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      • Getting really cold up there in snow country – feeling a little housebound?
        No, not aliens (if you mean the UFO kind). They would have no interest in a jet plane that’s painted red, nor would they need to examine a motley bunch of Asians.
        The cause(s) might be MotherNature’s fury, poorly designed air craft, a sleepy piloting crew, or some evil doer who likes to shoot down passenger jets.

        • Yes, I am feeling housebound, but there’s no snow here, just seemingly unending rain. My comment was a bit flippant, as I realized after I posted it. The disappearance of the jets is very mysterious. I hope we don’t see them flown into buildings someday.

          • Oh, I remember ‘cabin fever’ well – 40 yrs in WesternPa – brrrrrr.
            Here in sunny AZ we were treated to freeze – yes, the temps went below freezing last night and the night before.
            We’re all outside covering desert flora with sheets, christmas table cloths, whatever we can find.
            I know that doesn’t mean much to everyone in the N.E., but below freezing here means a 90 degree drop from 10 weeks ago.
            Plus – we don’t own mufflers, furry gloves, and parkas.

          • You should try Rochester, NY….worst weather I have ever seen and I spent nine years in Chicago, twelve in New England and those three in Rochester….fact: 33 days of sunshine out of the year……cold, snow, ice, fog, wind, lake effect if nothing overhead…that was difficult! There was a brief and beautiful summer and it is a gorgeous area near the Finger Lakes but this Southern girl was surely glad to get back to Arkansas..,.home in South Arkansas and retired in the Ozark Mountains near Missouri border.
            God’s Country usually…the last few years we have seen a lot of cold, ice, snow, wind rain and fog…you know “All that Global Warming.”

          • I’mNoD, for some reason my first thought is aliens also. (Our age?).
            Butt, really HOW can you lose a big airplane? Now 2?

            We had a hard freeze way down here in So AZ. The local ski run is open too, it’s the USA ‘s southern most ski valley.

          • Being a sci fy lover, my mind also turns to the old Twilight Zone, or S King stories of “missing” planes.
            I don’t want to even consider them flown into buildings.

    • It does seem odd and since both are different airframes, a common service practice seems unlikley. In other words human error or human intervention not a design or mechanical failure.

    • I said the same thing. Second plane missing? I just feel so bad for the people on the plane and 17 kids, 1 baby. I was so hoping maybe they crash landed and were just stranded, it has been so many hours, it sounds almost premeditated, no signal? did another crazy took the plane over? I hope I’m wrong.

  1. Good morning all. My older son came home for a belated X-mas. He brought his wonderful yr. old lab. We went out to eat, laughed had fun.
    My two sons and I stayed up late with more talk and laughter.

    • Why does the Mrs. always look uphappy? I know it is not because they were telling other people to get away from them.
      Maybe just maybe her ponytail was to tight.

      • Or, Lee moo has the elitist entitlement attitude that she is a model. All anorexic models pose with a scowled face. They are just ‘the hangers’ upon which designers hang their absurd & often gross looking designs.
        ( I only know model stuff from side ads on blog sites…. Yea, I go there every so often.)

    • Thanks for the link, and special thanks to the Brits.
      The first sentence claims the Os had a “lie-in” – lol!
      I’ve heard of sit-ins, walk-ins, and buy-ins, but a “lie-in” – who knew they had to practice to lie.

      On a serious note: how creepy it must be to be “observed” every second of every day by people charged to protect you from crazies. How anything they do can be fun is a mystery.

      • The Obamas put themselves in the spotlight by chosing very public vacation locations to squander our money on extra prep and security … and those pesky cameras.

        A Presidential motorcade is newsworthy, and awesome to see in person, no matter who’s in office. On a visit to NYC, I noticed police barricades had closed a major crosstown street, with cops on each corner I had to ask “Wussup?” He couldn’t tell me, so I hung around for a while to find out. It was the Clintons’ motorcade! It really was a spectacle of of flashing lights, sirens, and speed. I got a one second glimpse of the Clintons, I waved at them and felt patriotic for some reason :)

        • Denise, I have seen one in my seventy eight years and I treasure it…John Kennedy in Hawaii in the summer of 1963 before he was assassinated in November.
          I was on my way home from a year of teaching in Tokyo and then on to Tripoli, Libya, for another year….the tragedy occurred while I was there. I spent a week in Hawaii.
          I will never forget that Air Force Base in Libya going on full alert….it was all surreal.

          • I met JFK and Jackie in early 1960 during the primaries when he was still a US Senator from MA. He was campaigning in Indiana and several of my high school girl friends and I drove one snowy night to the Greek Hall in East Gary to hear him. He invited one of us to his press conference at the Gary Hotel the next day, and we chose the only Catholic girl among us. It’s probably still her greatest memory.

          • Those really were the days of Camelot! I’m sure I would be a Democrat if the Kennedy’s were here today.

            When I was in HS, my best friend’s parents had a beach house smack dab next door to the Peter Lawford/Pat Kennedy place in Santa Monica, CA. Whenever the Kennedy’s were in town, we would head for the beach house in hopes of catching a glimpse of them. We were successful on several occasions. The SS in those days was very kind to us….they knew we were star-struck, so they let us peek through the fence. Never would happen today. The parties were chock full of Hollywood’s elite – we thought we were dreaming. Such a bygone era. It truly was Camelot.

          • I cast my maiden vote for JFK….been Republican since LBJ…..LOL…I let my daddy talk me into voting for Carter and that was the biggest mistake ever!!!!!
            When we lived in MA we went to the Cape several times each year and I tried a few times to get as close as I could hoping for a glimpse of someone…but I detested Edward…he so mistreated Joan.
            We went to conventions in Hyannis every fall and our church had a resort/retreat one town over from Hyannis Port.
            Both of my sons worked on the Cape each summer during college but on down on the elbow.
            I loved going there.

          • I had such a crush on JFK as a teen and we all wanted to be Jackie and live in the real Camelot :)

            That was probably the last of old fashioned motorcades when they drove slowly through towns in open air vehicles to be close to the people. It was always well advertised in advance to give people the opportunity to go to the route and wave an American flag.

          • In the early seventies I lived near Gary (first husband) in Forest Park, IL. His best friend from college was head basketball coach at Valparaiso and we visited there several times.
            Also while we lived in South Holland, IL, we had a state championship high school basketball team…we often saw Bobby Knight sitting up in the stands…scouting.
            For some reason I always liked him.

        • Having watched nearly every presidential motorcade since Ronald Reagan pass through our neighborhood adjacent to the hotel where Obama and previous presidents have stayed, I can honestly say Obama and his entourage are a new breed – disrupting traffic and livelihoods for an entire day and part of the evening, excessive use of local police, forty plus vehicle motorcades, street closures miles from where they are actually traveling, freeway closures…etc. It’s obscene! With Reagan, Clinton, and Bush, no one was inconvenience for more than 15 minutes or so. Suich a contrast!

          And speaking of pandemonium…At the very minute that Reagan was shot on that beautiful morning in March, 1981, I happened to be in the news room of the L.A. Times main office delivering a press release to one of the editors. We were sitting at his desk chit-chatting away when red lights and bells when off; Everyone jumped out of their seat and went into emergency mode. Of course, there was no internet, no cell phones or electronic devices – only AP and Reuters and tv screens everywhere.

          When I heard everyone screaming ‘Reagan’s been shot’…I nearly fainted. I knew I had to get out of there before I was trampled upon and get to the parking lot two blocks away, but my legs weren’t working. Everyone was in shock. The ‘unofficial’ word was that he was dead. Rumors afloat.
          By the time I got home, Reagan was still alive and expected to pull through, thankfully.
          What a day! It seems like yesterday.

    • I can understand security, but does the secret service really have the authority to keep people off the beach because the Os are there? Is there some distance the regular folks are to stay away from the royalty?

