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  1. Dec 24, Spc Wyatt J. Martin was laid to rest in his home town of Mesa, AZ. He was killed on Dec 14 by an IED while serving in Afghanistan.

    Some of the scene as reported by my Granddaughter who was a high-school classmate and friend of the hero:
    As she pulled up to the church where he was laying in rest, she saw the streets were lined with hundreds of members of the Patriot Guard Riders – a motorcycle group- each of them waving an American flag.
    The church was on SRO basis.
    As his remains were delivered to the cemetary – the streets were lined with people, a lot of veterans in unifom, and accompanied by the Riders.
    The Honor Guard gave a 21-gun salute, the parents were offered the flag that draped his coffin.
    She tells me that SpcMartin’s older sister sobbed during the whole funeral, while his parents sat silently, not seeing anything, not talking.
    RIP, young man. We all salute you.

  2. Ofc. Ramos NYPD funeral later today with that idiot VP Biden & commie mayor DeBlasio speaking.

    Odds Biden will say something foolish…?

    • Surely he’ll not speculate on the size of either cop’s testicles as he did to Charles Woods at the ceremony when the coffins from Benghazi were flown into Dover AFB.

    • deBlasio is at the funeral.

      That’s a lot to take in the midst of all this grief. Unfortunate. WOW. AND he will speak. That’s just wrong.

      • ok. This is not the family and friends service. I assume accommodation and agreement has been made with the family . I assume deBlasio was not there as well. I still think it’s wrong.

      • We have heard enough from him. We all know what happen. We do not need to hear him ramble, speak about anymore. If he is to show that is enough.
        For what it is worth the othe policeman, officer Liu’s family are waiting for loved ones to arrive in the U.S. I would like to keep them in mind as well.

    • You want odds?

      I’ll quote you even money, at best.

      Heck, it’s Vice President Gaffe-O-Matic, so I’m no doubt losing money offering anything above odds-on, but what the heck, it’s just that time of year…

  3. (ugh…who is the blonde bimbo on Fox&Friends Weekend who can barely form a coherent question to ask without reading a teleprompter…)

    • LOL! Isn’t that Anna Kooman (sp)? I stopped watching her five minutes after she started on F & F last year, or whenever it was. In fact, I rarely watch anything on FOX anymore. Don’t know who is hiring all of those loud-mouthed bimbos, but it’s a form of torture for me. Special Report is the only show I watch…barely.

      • I watch Cavuto, and Special Report. This holiday it appears everyone has split, including the B team. But I do like watching the grooming of Ed Henry on Special Report.

          • And not all females on Fox are bimbos…at least not in my view. That Dagen is smart, Sunny is smart and funny, Megyn can be giddy but asks good questions and keeps things moving, Mary Catherine is smart, Laura…I could go on. We talked yesterday about some of our less faves…

          • We can agree to disagree. Personally, I don’t care for their style — too much emoting and theatrics. They’re being coached I suspect. someone from SNL. Bad actresses – all.

          • I agree — there is a lot of brain power. May not agree with the way they have agreed to be presented but that is a small thing to me.

            Megan is smart — but on the edge with me.

            My two favorite female on Fox Jennifer Griffin (Griffith) Catherine Herridge. And Kimberly Guilfoyle — has principles and standards and does not waver.

      • I no longer watch much of Fox at all except Special Report. Charles Krauthammer and Bret keep me watching. When Juan Williams is on, not so much.

        The morning F&F, weekday and weekends, are not on my list of shows to watch. I’d rather watch Weather Nation.

  4. De Commie will deliver Ramos’ eulogy?

    What about the funeral of Liu? Does he get short shrift because the Chinese community is not as large as the Hispanic community? Or, has his family decided to be low-key?

  5. Christian Adams, former DOJ, made the point today that DOJ is now filled with anti police, Eric Holder wannabe career bureaucrats. The cultural divide is becoming entrenched.

    Few more years of this crap and the US will be a Euro Socialist style (if we’re lucky — the Latin American dictator model is still up for grabs) country with a distinct 3rd world banana republic populace base.

