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  1. I have taken several notes while reviewing the news this morning. Before I mention any of them. I would again like to thank Keith for the open thread.

  2. Guilani now on Fox. Permit and a certain area to protest should have been followed, not BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND other streets being blocked.
    He said mayor guilty of creating an atmosphere of police hatred.
    What lives does Sharp. Delbas, and o save? None.The police should be the heros.

  3. I finally saw Sharpton talk about his death threats and try to turn it around. It was pathetic.

    Also Trump called him a con man. And yet said he went to the fights with him and Don King. I find that interesting — I understand that there are times in public one must or is in a situation where you have to be seen with the unsavory, but to do so by choice … a different, and not admirable, situation.

    • Well, since my husband is an IT professional, I can certainly vouch for that. There are no jobs, mostly contracts, and Americans need not apply. His industry has been completely ruined for Americans. I would never advise a young college kid go into this field anymore.

      • The blame is squarely on Bill Gate’s shoulders. Every time I call Microsoft, I get someone who barely speaks English…and the accent is so strong I can’t understand a word. Sooo aggravating!

        • Yes, he’s been lobbying Congress since at least the late 1990’s for an increase in the number of H-1B visas for high tech workers. Sadly, both Republicans and Democrats have fallen for this nonsense for years. The only one who truly understands the issue is Senator Sessions. He’s written some great articles about it. He’s the only one who understands that companies are deliberately keeping jobs and contract positions open so they can then claim they can’t find people (Americans) to fill them and they therefore need more high tech visas. It’s a total scam and the American IT workers have been royally screwed.

        • Pretty much all of Silicon Valley and other tech centers and the
          US COC — they want high tech workers and they don’t care if the rest of the country is deluged and suffers from strain and ill effects of illegal immigrants and amnesty. Those people will be our problem.

          Yep I do mean “those people”.

    • Last week I went to PETCO to pick up supplies for our menagerie. First thing I noticed was a complete group of new employees – all hispanic. When I got to the register, their computer was down and the young girl could only accept cash. My bill was $78. 13 and I handed her a $100 bill. I swear…it took her three tries to get the change right! On the third try, she used a pocket calculator!
      It took over five minutes for the transaction. All I can say is – we’re in deep trouble! On the bright side, she did speak English….

      • Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that about “Anglos” too. They don’t know how to give out change. It’s not taught in the schools or at home these days.

        • Right. I gave up trying to use the spare change when paying for something with a bill. They can’t imagine how to make change from a $1.05 proffer for a $.80 tab.

          Goodness only knows how the next generation will deal with actual money when all they know is CommonCore math and it’s convoluted process.

        • My kid’s school teaches it using Saxon math. Every day, he has 30 math problems. It helps that he’s the kind of kid who can divide four digits by three digits in his head. In fact, his biggest problem with the teacher is that he often forgets (or, in my opinion, is too lazy) to show his work when required. Bless her heart, she deducts points for it which pisses him off to no end.

          • Beats me.My son goes to a private prep school so I don’t have to worry about it for him.

            My son likes math so much that he’s planning on taking all the AP classes his school offers.

          • I had to take all of those courses in order to get into an electronics class that my school offered.
            In fact, I had to take Algebra 2 in summer school.
            That really sucked, but it was worth it.

          • It’s quite a drive to his school, so I told my son that if he ever has to take summer school, he’s off the football team. I hate the driving, and football and baseball on top of regular school is a PITA. (If we lived just 10 miles farther from the school, he could take one of the buses. We have students who live two hours away. Quite a few families with kids in extracurriculars have second houses in town.)

          • For me, it’s about the driving. There is no way in the world that I would drive him to summer school at 8:00 every morning, and then either eat or shop for two hours, or go home only to go back in a short time. While I miss having Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus just minutes away in Denver, I don’t miss the traffic.

          • When I came home from the service and was looking for a job, I ran into one of my High School instructors that asked me to come to the school and speak to the students about my experience.
            Seems that the school board was going to eliminate the electronics class because there were not enough students interested in attending it.
            He told me that they were under the impression that repairing TVs and radios was not what they wanted to make a living at.
            Wrong,……the same technology that makes a TV work will also launch a missile or enable the communication network that the Military uses.

            I wasn’t able to go and talk to them, and he died of a heart attack soon after our conversation.
            They cancelled the class.

          • Leesburg is an interesting town, steeped in history.
            Xerox built a massive facility back in ’70s to be used as a training center for the employees.
            Five buildings all connected with underground tunnels.
            I think that they sold it along with the property in the ’90s.
            Complete with residential rooms for the students.

