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  1. Good morning all. Thanks again Keith for the open Thread.
    I just made my morning coffee. I had to hold the button for it to work.
    So even though I thought I was finished with shopping, I will stand in a long line for a new coffee pot!!!!!

        • My best friend in South Arkansas has done that for as long as I can remember.
          I did the turkey, cornbread dressing thing for Thanksgiving. We are having a standing rib roast (which we can’t afford but heck, it’s Christmas and just us this year).
          Our kids are with their other parents this year. My sons in Chicago with their dad and my husband’s daughters in Florida with their mom.
          My New York City son and his wife may have travel complications tomorrow. The Seattle group traveled today.

  2. I have my mug of Earl Grey, warm. (Anyone get that reference?) I usually drink Irish or English Breakfast, but I wanted a change.

    I’m taking my son to do the rest of his shopping today. There’s one store in the mall, but the rest are boutiques. But, the traffic in the city! I’ve told him we’ll do it early in order to beat as much of it as possible. I’ll be rolling his butt outta’ bed in a couple hours.

    • (Capt. Picard, Star Trek: Next Generation… Im a big fan of Star Trek, I have application in for Star Fleet Academy 200 years early :-)

      • Speaking of television shows. I was flicking the channels last night. I learned that the Frisbie (Flying disc) name, came from the Frisbie Pie Pan.

        • I was and am still in love with the late Richard Burton and I just read that he was a socialist too! I can’t stand socialism and communism but I have to admit I still love to hear Richard Burton’s voice and watch him in movies like, one is “Where Eagles Dare” with him and also with Elizabeth Taylor and him in “Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf”, love those 2 movies and others. When I read he was a socialist, I was shocked. His bio was a bit shocking too, his mom died when he was 2 (Richard Burton) and his father was a drinker and gambler who was never around and he was sort of adopted by another man who Richard Burton loved and this man helped him become an actor. Also, Burton didn’t have much luck with movies, he wasn’t in too many good ones they said one more thing, Burton said he tried homosexuality?? He wasn’t ashamed to admit things. Okay, thanks for listening about Richard Burton socialist? Wonders never cease, have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. Did the assassin of the two policemen watch last week’s episode of “Elementary” as shown on CBS?
    While watching shows I had taped, but not yet viewed, the Elementary epidsode raised the suspicion that the assassin was inspired to act by the story line:
    A policeman was ambushed, shot and killed by a lone shooter, while sitting in his patrol car parked in front of a deli/market in NYC.
    The actual event of the NYC policemen’s deaths and this episode is almost too alike to be a coincidence.

  4. Did anyone catch DeBlasio’s presser where he blamed the media for his problems? He accused them of only covering the bad protesters (Dead Cops!) and not the good peaceful protesters. Hahahahahaha ! Like these? :

    This is the attitude created by the ObamaHolderSharptonDeBlasio machine, remember they were told to “stay the course” when BO met with them.

  5. It seems that the coward in the NYPD shootings had been using an app that tracked police movements via social media.

    Though that particular app wasn’t “real time” it’s only a matter of time before more become available that are. Combine that with the environment of hate against law enforcement and the rule of law being fomented by Sharpton and Holder and pretty much “wink, winked” at by Obama and you’ve got a pot full of anger and violence just a couple inches from boiling over.

  6. Bill O’Reilly on Fox now, stating that the mayor should step down.
    1. Al is one reason
    2. Told son to be careful because of dangers, and proud. You tell your son, you obey police than come to me.
    3. Did not condemn when they said D cops.
    4. Called it an alleged beating when that cop was beat up.
    Incompetent, has proven that, but now it is a public safety issue.
    5. Police should be pro-active, not re-active.

    • Comrade Big Bird not resigning. This will die down — we law and order types don’t have much staying power and no leaders. NYers squawk a lot but will do nothing. The police, God bless them, will soldier on and will be targets — prayers up and fingers crossed.

      I read that the Mall of America was going to sue organizers of Black Lives Matter. I went to the Black Life Matters site — amazingly “ordinary” — established — a faith based thing with legislative agenda etc. Deceptive when you think they can sponsor and support such protests. I suspect they have now been joined by various nefarious groups — BLA, Commies, jihadists etc.

      Social justice is a can of worms.

      • Pray for the military as well. DiFi & Democrats put a target on their backs, with the interrogation report. We can never forgive or forget what these traitors have done.

    • Somethings I’ve learned about the NYPD which I didn’t know: it has a minority majority of 60% nonwhite personnel and in the period before De Blasio became mayor the NYPD had reduced the murder rate in NYC by 80%! De Blasio had no basis to conduct so extensive an anti-cop campaign other than politics. Sharpton, De Blasio, Holder and Obama are on a campaign to federalize the police forces across the nation. If there is any good to come out of this tragedy, I hope it will be that they have been derailed.