    • Isn’t anti-police a pre-requisite for all hiring in the Obama administration? As well as anti-White, Christianity, Israel, Constitutional law?

    • I’m not so sure about that.

      Elections have consequences, and if we get a Republican president with enough cojones to nominate a no-nonsense AG, and then fire a sufficient number of Holder’s sphincter-suckers, the message will be received loud and clear.

      The joke around the Beltway is that the hardest job in the civil service is trying to get yourself fired. So if you try to go to the private sector after Uncle Sam tells you to hit the bricks, and for cause no less, well, good luck with THAT.

      I mean, hey, Justice has an awful lot of lawyers who no doubt could easily fall back on Ambulance Chasing 101, but I doubt that they’ll like it much.

      Not that they’ll ever get much sympathy, I’m just sayin’…

      • I hope you are right. But I am in the “if wishes were horses and pigs could fly ” camp about a Republican administration with the will to turn this around. Assuming that can even win in 2016.

      • Obama has opened the door for the next prez to do exactly what he has done for the last six years….act unilaterally and re-write laws without any heed to the Constitution or Congress. Problem is…where are we going to find a Repub with cajones? Of course, the final chapter has not yet been written. I’m still hoping for impeachment – silly me.

      • I’ve seen experts on TV who say it is almost impossible for the next President to fire all the bureaucrats Obama has embedded in the system. I should have said to fire any of them.

  6. I was with Biden all the way UNTIL he started the crap about the man from Kenya who said ‘we’re not a black or white America…we are the United States of America”. He must be tone deaf!!! Either that, or Obama wrote that speech. Shame on Biden!

  7. JetBlue is facing a boycott because the airline flew all those cops to the funeral, and someone threatened to blow up a plane from Seattle to Long Beach, California, last night.

  8. Pleasantly surprised at CNN coverage — talking respectfully about police, prayer, community, sacrifice, family, God. Of course, I am not watching it in totality, but from what I have heard — well done.

    • I agree. I turned it off in the very beginning. One sentence at 9:55 central time. I didn’t not listen to. However I agree most of the coverage was done w

    • Agree 100%, grace. I am a recent convert to CNN – not every program mind you, but overall they surpass FOX by a country mile. Much more intelligent, civilized, in-depth reporting. FOX has turned into a cross between The View and Jerry Springer.

      • I have not watched CNN or Msnbc for a long time. However I may be taking turns once again. I do not know who made the choice of not covering this live was, but it was a bad choice.

          • Star — This is the first time in many years that I have looked in on CNN — they did a very good respectful coverage of the funeral. I was especially impressed with the lack of talking over the times reserved for quiet reflection. I don’t expect this is a new tone, but they got this right.

        • We LOVE the One America Network (OAN) now…for news. (h/t Keith)

          The only network news we refuse to watch is NBC, since their owners (Comcast?) donate to Al Sharpton’s Racist Baiting Network of Tax Cheating (NAN?). And MSNBC gives him a show.

  9. What the heck is wrong with FOX ? At noon, they have retrospective of the service and they open with a quote by Joe Biden? All the wonderful words that were spoken and they open with Biden?

  10. There is a great still photo of the cops turning their backs to De Blasio on the New York Post. On Drudge it says hundreds, on Breitbart, thousands.

  11. Somebody on FOX called out the “American ghetto” and the failed liberal policies creating an uneducated, crime ridden, under class across the country. And the political use of demeaning the law enforcement community. Good for him.

  12. I think De Blasio send a bad signal when he asked the protestors just to desist until after the funerals. He should have used that moment to ask that the protests end period after what had happened. But it showed where his heart truly was: with the revolution!

    • Must read everyone! Thanks AFVet.
      If I were not afraid of getting beat up. I would print that and hand it out in public. These words are forgotten for the most part on the msm.

      • Excellent read, AFVet. He speaks for all of us who have witnessed first-hand the decline and fall of this great country when liberalism and big govt came to town and stole the future of our children and grandchildren.

        It also makes me especially sad to see how these rabid socialist/commies have little or no regard for life after a certain age. That we should all be ‘dead at the age of 75’, or just ‘take a pill’ instead of undergoing medical procedures to enhance and prolong life. Who gives these damn communists the right to play God?
        At least the communists in China treat he elderly with reverence and respect!
        (Rant over)

        • “Who gives these damn communists the right to play God ?”
          We did, and we do allow them to play God, and they will do it as long as we permit them to do so.

          They need to be stopped because if they aren’t, this Country will never be the same as what we grew up in.

  13. Breitbart goes overboard at times. They have a post which says Rudy Guiliani was the only top Republican at the Ramos funeral, but they go on to find fault with other Republicans for not attending and not hyping the law and order issue. Rudy Giuliani had every right to go as a former mayor of NYC, but I for one am happy that the Republicans are not politicizing the funeral as the Democrats show themselves so willing to do. Law and order may become a big issue, but let the Republicans attack the protests and not disrupt a memorial. They showed better character than the Democratic pols.

  14. Not sure how many here are on Facebook, so I just copy and pasted Michael Ramirez’s (yes, the cartoonist!) fabulous rant today about the A.N.S.W.E.R. aholes causing all the riots and protests in our country right now…..and the stupid people who follow them…you can see his newest cartoon at the linky below…..

    It is amazing how easily manipulated some people will allow themselves to be. A.N.S.W.E.R. is a coalition of Marxists, anti-imperialists, race-baiters, pro-illegal immigration, open border, anti-war, anti-Israel, and anti-America nuts. Occupy Wall Street is the same group of anti-establishment, anti-capitalist and sixties wannabes who failed Economics 101.

    They will utilize any controversy to get their fifteen minutes of fame, luring the naïve while they hijack their cause to promote anarchy and to create chaos. Oh, and anyone who willingly collaborates with AL Sharpton, does not have any credibility to begin with.

    These losers will never accomplish anything substantial in their lives, instead eking out a mere existence either on the government dole or living in their parents’ basement.

    The people that go along with these nuts want to be cool and think they are independent but in reality, they are neither. They are an easily manipulated and thoughtless herd of sheep, but then that is the essence of cool, superficiality.

    I would much rather be right than cool.

    For those protestors who continue to raise your hands, it is a symbol of your ignorance or simply, a lack of intelligence. What it symbolizes is your lack of ability to read a Grand Jury document, read a medical examiners’ report or to think for yourself.

    You are judged by the company you keep, or in this case, the company that keeps you.
    The Puppet masters revealed:…/michael-ramirez/732220

    • These losers will never accomplish anything substantial in their lives, instead eking out a mere existence either on the government dole or living in their parents’ basement. SNIP

      I have to disagree with him about that. When I was in the Party, and years before when SDS and the like were running in the streets, many were trust-fund kids.

      • And there are no doubt trust fund kids here too. Some are attracted to the light. But they are simply additions to the groupies. They will not live a life of value or substance. Basement or penthouse.

        • “But they are simply additions to the groupies.”

          Surely you’re not forgetting Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Hayden’s family was working-class, but they weren’t on the dole.

          I don’t know who is behind all this current radicalism. Is the funding source Soros? Are the former SDS members involved? Former WU? Are African-Americans once again being used as tools by the forces of “progress”?

          • No, I am not forgetting BA, BD and those before them. Sloppy on my part.

            I think, if one were so inclined and I am not, that there are bountiful sources that would allow an accurate tracking of the development of the American Left up to this present day. And it would involve looking into every nook and cranny of American life and institutions. And the influence of international developments as well.

            On a certain level, an intellectual one only for me, if you look at the American left and where we are today it is somewhat objectively interesting because it is so much a long term developed revolution from within.

            The masking of it goals, with language and the horrible use of the hopes of the “underclass, is revolting. But effective. Listening to especially the progressive Democrats such as they are today is interesting. And amusing — like when Hillary Clinton tries to spout it. Now that, that is awkward and funny because it does not work. Fauxcohauntus , on the other hand, has a way with it.

        • I went from being a Commie in the 1980s to being a Republican once I got over my bad-ass self. For years, I had read and studied the “greats” of dialectical materialism. I had marched against Apartheid (which I would do again despite knowing the aftermath of the ANC’s rise to political power).

          I had thought that humans could change human nature. But, I finally concluded that it just wasn’t possible.

          When it came time to jump ship, I studied both parties. I quickly saw that the Democrats were being—no, had been—subverted by the Left. Bill Clinton might’ve come across as some kind of magic-man who could straddle the Left and the Right, but I knew what he (and, his wife) were: hard-core Leftists. I had seen down the road where they and their kind would take this nation.

          So, I joined the GOP and the NRA.

  15. Protest too much at this school board meeting, and you’ll find yourself in cuffs. Read the passage from the book he was protesting. Would you want your 14-year-old child to be required to read? Would you want this book even in the school’s library?

  16. Will the investigation into Brinsley continue after the two heroes are buried? Or will it be dropped? After all, he is dead too. I have read nothing further about his participation in the Black Family Guerilla. Someone is sure to say “Let’s move on.”

    • I will be surprised if there is an “investigation” of any merit at all. To expose him and the composition of influences of the protesters is a step too far. Sharpton, Obama and Holder and deBlasio are up to their necks in this. They start something and walk away — and this is what happens.

  17. Regarding North Korea’s “racial slur” toward Barry, I noticed this evening all three of my local network stations refused to use the word “monkey” in their reporting, opting instead to be deliberately vague about the slur in question.

  18. Obummer news – Saturday, 12/27:

    Well, now that the O’s have discovered the beach at the Air Force base, they’ve taken it over for the third day in a row:

    Obamas hit the beach for third day in a row

    President Barack Obama and his family are spending the eighth day of his holiday vacation in the isles at the beach on Saturday.

    The First Family stayed at their Kailua vacation rental until late morning and headed to Bellows Air Force Station beach around 10:40 a.m. with family and friends.

    This is the family’s third consecutive beach day at Bellows during their vacation.

    Some comments the article:

    eyoshida wrote:
    I don’t understand. They’re staying in a house on the beach, but they have to go to Bellows to go to the beach? Huh?
    on December 27,2014 | 01:21PM

    aomohoa wrote:
    Probably easier for Security reasons.
    on December 27,2014 | 01:30PM

    Ronin006 wrote:
    Best beach on Oahu, kept that way by the US military.
    on December 27,2014 | 04:16PM

    Boots wrote:
    Bellows is a nicer beach than that end of Kailua bay.
    on December 27,2014 | 04:38PM

    • Well if the beach they are staying at is nice enough to block off access to the locals , and it is gorgeous, why in the world must he go disrupt the whole community to drive his entourage everywhere?????
      ugggggg what an annoying TOURIST!


    AirAsia plane with 161 aboard missing in Indonesia

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — An AirAsia plane with 161 people aboard lost contact with ground control on Sunday after takeoff from Indonesia on the way to Singapore, and search and rescue operations were underway.

    The plane lost communication with Jakarta’s air traffic control at 7:24 a.m., about an hour before it was scheduled to land in Singapore, the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement. The contact was lost about 42 minutes after takeoff from Indonesia’s Surabaya airport, Hadi Mustofa, an official of the transportation ministry told Indonesia’s MetroTV.

    AirAsia said in a statement that the plane was an Airbus A320-200 and that search and rescue operations were in progress

    • More info here:

      Indonesian Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa said the plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact.

      It has been reported there are 138 adults, 16 children, one baby and seven crew on board the flight, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

      The nationalities of the passengers included one Briton, a Singaporean, one Malaysian, three Koreans and 149 Indonesians.

      At Singapore airport relatives and friends waiting to greet the passengers grew increasingly anxious when they were told that the flight was delayed.

      Announcements on the arrivals board and a statement on the airline’s website also relayed the information about the flight being delayed.

      The scenes were reminiscent of those in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur airports as families and friends became aware that something was seriously wrong when the two doomed Malaysia Airlines jets failed to arrive on schedule.

      MH370 disappeared in March while on its way from Malaysia to China when it lost contact. The aircraft has not been seen since.