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Open Thread || Wednesday, December 24, 2014



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  1. Good morning Everyone. Thanks Keith.
    I mentioned in the previous thread that President G.H. Bush rushed to hospital. Shortness of breath. Being held in precaution. God Bless.

  2. Federal Judge throws out Sheriff Arpaio lawsuit agains o immigration plan. He threw it out late Tuesday night reject the sheriff’s lawsuit seeking to halt o’s plan to spare nearly 5 million people for deportation.
    Judge said not the role of court’s to engage in policymaking that is better left to the political branches.

    • Our good sheriff is the most honest politician in the whole of the USA – he has so many enemies they would know if he took a paperclip home or winked at the girl working the drive-thru at McDonald’s. .
      He’s trying, he tried mightedly, to keep the peace while enforcing laws that he didn’t make and got smeared for it.

      • I do understand that and respect is will to try. There are so… many other people in position that are turning backs. They are either to afraid, or may have their hand in the kettle one way or another.

          • Obama and Clinton judicial appointees are insidious. There are equally devious left-thinking lawyers. And never forget the ACLU, they recognize everyone’s views/rights except, ours.

          • That about sums it up.
            Years ago when I learned about property taxes from my parents I asked, why do you have to pay rent to the government when you own the land?
            All these years later I still find it stupid.

          • I hate to disagree with SrDem, but I consider Arpaio to be a media hogging, corrupt person. He is continually accused of wrong -doing–chokeholds, his corrupt second in command now gone but not forgotten and prob still a power in the dept, his grandstanding. I am embarrassed when people back east ask me about him–just a character, I try to say…

          • I agree with Srdem — Arpaio(sp?) has his hands full with the criminals who come here which is not fair to Arpaio and he has to do what he has to do to keep the criminals, so many of them, in line. Of course, a lot of people wouldn’t understand that because they don’t know what its like to deal with so many criminals and also, its not politically correct these days, you know, the thinking is that all criminals should be patted on the head and given free lunches, lcourtesy of the hard working taxpayers. Thats whats happening today and that will be the end of America as we knew it. God helps those who help themselves.

          • No one is talking about coddling criminals, Liz. I am talking about how Arpaio delights in chasing Mexicans around, hassling them, disrupting restaurants and then complaining that ICE releases them, as they always do and as he knows they will. Also, he has passed on investigating hundreds of rapes, treats dogs better than humans, has financial irregularities and in some cases misappropriation of funds, provides horrible or no medical care in the jails, and elbows his way in front of every camera for his “lawsuits” against everyone. He does not have the respect of neighboring police, either. Say those in Chandler AZ, where I live.

          • Star, I’ve heard the same from a Phoenix friend of mine. Since he became ‘popular’ his ego out grew his head.
            Butt, I’d take his go getter attitude over Sheriff Dupnick “Giffords was shot by a right wing crazy” any day. This guy won’t enforce any laws that may upset the illegal population.

          • I read that he has been an aide to that awful Pat Leahy from Vermont….The one who carried the “sperm” to the person receiving it from Cuba.
            A US Senator?

  3. While the commies, the race-baiters and their minions were protesting the deaths of two known criminals, Mother Nature sent a tornado into a peaceful city that killed four “unarmed” peaceful citizens, and destroyed many buildings and homes.
    Pehaps we should put together a protest against the evil, racist and unjust Mother Nature.

  4. Ha! George Clooney flap — he circulated a letter about freedom of speech and how Sony should not fold. Execs say they never got it. Clooney has hissy fit.

    Rumored to wanting a political career, equipped with an Arab American new wife, this is a fail for him. Too bad. /snark

  5. Holder now consulting with anti police protester — who is bragging about it. Should be prosecuted not consulted. But, hey, Holder …. part of the Obama destruction of America team!

  6. Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

    While you were sleeping, another black teenager is shot dead by police officer near Ferguson. Evidently pointed gun at cop…and…well, he is now dead. Suicide by cop? Or double-dare? Haven’t heard the gender of the cop yet.

        • I don’t know if that is true or not — but what first responder would want to go out in the streets of Ferguson? Sorry to say but the the thugs are bringing this on themselves. If it’s a war they want then they have to be prepared to accept the consequences. But then consequences and responsibility live not in this aggrieved group.

          • It’x true – there’s a grainy video of the kid pointing a gun at the cop. It’s two miles from Ferguson – Berkeley, MO. Nevertheless, the police are doing what they are supposed to do. Have zero sympathy for this kid! Stupid. stupid, stupid!

          • Speaking of stupid. I just read an article on
            A german journalist embedded with ISiS in Iraq & Syria for 10 days. He said he met more than 12 dozen Americans among the terrorist ranks. One from Jersey.
            Some were very successful people.
            What are these young people getting out of this, besides brainwashed?

          • ISIS is a rock-star type of cult to these dumb kids. Rolex watches, oil gushers, and plenty of moola to go around.
            I saw that inteview, too. The journalist said ISIS is a ‘nuclear tsunami’ with 500 kids per day rushing in to join. Don’t know if this is all propaganda or not, but it’s impressive (in a bad way).

          • There’s more to it than the money – it’s every losers dream come true – their violent video games come to life with real guns and real dead people. Sex with any girl just by knocking her down and doing it without any backlash.
            Power and more power.
            It’s the ultimate dream of these losers.

  7. I am sorry to have to say this during the Christmas and Hanukkah season.

    Barack Obama is a despicable race hustler. He should make a statement to the nation for law and order, supporting the NYPD and law enforcement everywhere. He refuses. He is pleased with this disorder and mayhem. He stands with the cop killers.