    • IMHO. Because walll-to-wall coverage of the funeral would have been bad for DiBlasio, Sharpton, Obama, the idiotic, vandal protesters and for some media outlets. Sad to say, the plane coverage serves as a distraction to all the crap happening here.

    • Obama lucked out again! Although this time, his ratings are up – Cuba, stock mkt, and amnesty. We’ll see how long they drag this one out. CNN should have gone out of business after their ridiculous non-stop coverage of the Malaysian flight last year. How long did it go on…six months? Obama must have rewarded them handsomely.

      • The media and the suspect pollsters will keep Obama’s ratings high. The media and the Party will present Bush as a front runner and conservative choice. The media and the party and the COC will present immigration (leaving out the illegal part) as good for America and popular among the people. Obama will say the energy sector is good and there is no need for a pipeline. The Fed will continue to keep the interest rate as low as possible. etc etc

        When the Chief Liar is the President everything flows from that….

        • A CNN poll already has Jeb Bush way ahead of the pack with 23%. There really seems to be an attempt to make him as well as HRC appear inevitable. With the COC pushing for amnesty, maybe they are counting on immigration not being an issue in 2016. It’s hard to keep our spirits up with the collusion of the MSM and the establishment, but we must.

          • Just goes to show if you hang around for a generation, there will be a new crop of mushy-brained voters with no frame of reference.

            It’s different this time around. Most of these newcomers were in diapers when the Clintons left Arkansas for greener pastures, while the Bushes sat it out for 8 years. Most of them were marinated in the petri dish of govt camps/schools; and most of them were anchor babies or progeny of illegal aliens.

            The table is set. This election will be the battle for the hispanic vote. Both Clinton and Bush have been hispandering their brains out. Now that Obama has thrown in 5M more illegals, plus millions of Dreamers, Hill and Jeb will have a fertile field. Ole! Viva Mexico!

          • They want Bush to run so that Hillary will win, therefore, lies, lies and more lies. If she wins it will be because of the low I.Q.’s again and a lot of fraud, Chicago style.

      • Don’t speak too soon. The headline on the Daily Caller says that CNN has non-stop coverage on the new plane disappearance and has canceled its Sunday line-up.

  2. Today, my plan is to watch all five football games being broadcast on my TV – how can I do that, you ask – I’m taping them all and will switch back and forth during commercial breaks.
    I don’t know if that is going to be feasable fun, or a waste of time.
    Anyhoo – that’s how I’m going to roll today.
    Aww, my pathetic AZ Cardinals are now checking out the ‘arms’ of the women on the cheerleader’s squad for a possible back-up, back-up, back-up quarterback.

    We were good. We coulda been a contender. sigh.

  3. “Destination airport, and Guess What’s on the Menu?” is the title to the opening spread of the cover story about how to bomb passenger planes in the slick, professionally designed new issue of Inspire magazine published by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Releasing the digital magazine on Christmas Eve is unlikely a coincidence; it’s the 5th anniversary of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s Christmas Day 2009 bombing attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it was on its landing approach to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. SNIP

  4. I can’t wait until the holidays are over. So freakin tired. Those of us in the service industry … it just doesn’t stop. Yesterday it was a mad house, and basically half the people must have gotten coal in their stocking based on their moods. Honestly, people … just try this: BE NICE. If you’re in a crabby mood … STAY HOME.

    I’ve gotten no extra time off (what’s “Christmas break?”), and been busy. Another week of this, and hopefully I can get some rest.

  5. Jakarta. Vice President Jusuf Kalla has declared Indonesia the most tolerant Muslim-majority country in the world, in a Christmas Day message that came as authorities in Bogor, south of Jakarta, threatened to tear down a church. SNIP

    “In the Muslim-majority world, Indonesia is the most harmonious,” he said as quoted by Republika Online. SNIP

    His remarks on Thursday afternoon came just a few hours after the public order agency, or Satpol PP, aided by a mob, broke up a planned Christmas morning service by the beleaguered GKI Yasmin congregation in Bogor. CHOP