      • My guess is the incidents of the last week will derail such a plan. Police across the country are going to be like the military and be fed up with all the nonsense and mistreatment of the rank and file. I saw yesterday that only 15% of the military support Obama…remember how they cheered for George Bush?
        I too just learned that 60% if the NYC force is minority.
        My son and his wife live in Brooklyn (thankfully, not Bed-Sty). Their apartment is nothing to brag about but the neighborhood is fairly upscale with great shops, restaurants, coffee houses, bookstores and electronic stores…also some art galleries.
        He is an artist and has a studio that overlooks the East River toward the awful UN establishment. She teaches in Brooklyn in a magnet school. She used to enjoy it but the teachers union has destroyed working conditions and curriculum.
        He works in European Paintings at the Met in Central Park…three subways to get there and home each day, one change in Grand Central.
        I wish they would move but they are too far in their careers now to leave them…besides which they love New York but they are really starting to many concerns
        He used to never worry about danger and he stays on alert now.

  7. I started reading Victor Davis Hanson’s piece in NRO this morning, The Timid Generation, thinking it was going to be about the lack of great public support for the police after the assassinations this past weekend. But it was not. It was about Obama’s responses to North Korea, ISIS, etc.

    Still, I think it should be about the larger population which seems frozen in its tracks or indifferent for the most part. You see New Yorkers and New York politicians–with the exception of Hillary Clinton–on Fox, but that’s to be expected. You don’t see national protest over the police killings. Maybe it’s Christmas causing a delay, maybe it’s our national leaders (ha, ha) on a long absence from Washington, maybe people are afraid to show their support to avoid more racial tensions, or maybe we truly have been worn down by crisis after crisis. I don’t know, but it does seem like a timid generation to me here in America. On all fronts.

      • The three people I correspond with from my childhood and youth are on the opposite political side of me. Not radicals but won’t give up on the Democratic Party regardless. In addition, the woman who is the only living person who has known me literally all my life is losing it and called me “Katie” in her Christmas card to me. Talk about a pall!

        • I know how you feel. I recently lost a first cousin who was like a sister to me from babyhood (I am an only child)….I was told it was dementia and did not worry until she asked me in a phone call my older son’s name….I gasped…he had spent his first Christmas in 1968 and many, many since in her home and is very close to her daughter…an insidious disease. My Christmas is emptier without her. She went downhill so fast we could not believe it.

  8. Good morning. I am now officially tired of hearing about those poor, poor, pitiful poor dreamers who finally get a driver’s license in the state of Arizona! Every local news outlet is going on & on, how now they don’t have to drive around worrying about being pulled over. As IF the local police/sheriff was ALLOWED to ask for ID. And as IF they will get auto insurance.
    Then the Hispanic Tucson Police Chief has been selected to be on one of 0’s national police commissions…

  9. Sony Pictures is set to release the canceled comedy the “Interview” in theaters and on video on demand.
    The plan is to release the film simultaneously in participating theaters and via video on demand. The Plaza Theater in Atlanta, the MX Theaters in St. Louis and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin have now said they will distribute the film. The MX said it would be selling tickets on Tuesday. It will be in the 200-theater range.

    • Good–now everyone can be on every side of everything! Win win win to infinity… The thing got a C in Ent Weekly–I stand by what I said about it not testing…but of course, now it will do business…Conspiracy? Nah.

      • : – D I would never have gone to see it in the first place, not my sort of thing, but I certainly will not now. Some shill, huh?

        • Speaking of movies, I am so bored I sent an email to Ashton Kutcher just now asking does he want to read my two Paw & Order scripts–he has a kid now…Maybe childish humor..?

          • I just read in one of the NY newspapers–not the Times–that Obama has given SONY a thumbs up for releasing the movie now. He can’t comment on NY but he can make a pause in Hawaii to commend SONY. Conspiracy, yes!

  10. Any news on the vacay–not that this is likely to stay on its mission over here…Are they still wet and mopey…or have we switched to grinny and golfy? Any word on medical tests (yes, I perseverate, too).

        • Is, too, a word–not to be too argumentative…




          verb: perseverate; 3rd person present: perseverates; past

          participle: perseverating

          repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased.


          early 20th century: from Latin perseverat- ‘strictly abided by,’ from the verb perseverare (see persevere).