    • And his approval rating is now 48% up from 42% in Nov. Highest since Spring 2013. Go figure. Stock market, Cuba and amnesty. Just goes to prove – lawlessness and zero interest rates for six years works!

      • I’m feeling rather Grinchy this morning so I’ll wish everyone a Happy Hanukhah and Merry Christmas right now if I don’t return. It seems as if all the year’s end news is contrived to make it appear that everything is going hunky-dorey for Obama (the polls, the economy, approval for Cuba, the Sony story etc.) and to off-set any negativity on the protest front or results of the 2014 midterm. Is the public this fickle? Can they be manipulated so easily?

        • Yes and yes. Also, someone mentioned that with gas prices so low people are happy about that and feeling good. Obummer is the beneficiary of that somehow.

          Meanwhile, third quarter GDP was revised up to 5%, best growth since 2003! I’m calling total bullcrap on that. They’re manipulating the data for sure.

          Also, unemployment claims came in today as down for the fourth straight week. Again, it’s all bull. If GDP is so high, why aren’t companies growing and hiring employees? Why are 90 million people out if the workforce? Why do we have almost 50 million people on food stamps?

          Sorry to be bah humbagging all over the place, but I live in the work world and it’s hard to forgot how much it sucks these days.

    • Obama doesn’t want law and order, he wants chaos. Though I do find comfort knowing he needs the shyster Sharpton and his band of fugly thug street people heavily financed and fueled by socialist interests, and that’s going to burn out the more we know about them.

      Unfortunately it appears out of control now because DeBlasio is a nitwit who’s lost respect of his police AND the protesters.

      • MIA — Obama, Holder, and Sharpton. Sh*t stirrers. Their job is done — sitting back, eating popcorn, watching what they have wrought. As for the 40%+ who approve — wait until they have to feed, clothe and house themselves.

    • What’s the difference between Jeremiah Wright and all the other race hustlers, including; Obama, Jackson, Holder, Sharpton et al.?

      Answer: Nothing. Elections have consequences. If anyone had been paying attention (present company excluded, of course) the writing was on the wall. Unfortunately, the writing wasn’t in the newspapers. They buried Wright as quickly as Obama threw him under a political bus, sans tread marks. If the msm wanted to know Obama’s agenda and mindset all anyone had to do was listen to Wright’s sermons.. nothing but racist and anti-America.

    • The protesters use Free Speech as an excuse for their anti-cop and rioting rhetoric (kill cops, burn it down), would it still be free speech if they yelled kill Obama? Sharpton? Holder? DeBlasio?


      • Just for giggles, I would love to see Obama’s newly anointed civil right leader take a stab at reading MLK, Jr’s “I have a Dream’ speech, lol. Heck, I bet he can’t even write his own name when he signs the visitor log at the WH. Probably marks it with an ‘X’, as in Malcomn ‘X’.
        Such a role model for the Black community!

        • I’m convinced more than ever we have a media problem in this country. Whenever Sharpton evokes MLK in his speeches, I want to puke. It should make the media want to puke too.

          If they knew their history, that is.

          • The media is complicit in creating and then promoting the conditions that allowed for the murder of the NYPD officers and the other police and law enforcement officers who will be killed by the Obama/Holder/Sharpton/D racist mob.

            OHSD — Surely someone can do something with this… :)

  8. Before the day gets ahead of me, I wanted to wish all who observe Christmas, a happy, safe and ….

    May your days be merry and bright,
    And may all your Christmases be white.

  9. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Holidays to Keith & WHD readers. Enjoy your family, (even that crazy Aunt Lu who enjoys picking up kids while pinching their cheeks!)

  10. French soldiers have been deployed to the streets.

    The move stands in contrast to the official line of the French government that the attacks, in which the assailants were reported in all cases to have shouted the Arabic salutation “Allahu Akbar” as they commenced their rampages, had nothing to do with terrorism, and were completely unrelated. CHOP

  11. This is my Christmas gift to you all–my two favorite carols. The first is “Mary, did you know?” sung by the amazing Mary Bilge, and the second is a French Canadian carol, “Ils est ne, the Divin Enfant”, we sang as kids living in a “Petite Canada” in Nashua, NH.

    Blessings to you all and Happy Chanukkah to Keith and all our Jewish brothers and sisters..

  12. I read that Obama is sending Biden to the NYP officers’ funerals. Actually I am glad he isn’t attending! They probably don’t want him there anyway.

  13. Happy Chanukkah to Keith and all the loyal WHD followers!

    Our cats have only toppled the Christmas tree once so far and we consider that a reason to celebrate with Wente Reisling :)

  14. Busy day for many of us. Happy Hanukkah Merry Christmas and Blessings to Keith and all of you.

    We are fortunate to have a good place to gather and share.

    God keep and bless the United States of America and those who love and defend and fight for her.

  15. I went to Midnight Mass yesterday , to a Mass in our 800 year old church here, build in those days when this country was Catholic which it remained until old Luther came along. It was wonderful to sit and think that we now share this experience with so many, many others all across the world tonight. This morning I read the Popes homily from yesterdays Midnight Mass in Rome and it was so beautiful. He said that we need more tenderness in our world. We certainly do. Merry Christmas !

  16. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

    For a very special treat, tune in to PBS/KCET during Christmas Day to see a one hour special of the phenomenal community ensemble of handbell players – The Raleigh Ringers. Absolutely delightful. Set your DVR.

    Check PBS airing times here: