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  1. Happy Boxing Day, all. I understand it’s not celebrated in the States. It’s a British thing, so the Commonwealth countries have kept it.

  2. Just let me get my hands on those little bastards at Lizard Squad–they’d never launch another DOS attack on anyone ’cause I would shove their Cheetos so far up their butts that they’d have orange snot dripping out of their effing noses.

  3. Obummer news – Wednesday, 12/24:

    Again, note how early he left the house to go work out. He’s rarely in the Oval Office earlier than 10 am, but on vacation he manages to leave the beachfront mansion at 7:50 am! Also, even on Christmas Eve, he spent most of the day away from the family between working out and golf:

    Obama golfs with Malaysian leader

    President Barack Obama returned to the golf course on Christmas Eve after a morning workout.

    His foursome Wednesday included Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, along with White House staffers Joe Paulsen and Mike Brush.

    The president has golfed with Asia-Pacific leaders before in Hawaii. During the last days of his vacation in January, Obama teed off with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who owns a home in Hawaii

    Obama met earlier this year with Najib, who is also on vacation, during a trip to Malaysia.

    Obama plays golf nearly every day of his vacation, but rarely expands his playing partners outside of a small circle of longtime friends and advisors.

    The president’s motorcade left his Kailua home at 11:32 a.m. for the Kaneohe Klipper course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii as skies began to clear.

    A light rain was falling earlier in the morning, at 7:50 a.m, when the president went for a workout at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii gym. The president and his entourage returned to the home at about 9:30 a.m.

    Obama also exercised at the gym on Monday and Tuesday and has played golf every day on his vacation, except for Monday when rainy weather prompted a bowling excursion on base.

    On Tuesday, after a round of golf, Obama went for a hike with daughter Malia and friends. They climbed Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail, which offers sweeping views of the windward coast and offshore islands.

    As Obama returned to his vacation home in the late afternoon, a spokesman said the president was made aware that former President George H.W. Bush was admitted to a Houston hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. “President Obama and the first lady send their good wishes to the former president and the entire Bush family during this holiday season,” spokesman Eric Schultz said.

  4. Here’s the game they’re playing, “folks”. Headline on the Washington Examiner–“Shock poll: Jeb is choice of conservatives, Romney is establishment pick”. Nice way of eliminating all the real conservative possibilities out there. Before I forget, Zogby is the one who did the poll. Sort of clashes with the unofficial poll here on WHD.

  5. Obummer news – Thursday, 12/25:

    Yawn, same old stuff every year. Except I think the Christmas Day beach excursion was a new thing for them. How very thoughtful and considerate of the O’s to have a beach at the Air Force base closed down for them and their friends. Also, if anyone believes that the O’s sing Christmas carols together on Christmas morning, I have a bridge up for sale.

    There’s a video at the link for those who can stomach it:

    Obama greets holiday diners at Marine Corps base

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama greeted military service members and their families at a holiday dinner held Thursday afternoon at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

    “Hello everybody, Merry Christmas. It’s so nice to see you all,” said Obama, dressed in dark khaki pants and a plaid long-sleeve shirt with rolled up sleeves, shortly after 4:30 p.m. “Everybody here has done such extraordinary service on behalf of the country. Every Christmas we have the opportunity to come by and say thank you not only to you, but also to family members who are here because you guys serve right alongside those in uniform.”

    The visit marked the Obamas’ seventh consecutive Christmas Day greeting at the base in Kaneohe.

    Standing with the first lady, who wearing a patterned dress with black flowers and a peach-colored flower pattern on top, Obama reassured the crowd of about 420 people assembled in the mess hall that America is a safer place because of their service.

    “This is an important year. We’ve been in a continuous war now for almost 13 years,” he said. “Next week we will be ending our combat mission in Afghanistan.”

    In response, someone in the crowd then shouted “hurrah” and people clapped.

    “Because of the extraordinary service of men and woman in the American armed forces, Afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. We are safer. It’s not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. We still have some very difficult missions around the world, including in Iraq. We still have folks in Afghanistan helping Afghan security forces. We have people who are helping deal with Ebola in West Africa and obviously we’ve got folks stationed all around the world, but the world is better. It’s more peaceful, it’s more prosperous and our homeland is protected because of you and because of the sacrifices you make each and every day.”

    According to press pool reports, before Christmas Eve dinner with family and friends, Obama made phone calls to U.S. service members from each branch of the military to express his gratitude for their service.

