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WHD Takes a Break for the Holidays

Updated Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

White House Dossier will not publish again until next Wednesday, December 31, so I can spend a little time with family and do some work behind the scenes.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I hope that your holidays bring you great joy.

This message will remain atop the website and daily open threads will appear below. Thanks for taking care of the website and providing your usual great commentary while I’m away.


68 Responses to WHD Takes a Break for the Holidays

  1. Good morning Keith, Enjoy your time off. We will miss your articles. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.
    Thanks for the open Thread allowed during your time off. :)

  2. Rudy Guiliani said cops should not have turned backs. He was to angry the first day to make comment himself. He said the mayor has not visited the cops family. O and mayor on Sharpton’s side.
    He just spoke on Fox and will do so again in a little while.

    • And Obama (according to this morning’s news) has not yet called the families of the two police officers assassinated by this killer, and he hasn’t said much. He won’t sau much unless he gets heat from his base. That’s the kind of character Obama displays in these situation. None. It’s not in his DNA. He’s clueless. In the Ferguson and Staten Island cases, you couldn’t keep him away from the microphones because it suited his agenda..

      • Of course not. Quoting Obama (in the style of Trayvon Martin)… “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Ismaaiyl Brinsley,”


        “Another way of saying that is Ismaaiyl Brinsley could have been me 35 years ago”

        Probably wouldn’t play well even to his base.

        We are in a world of crap the next 2 years…

        Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to everyone and may you have a prosperous New Year.


        • If obambo had a son, he’d look like the pot smoking, cop hating, al sharpton loving, serial lying, ego maniac muslim his father is. (did I leave anything out? I’m sure I did)

    • I like Rudy, but I disagree.
      Police are like the Military, rarely if ever can they express their disgust with stupid leadership. So if they turned their back on that commie mayor Deblasio good for them.
      I luv NYPD.

  3. You are as reliable as the sunrise everyday, Keith. I check in on WHD several times a day and you never fail to keep us up to date with what that fraud-er-occupier-er-bastar… The President is up to. THANK YOU for your diligent hard work and excellent reportage. May All That is Bright and Bountiful Warm You and Your Loved Ones Every Day of the Year. ~ Annie in Marshfield, MA

  4. I read Rev (of no church) Sharpton says he has been getting death threats. Well, duh… that unexpected? Wish he would slink back into the gutter from whence he came!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to Keith and everyone at WHD.

    Keith, I hope you enjoy some time with your family and can relax. What a year it’s been. Ugh, six long years actually. Thanks so much for your reporting, your open threads, and for putting up with us!

  6. Wait – have you ever noticed that Keith goes on break about the same time as the president does? Have any of us ever seen both men in the room at the same time? Have we seen a picture of the two of them together . . . and if so, are we sure it wasn’t a double exposure as was explained by Clark Kent in the TV Series The Adventures of Superman – Season 2 – Episode 5 – “Shot in the Dark”?

  7. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all!

    and thank you, Keith, for keeping us posted on what’s really happening in DC, and doing it with wit and humor.

  8. Dear Keith,
    May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.
    God Bless and Happy Holidays to our Military & First Responders who
    allow America to live in Safety and Freedom.

  9. Keith, I am so glad every day that your blog exists. Your grasp of current events, your erudite articles, and your wit and sometimes wicked sense of humour brighten my mornings. I wish you and your family a joyous
    Hanukkah, with all the peace and happiness the holiday season brings.

  10. What matters most at this time of year the 0ssiahs are getting a well deserved vacation, along with the tribe/freeloaders they take with them. And it is wonderful that us taxpayers can fund this lovely holiday. I really would have preferred to pay for them to go to his real homeland, just once and possibly consider moving there after he has finished destroying this country. Kenya would welcome them with open arms:-)

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Officer Ramos. I hope that his son Jaden, does not see any of the protesters. I hope the Ramos family only sees a sea of blue uniforms.

  12. It will be good to see you again. All refreshed, full of refreshments, and ready to go at it with new vigor.
    Anyhoo, we’re organizing a clean-up crew to put things back in order. A small kerfluffle resulted in the lamp tipping over, but the new flat-sided look to the shade is ‘tres neo decor’, so long as you don’t look too close.
    The liquor cabinet is empty, and empty bags of salty snacks are filling up the trash bin. Not much we can do about that, soooooo.

    I confess that it was I, in my handicap cart, that put the ruts in the front yard. Sorry about that, but I’m led to understand that grass will regrow and cover up the damage. Sorrrry.
    So, we’ll hear from you tomorrow. Great. See you then.

    • Too funny Srdem:) I noticed Keith’s update too after leaving us to run the show. What a great job by everyone and looking forward to returning to normal and returning the Obamas back to Washington DC (never thought I’d say that).
      It’s so cold here my nose and toes are cold:)
      Happy New Year everyone!!!

      • Happy New Year everyone!!!
        Srdem mentioned all liquor and snacks are gone. As long as we still have coffee. Looking forward to Keith coming back as well.
        Island Girl, How cold is it this morning in HI.?

        • According to the KITV web site, it is 64 now at 12:49 p.m. EST and expecting 76 for a high in Honolulu. Here in Indy we can count the high temp on our fingers and toes–20. Happy New Year to everyone no matter what your local temperature might be and prayers for sanity overtaking our beloved country in 2015.