  6. Adding to the long-running saga of IRS dealings with conservatives, former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell says the tax agency punished her mistakenly for the second time in five years by imposing an erroneous levy on her bank accounts. SNIP

    Senate investigators continue to probe why Delaware state authorities accessed Ms. O’Donnell’s IRS tax file on a Saturday morning in spring 2010, right around the time she announced her candidacy and a story was leaked alleging that she owed back taxes to the IRS, which was later proved to be false. SNIP

  7. A spokesman for ISIS has claimed in an interview that it’s only a matter of time before the jihadists expand and conquer Europe. He also defended the terror group’s practices of mass enslavement and beheadings, and said that it plans to carry out “the largest religious cleansing campaign” in history, which will include the killing of hundreds of millions of people. CHOP

  8. New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton defended Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday, saying it was ‘very inappropriate’ for NYPD officers to turn their backs on him at a funeral the day before. SNIP

  9. Alumni from Brandeis University have been voicing their opinions on the university’s response to the controversy over a student representative’s anti-law enforcement tweets expressing “no sympathy” for the two NYPD officers murdered execution-style in Brooklyn Saturday. SNIP

  10. Two emails from the left today: The DSCC wants money to fight Rove and the Koch Brothers along with Mitch McConnell’s “absolutely disgusting” plans for Congress.

    And Joe Biden asks for a favor: Donate $5 (or $50 or $250 or other amount) before the year ends to proclaim ““I’ve still got your back, Barack!”

    Remember when they only begged for money for elections?

  11. Don Lemon has picked up a dubious honor: ranking in a Columbia Journalism Review fellow’s list of the “worst journalism” of 2014.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs. All dogs and most animals! But take the poor water soaked dog out of the equation for the moment.

      We are going to have to toughen up for this Banana Republic — especially the libs. Animals in Banana Republics have a really tough life.

      • My main beef with United is the way it reacted. How hard would it have been to tell a baggage-handler to go outside and get the poor thing!

        • Or how hard would it have been for a decent person to simply move the cage out of the rain. I agree. I think the whole thing is bad. There is no excuse for it.

          My point was that given where we are headed with the leftists and Obama and Banana Republics such niceties will be gone. And I guess I had a flash back of landing in less than developed countries, where dogs were part of the landing strip environment.

  12. “I think you miss one very important point. He has had Al Sharpton to the White House 80, 85 times. Often when he’s talking about police issues he has Al Sharpton sitting next to him. Have a poster boy for hating the police, it’s Al Sharpton. You make Al Sharpton a close adviser, you’re going to turn the police in America against you. You’re going to tell the police in America we don’t understand you. I saw this man help cause riots in New York; I’ve heard his anti-police invective first-hand. To have a man who hasn’t paid $4 million in taxes, have a man who’s spent his career helping to create riots and phony stories about police, to have that man sitting next to you speaks volumes. You know, actions speak louder than words. You put Al Sharpton next to you, you just told everyone you’re against the police.”

    — Rudy Giuliani on Face the Nation
    This was pointed out at AOS. I hauled it over here. I thought it was important that it was said. That it was said on a Sunday Talk Show. And that it was said on an MSM station.

  13. Well, at least the O’s didn’t take over the beach on the Air Force base on Sunday. He’s back to playing golf with his old Choom Gang:

    President golfs with friends in Kaneohe

    On the ninth day of President Barack Obama’s vacation in Hawaii, he went to the Kaneohe Klipper Marine Corps Base Hawaii golf course.

    Obama spent most of his Sunday morning in his Kailua vacation rental and left shortly after noon to go golfing with Mike Ramos, Greg Orme, and Bobby Titcomb.

    On Saturday, the First Family went to Bellows Air Force Station beach with friends and dined at Alan Wong’s in McCully.

      • I agree. Boring……. When I go to the beach. I am up before dawn. I get my beach bag filled with towel, and lotion. Grap a cup of tea, and yes coffee, and head to the beach. Watch the sun rise and the beautiful water. Spend the rest of the day in and out of the water. I have as much fun as I did when I was a kid.