    On Christmas morning, the first family opened gifts and sang carols at their vacation rental home in Kailua before spending part of the afternoon at the beach.

    Obama, his wife and daughters Malia and Sasha pulled up midday in their motorcade to Bellows Air Force Station in Oahu, where they were joined family and friends at a beach on the air base near Kailua Bay.

    Christmas Day marked the first family’s sixth vacation day on Oahu. The Obamas are expected to stay at the luxury rental home for about two weeks.

  6. Police in Sweden said a mosque fire that injured five people was allegedly started by someone who threw an object through a window. SNIP

    How much do you want to bet that this was self-inflicted and will be used as another excuse to riot?

  7. A key militant commander Saddam, who was responsible for facilitating the Peshawar school massacre, was killed by security forces in Khyber Agency’s Jamrud area on Thursday night. SNIP

  8. Since we are talking about the common core, see this.

    Watch the slide show until the common core slide shows up.
    Evidently, some parents in N.Carolina are outraged that the English class in the common core curriculum uses Muslim references and no Christian/Judeo or Hindu, etc.
    It is obviously biased in favor of the Islamic religion.

    Even the students are questioning this.
    FoxNews was involved in questioning the school board to no avail.

    • Pitt county is just north of where I live. It isn’t surprising that parents and students would be questioning the Common Core assignment. This is the state of many conservative Christians, particularly outside the larger cities, and this occurred in Farmville, which is a rural area outside of Greenville.

      The North Carolina legislature controls education in the state. Its members, obviously, are not educators. But any time the federal government throws money to the state, they will buy in, as they have done with Common Core.

      Education in this state is so state controlled. No local district can make any decision without state approval from the Department of Public Instruction, which gets its marching orders from the legislature.

  9. I heard an add about the illegals that will get amnesty — how American employers can hire them and not be affected by Obamacare. So, millions more competing for American jobs.

    And this gives me pause when I look at all the economic numbers coming in — indicating a recovery. The Administration will point to that as indicators that there is room for new workers — without of course addressing the fact that all new hires (I could have this wrong) gains in new jobs were non Americans but foreign born workers.

    Everything is being primed to integrate the amnestied and it will be in place and humming before the Republicans even unpack. Fait accompli.

    • I am sure someone will pounce on me for this, but if “legal” Americans had paid attention in school and organized their lives, they could ace out the newly papered for any job! Shoulda, woulda, coulda…but people do not learn!

      • ….And I say this as one who more or less grabbed whatever interested me that came along–I did not have a life plan, though those of course, can go offtrack…I think it cost me in lifetime income–although interesting and challenging things did come along and I mastered them on the fly. I think that is becoming harder now…

      • I think white working class people were encouraged to buy into the entitlement program or eased into it when unemployment checks ran out. Now they are with some merit being accused of not wanting to work. Some have become used to handouts and are happy to be on the dole. I’m just saying they were encouraged to accept handouts by the government so there’s blame to go around.

      • I am not sure the newly papered are taking jobs from Americans because the Americans cannot do it — I think it’s like any government program that favors a minority or in this case an illegal — anybody but the white guy, anybody but the girl, anybody but the American. Affirmative Action might, and I stress the might, have been a good idea in the beginning but it has been abused and now exists as nothing more than an entitlement for many who are lazy, unequipped, and ill prepared. Now that it has morphed into demand for diversity — it’s worse.

      • Okay, extremely simple thought experiment–so simple that even YOU couldn’t screw it up, Star.

        You’ve a hiring manager, looking to fill one position, and you’ve narrowed down your search to two candidates with nearly equal qualifications.

        Candidate A is a recent immigrant, who’s living in a seedy-but-inexpensive part of town, who can blend into said seedy neighborhood and get by without having to worry about his personal safety. His salary requirements are therefore very, very low.

        Candidate B is Caucasian, and a born American citizen, who does not feel safe living on the crappy side of town. He’s seen the news lately, and he knows that if he’s not living in a middle-class neighborhood, he’s going to be dodging bullets. He therefore has more expenses when it comes to his housing, and he’s got a much, MUCH higher salary requirement to go along with it.

        Management has told you that there’s not a lot of wiggle room for labor costs, and the company has to keep labor costs down. So, who would YOU hire in that situation?

        Like I said…pretty simple decision, right?

