everyone. They say there’s much to be thankful for as families light the Kinara, a candle holder used to celebrate Kwanzaa.

      The seven-day African-American holiday starts Friday.

      And now, the American Thinker article:

      Kwanzaa — A Made-up Holiday

      Did you know that “Kwanzaa,” that made-up holiday celebrated from December 26 through January 1, was invented by Ron N. Everett, known today as Dr. Maulana (Swahili for “master teacher”) Karenga? About Kwanzaa, Karenga said:

      “People think it’s African. But it’s not. I wanted to give black people a holiday of their own. So I came up with Kwanzaa. I said it was African because you know black people in this country wouldn’t celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that’s when a lot of bloods [blacks] would be partying!”

      Did you know that Karenga was a founder of “United Slaves”, a group that was quite similar in philosophy to the Black Panthers? The two groups had different tactics, but often competed for the same potential recruits. So an altercation was inevitable. On January 17, 1969, at a Black Student Union meeting at UCLA, Black Panther Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter was heard making derogatory comments about Karenga. Carter was shot to death. The Black Panthers swear it was preplanned.

      Or that Karenga was convicted in 1971 for torturing two women? He pressed a hot soldering iron against their faces and put their fingers in a vise in an effort to get them to offer up some nonexistent “crystals” of poison. It seems that the paranoid Karenga thought he was being poisoned. Nice guy, this Kwanzaa founder.

      Or that in his book The Quotable Karenga, Karenga wrote “The sevenfold path of blackness is think black, talk black, act black, create black, buy black, vote black, and live black”? Is this the source of “seven,” a number seen often in Kwanzaa? It certainly explains why he wanted a black holiday.


      As William J. Bennett says, “Karenga has concocted some bits of lore, lingo, and mumbo-jumbo that are intended to make Kwanzaa look like something out of Africa instead of something from Los Angeles County, but his efforts have been feeble.”


    • Not to worry. I am sure the Republicans have a plan to put a stop to this — that is, if there are any prisoners/detainees left by the time they reconvene.

    • There is sentiment out there that Gitmo will be emptied and returned to Cuba as part of the deal that Obama made and no one has seen.

      And as I said, not to worry, since the Republicans will be in Congress and will most certainly call a halt to this. I wonder if Senator McCain who is in favor or recognition of Cuba will be in favor of gifting Gitmo to the Cubans as well.

    • Thanks for clip.
      Blas. should have come out ASAP with some type of apology.
      I heard their are some planning to protest tonight up north. It was stated they will have a hard time, because after a certain time, later today, they will not be able to get in because of the barriers.

        • He and Obama and others of their ilk are born and nurtured in the same cesspool of socialist swill where character is absent. No wonder, in terms of race relations, they so easily dismiss MLK — these people feed at the base human level. They are predators.

          • Probably a factor. But, lots of children are abandoned and they fight to make themselves whole and worthy human beings. People can do remarkable things despite the circumstances of their life. After a certain age and time, things become a choice.

          • Sure, if the kid has strong support. But, what if De Commie’s mother’s family trashed his father every chance they got? That’s pretty powerful poison to a kid his age.

          • I am of the opinion that at a certain age we become adults, and then we are responsible for how we are going to go forward from our past and live our life.

          • Children can’t pick their parents. Which is why I’m happy to pay for equal education and all sorts of programs. I stop at 18.
            But we have a society that teaches reliance and blame. Which makes me sick and tired especially of college “students” and young professional athletes being called children or kids. As if it is some kind of excuse.
            If you are old enough to die for your country, you ought be able to take care of yourself. BTW, if you are old enough to die for your country, you should be able to have a beer if you want.

  9. Not sure where the thread is but there is a well written editorial in the WSJ this morning and the full content is accessible.

    “The final two years of the Obama Presidency will thus be the most dangerous since the end of the Cold War as the world’s rogues calculate how far they can go before a successor enters the White House in 2017. A bipartisan coalition in Congress may be able to limit some of the damage, but the first step toward serious repair is understanding how Mr. Obama’s progressive foreign policy has contributed to the growing world disorder.”

    • Thanks. Just this small clip is scary. I will read the rest. Hopefully respected journals, journalists (if there are any) and other media sources will begin to discuss openly the precarious position Obama’s foreign policy as well as open border and social justice domestic policy has placed the US. We are vulnerable from the inside and the outside.