          • When I made my comment, it was before the event. Now that it’s happening, I’m trying to get a bead on how many protestors are there. I guess the police were given orders a couple of days ago not to make arrests “unless it was absolutely necessary”. These anarchists are shutting government down.

          • I saw a video Fox had on an over an hour ago. At that point the were all walking on the sidewalk, of course in front of the shopping stores. There were parked cars along the street. On the street side of the car I saw policeman on motorcycles. I assume to keep them from walking and blocking the street.
            There is nothing on Drudge about this.
            I pulled up:
            Actor James Woods: Sharp. is a p**.
            Rev. Calvin Butts: DeBlas. should aplogize to NY Police.
            Jon Bon Jovi shows support with NYPD Shirt

  11. Keith’s commenting functionalityy sometimes goes a little wacky. I have posted a comment after a week of not posting and it’ll tell me “Slow down! you’re posting comments too fast,” which always makes me feel bad about myself.

    then sometimes you’ll get that “submission error” page but if you go back to the whd page your comment will have been posted anyway.

    the ghost in the machine, I guess.

    gee, I feel a little aimless without having the latest from Keith to read!

  12. I just heard on Fox that protestors are trying to shut down 5th Ave. with more protest. Even though their buddy mayor made comment of giving the city, families of the 2 poliemcan time to mourn.
    Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  13. Obscene — the deBlasio and Sharpton bred mobs (protesters) are out on the town in NY with their anti cop messages — and these two officers — one recently memorialized , the other awaiting family for their final farewells.

    “murderous pigs” — the good old communist party! Screw these “protesters”.

    • Commies, Democrats, Progressives, perpetual victims and African Americans and so on and so on. Vile Obama Sharpton spawn — shielding their bad behaviour with the First Amendment. Absolutely despicable people. Not one ounce of sympathy or empathy …….I hope Barack Obama rues the day he ever met Al Sharpton.

      • As I told Lee somewhere else on the thread, there is not much coverage. I found out from the New York Post that there are over 1,000 anarchists out there. I don’t know who can deal with these criminals, not the NYPD. They, in effect, have been ordered to stand down.

        • To Julie Brueckheimer from at 7:44:

          “I found out from the New York Post that there are over 1,000 anarchists out there.”

          Where? In New York City?

          I useta’ joke that I wasn’t too worried about anarchists being a serious problem because they don’t take well to being organized due to their nature. However, FB and Twitter and the like are tools that allow for organized action despite different philosophical bents.

  14. To answer the earlier questions about BHO’s day today – Last night, I commented in the previous thread that it was unbelievable how Obummer was at the Marine base to “work out” by 8:30 am (Monday) when he is hardly ever in the Oval Office before 10 am. So, today, he left the vacation mansion at 7:42 am! Then, after returning home for about a half hour, he left again at 9:45 to play golf AGAIN!

    Too bad he doesn’t take his job even half as seriously as he does “working out” and playing golf.

    And, yes he’s playing golf today with his high school choom gang yet again. That includes Bobby Titcomb, the prostitute patron.

    As I mentioned in the previous thread last night, Obummer went bowling on Monday with these same high school friends (not his daughters). It was rainy and he couldn’t play golf with his pals, so they went bowling. Anything to avoid spending time with the wife and kids.

    Obummer has been with Booby Titcomb EVERY single day four days in a row! This is a “family vacation?? Weird, just weird.

    Obama reacts to Sony decision, goes golfing

    Undeterred by overcast skies, President Barack Obama went for another round of golf Tuesday.

    It’s his third golf outing in his four days of vacation. The president is with high school friends Greg Orme and Bobby Titcomb, and Joe Paulsen, a White House aide.

    The president is on the Kaneohe Klipper course. His motorcade left the compound at about 9:45 a.m.

    Earlier in the morning, Obama went to the gym at Marine Corps Base Hawaii for his usual workout, leaving his Kailua vacation home at 7:42 a.m. and returning at about 9:10 a.m.

    Also Tuesday morning, a spokesman said Obama is applauding Sony Pictures Entertainment’s decision to screen its film “The Interview” in a limited number of theaters.

    White House spokesman Eric Schultz said the decision by Sony and some theaters allows individuals to make their own decisions about the film. He says the White House welcomes that outcome.

    Schultz is stressing that the U.S. believes in free speech and the right of artistic expression.

    Sony announced a limited release of “The Interview” beginning Thursday, or Christmas Day. The comedy prompted an international incident with North Korea and outrage over its canceled release.

    The White House says Sony kept it informed about their deliberations over the weekend. Obama had earlier criticized Sony for failing to consult him about their decision to cancel the release.