        • Thanks for your confidence in my ability not to screw up–I see you speak Snide and English both–but this is not a real choice…People in seedy parts of town do have to worry about their safety–blacks killing blacks, Mexicans killing Mexicans, remember that? And if a person is papered, they get equal pay–there is nothing to hold over their head (which is creepy but happens). So the business owner may have lower overhead but he is trading that for fewer customers coming to his nabes and still having to pay the wage. It’s a dopey question…how did I do?

          • About how I expected.

            Real-world example, from here in Washington.

            Let me preface this by saying that DC is car-hostile: the Beltway is always a nightmare, the street layout is counter-intuitive, and God help you–and I mean that literally–if you make a mistake in where or when you park.

            As a result, most Washingtonians take mass transit to work, and we’ve got quite a lot of options in this town: Metrorail, Metrobus (which covers most of the main areas of DC), and a whole slew of local county routes for out in the local hinterlands.

            Here’s the kicker: if you want to live close enough to the subway to walk to it, your options really ARE “pay through the nose, or dodge bullets.” Try to find an apartment that’s a mile or less from a DC Metro stop, which is not in a sketchy neighborhood, and which is offering a one-bedroom apartment for under $1,200 a month.

            It can’t be done.

          • I think the one I lived in at Conn & Macomb, one block from the subway, is still at that price pt…not a fancy building, but the worst one in a great neighbohood of Cleveland Park…Yes, it’s anecdotal. I could not afford to return to DC anymore, so that part is well taken.

    • Aren’t corporations being paid $3,000 per head to hire them? I also see that the unions are going after them for membership. Welcome to the union and the Democratic Party. I can’t believe how stupid and short-sighted the Republicans have been.

    • Grace,….”a lot of the new hires” are people getting yet another part time job just to make ends meet and survive.
      The true unemployment rate is probably around 17%.
      Also, factor in the seasonal bump due to the holidays.

      • I totally agree–17% or higher! This is not a warm-fuzzy recovery as the new wave of propaganda would have it! Out here in the Great Hated State of AZ, everything is still catch as catch can…empty stores, people going door to door offering to cut palms or chop weeds…etc.

          • I do like watching Shark Tank–people are still coming up with brainstorms and believng passionately in an idea–even getting second mortgages to finance their passions–but we need more than Mark Cuban and Mr Wonderful to finance new starts–we need a better environment…

          • Talk to some small business owners about the regulations they have to put up with.
            I have, and they tell me that it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a business due to regulations.
            Many of these people have not gotten a paycheck for some years now, what we would call a profit.
            Many are in debt just to keep the doors open.

          • The Sharks often ask–is that figure before or after you paid yourself and the entrepreneurs say we have never paid ourselves… The Sharks are not crazy about that ans.

      • I agree that it is much higher. And this amnesty and our policy toward illegals and their extended families (not the ones who have been here for centuries Star or are integrated over the years) will make it worse. The way we account for employment numbers is bizarre. But then it works for Obamobots on Twitter and the talking heads on tv.

        • No argument–more people chasing fewer jobs… But one tiny avenue of improvement would be loosening the strings on loaning money–esp at the low rates, artificial or no. One guy on Shark Tank had an idea to rent living Christmas trees–deliver them to the homeowner, pick them up, put them in the ground, bring back the same one next year, though it would be bigger and thus cost more…He said he hired vets–One Sharks went for it on that basis. Job creator. I could see a lot of holes in that biz plan, but they thought they could help this dude.

          • “Loosening the strings on loaning money”.
            I know a lady that runs a small convenience store and is trying to sell it.
            The banks want 20% down, and many people cannot come up with that.
            She has posted it with a realtor.
            She is tired of the effort it takes to keep it open.

          • Just as an aside, this is what is so crazy heartening about Americans–this guy spends every waking hour thinking about planting and then digging up and then planting Christmas trees…I don’t know–it’s touching somehow. It comes from the soul. I have no idea how this would make money but as the Sharks sometimes offhandedly say–“A hundred thousand is nothing.”

  10. Is it me, or is ‘Harris “doll-eyes” Faulkner’ (sp) not that good/bright at reading a teleprompter or talking about news…?
    (trust me, I know there are a half-dozen more Fox News bimbos who are dumber…)

  11. A New York man has been arrested and charged after he was overheard talking on his cell phone about wanting to murder two white NYPD officers. SNIP

    At Payamps’s house, officers found a Jimenez Arms 9mm pistol and a Mossberg Maverick 12-gauge shotgun with defaced serial numbers, as well as two bulletproof vests and brass knuckles. SNIP

  12. The head of the VA health care in Phoenix is out.

    Instead, as the basis for upholding her removal, the judge named other charges against her by the VA, which said she accepted “inappropriate gifts,” such as a trip to Disneyland “in excess of $11,000 for what appears to be six of her family members for an 8-night stay,” and $729.50 for five tickets last year and parking to a Beyonce concert on Aug. 24, 2013. SNIP

  13. “Black people support diBlasio. White people do not.”

    Every day Juan Williams moves closer and closer to seeing everthing through the “racist” prism. Every thing lately with him is black and white. It is sad to see.

    And now he is moving onto the grand jurys — if the bad guys can’t be blacks then they can be the grand jurys. A step away from the foundation of our laws — they should be clearly black and white now. And I do mean — laws for black people and laws for white people. Black criminals should not be prosecuted, blamed or jailed.

  14. When considering how we are using free speech and the first amendment as an excuse for rioting and protesting against the police, and how conservative dissent or opinion is mocked or dismissed, I find it beyond laughable that the liberals, and other Americans, are touting free speech regarding the Sony movie and Nork. And something about that is fishy anyway.

    Couple that with the media pushing to rehabilitate Obama’s reputation despite his unilateral actions amnesty, and Cuba and other issues. Stir in this garbage about how Obama’s policies are responsible for the market (fed manipulation) and gas prices (energy development — something he is opposed to) and a limp economic revival and once again the media fails at its job and this failure of a President will be repackaged and the left can save the country.

    It is so much BS.

  15. Obummer news – Friday, 12/26:

    It looks like the O’s found a new beach to declare their own. In my precious post above I noted that an article mentioned the O’s had a beach on the Air Force base shut down so they and their friends could enjoy it yesterday, Christmas Day. Well, they went to that beach again today. That was after giving their Kwanzaa message:

    Obama sends best wishes on Kwanzaa, visits Bellows beach

    President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are sending their prayers and best wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa.

    The Obamas say in a statement that the Kwanzaa celebration highlights the rich heritage of African Americans. They say families come together on Kwanzaa to reflect on the past year’s blessing and look forward to the promises that lie ahead next year. The Obamas are vacationing in Hawaii.

    They’re calling attention to Kwanzaa’s seven principles, which include creativity, self-determination, purpose and unity, responsibility, cooperative economics and faith.

    The Obama say they remain committed to building a nation that provides opportunity for everyone. They say there’s much to be thankful for as families light the Kinara, a candle holder used to celebrate Kwanzaa.

    The seven-day African-American holiday starts Friday.

    President Obama worked out at the Kaneohe Base Marine Corps Hawaii gym Friday morning around for about an hour.

    Around 10:37 a.m., the President joined the First Family at the Bellows Air Force Station beach, according to the White House.

    • I’m in here too — where are you? Where are the cookies? I am usually prepared — this time I am not! Gots nuthin’ Give me a shout out.

        • Found them! Thanks so much.

          It’s the holidays. I am lounging and munching. Most delightful. Coconut Pecan most lovely.

          So much better than my other life — where I recently had a disappointment. All ready to enjoy a little Sicilian Pistachio Talenti Gelato. But denied! I had grabbed Mediterranean Mint. Oh, I ate it, but geez……

          HA. If only life’s troubles were so small. Anyway, the Coconut Pecan — winner!

  16. There was a piece about an anti deBlasio banner across the harbor. Here — as it presents — is one of the comments.

    You mean like the NYPD submitting to their Commisiner and Mayory?? The NYPD is irrational and the problem person is LYNCH!!!

    Lynch, along with Holder, will be investigating the Garner “chokehold” — and deBlasio is pro Lynch as well.

      • I have two comments in moderation. One was from earlier today when I posted an article about Obummer playing golf with the Malaysian Prime Minister on Wednesday, Christmas Eve day.

        My other comment was from this evening, an article about Obummer and Mooch delivering a Kwanzaa message today. Then they went back to the Air Force base to the beach that they had closed down for them and their pals on Christmas Day. Now they’re misappropriating the facilities at two bases, the Marines and the Air Force. So very rude. And people complained about GWB staying at his own damn ranch in Crawford