    Also, the weather still sucks:

  15. Lee December 23, 2014 at 7:16 am

    I drink strong chicory. However I’ll hold the button, on my broken coffee pot, if anyone cares for a cup. :)
    Coupons! I have tried to get coupons off the internet, and have not been able get them to print. Gave up. There doesn’t seem to be as many coupons in the Sunday paper as years past.


    Lee, have you tried You have to check the site regularly and they have a limit on how many of each coupon you can print. The problem it, they don’t state what the limit is, so after printing, you have to keep going back to the site and checking off the coupons that you want again and again until they show you’ve reached your limit.

    My other suggestion is to visit sites for products you like and use on a regular basis and check for coupons. Most make you register with an email address, but the good part is that they will occasionally email you coupon offers. But, be sure to check their sites on a regular basis for coupon offers. You have to look on their home pages for “Offers” or “Promotions”, and click on that to see if they have any current coupons. For example, I like Silk Almond Milk, so I’ve registered there to get coupons. Also, Coffee-Mate, and a few others.

    Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt. I miss the days when the Sunday papers had a bunch of coupon inserts in them. We don’t even get the Sunday papers anymore since it’s all old news due to the internet. I can’t say that I miss the days that my hands were black with newsprint every Sunday morning.

  16. Note to self: when you use a gift-wrapping service in the city, don’t forget to get the wrapped boxes on the last day you want to be in the city.


  17. Some where at some time on this fine day in Baracus I realm I heard that the fortress of the Pentagon is considering action against the Seal who got the Osama Bin Laden kill shot and discussed some of it on tv. National security and all — above and beyond what the White House gave as movie consultants.

    • It’s linked on Drudge:

      Exclusive: Bin Laden ‘Shooter’ Under Investigation for Leaking Secrets

      The man who claims he killed the world’s most wanted terrorist is now being probed for saying too much about the mission.

      The former Navy SEAL who ignited a controversy when he publicly claimed credit for killing Osama bin Laden is under investigation for possibly leaking official secrets, The Daily Beast has learned.

      When reached for comment, Ed Buice, NCIS Public Affairs Officer confirmed “The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is in receipt of an allegation that Mr. O’Neill may have revealed classified information to persons not authorized to receive such information. In response, NCIS has initiated an investigation to determine the merit of the allegations.”

      The news that O’Neill is being investigated for potential criminal acts hasn’t been previously reported.

  18. Obama working out, playing golf and beaching it at military facility.

    Since he always travels with a royal entourage of lackeys one can assume access was denied to the peons who protect and defend this country.

  19. Maybe someone in the WH Press Corpse can see their way through to ask Josh Earnest why he never handed over the WH photos of the night of Benghazi to Sharyl Atkisson. Not only should these be public, but information from the diarist as well — as noted in one of comments.

    Earnest apparently had all the credentials of a slime before he became Obama’s Propaganda Secretary.

    • What Sharyl Attkinson is saying about how they hid the photos from that night is pretty much confirmation that Obummer was NOT in the Situation Room on the night of the Benghazi attack. He really did go to bed, knowing that our Ambassador was missing and they were under attack. That’s why Josh and the administration stonewalled over the photos – the photos of Obummer in the WH that night don’t exist! He was sleeping, resting up for his campaign trip to Vegas the next day.

      Maybe someone in the WH Press “Corpse” should ask little Joshy about these photos at a press conference.

  20. I know someone mentioned this earlier, but here it is:

    Obama to Remain in Hawaii as Biden Attends Slain NYPD Officer’s Funeral

    Vice President Joe Biden will attend the funeral of a slain NYPD officer, the White House announced.

    “The President has asked Vice President Biden to attend the service for Officer Rafael Ramos and is grateful that the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden will be traveling to New York City to attend the service on Saturday. Additional details will be forthcoming from the Vice President’s office,” said spokesman Eric Schultz.

    The president was on the golf course, in Hawaii, when the announcement was made. He’s scheduled to return to Washington on January 4.


    George H.W. Bush rushed to the hospital
    By Mike Glenn | December 23, 2014 | Updated: December 23, 2014 10:04pm

    Former President George H.W. Bush was hospitalized on Tuesday after experiencing what a spokesman called a “shortness of breath.”

    Bush, 90, was taken by ambulance to Houston Methodist Hospital Tuesday evening as a precaution. The former president will remain there under observation.

    In late 2012, he was admitted to the hospital with a bronchitis-related cough. Bush was released Nov. 19 but returned the day after Thanksgiving with a persistent cough. He was later admitted to intensive care with a stubborn fever. Bush spent that Christmas at the hospital, only leaving intensive care on Dec. 30.

    He spent nearly two months at the hospital until his release in mid-January 2013.