      • It is a pet peeve of mine (pun intended) and practice to give cashiers extra coins with the paper money just to see if they can count. Most can’t count and don’t seem to know enough to even embarrassed.

        I like to see young workers active, learning the art of work itself, and making something of themselves. The other day I went to get my favorite gut bomb and met a young man with funky hair and weird things in his ears and nose. Best service I’ve had in years. Ok. I drifted…

    • Yankees have always had this fund for the kids of the NYPD fallen, though it was nice to see it announced among the tragic headlines this past weekend.

      Now the anti-police mob wants the Yankees to pay for Eric Garner’s kids’ education. Sickos just don’t get it.

  4. “i have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today,” Khadijah Lynch, a junior and an Undergraduate Department Representative in the African and Afro-American Studies Department, wrote on Twitter. SNIP

    Brandeis University: anti-cop and anti-Semitic.

  5. I just saw this on Fox. Sorry I did not catch the man’s name.
    103 yr old golfer becomes oldest person to record a hole in one!
    Thought I would share good story before I go X-mas shopping. :)

  6. When Anthony Weiner’s mayoral candidacy became untenable, the Clintons switched their allegiance to De Commio. I wonder if she is still expecting him to be a big asset to her in NY?

  7. “His reason for shooting the officer was he ‘felt like a caged rat.’ Well, he’s going back to prison and he can be a caged rat in prison because that’s where he belongs,” Gualtieri said. SNIP

    I hope Parilla feels like a fried rat one day.

    • Yeah, right. If her sister were gunned down in an ambush she would just shrug and say “oh well”. /s
      No, she would be going to the police, insisting they find and bring the killer to justice. There would be hand-wringing, tears and shouts of unfairness, of inhumanity.

      For that matter, if she was knocked down while walking on the sidewalk, kicked, then had her purse stolen, she would insist that the very people she seems to hate come to her rescue.
      Hypocrites, all.

  8. The lack of human compassion for the deaths of two men is an appalling and frightening insight into the minds of the protesters.
    None of the incidents they are protesting was an execution: the two Black men were not peacefully sitting in a car and then ambushed by a man in “blue” for any reason.
    Who among us didn’t shake their head at the arrogant stupidity of the two Black men that caused their ultimate deaths, and feel sympathy for their familes? Yet, the people who claim to be concerned about whether their deaths “matter”, are giving no concern to the deaths of two uninvolved men – killed as some kind of revenge.

    The racist chanters still believe the lies and make the lies their reason to protest. Even the MSM still calls the death of the NYC man a result of a “choke-hold” , but that’s not how he died. No one performed a choke-hold on him during the attempt to arrest him.
    “hands up, don’t shoot” is another lie, a narrative of the incident that never happened.

    • Am I the only one who thinks the “shrine” which has grown at the site of the two policemen’s deaths is smaller than would have been expected? Sad.

      • I agree. There have been sporadic neighborhood visits with well wishes and thanks to precincts I hear.

        On the whole I am disturbed at the lack of outrage at these murders, and discouraged about how many talking heads and politicos are contorting themselves to not support the murders but not blame those who should rightfully be blamed — Obama, Holder, Sharpton, deBlasio —

        And Juan Williams still disgusts me in his dishonesty. The mayor and the protesters didn’t have anything to do with this.

    • Agree it was not a chokehold–not like Sheriff Joe’s people applied to some guy who died out here…And he died somewhat later…but still you know what people say, “Too good to check.” That idea is now ruling the press.

  9. I see Fox has shunned the probability that Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley was a Muslim. They’re now espousing the notion that he was mentally ill. Their puppet-master in Riyadh must’ve spoken to Rupert.

  10. OK… please explain:
    So North Korea threatens to blow-up the White House, etc. and the US Govt does nothing…?
    But if I say a nasty remark about Dear Leader Obama the NSA, DOJ & DHS will come down on me with fury and no mercy…?

      • Im watching FNC (3:25pm EST) with that not so smart Harris Faulkner (she has clueless doll eyes) and they are saying N.Korea’s international internet was “cut off”… but Obama/US Govt wont say anything.

        If todays US Govt had any balls they would say: ‘yes, N.Korea we cut your internet…what are you going to do…?’

        • I am reading that now on
          States N. Korea was experiencing widespread internet outages on Monday, and one expert said the Country’s online access was “totally down.” WH declined to comment Monday, State Departmen Marie Harf told reporters that of the federal government responses, “some will be seen, some may not be seen.

        • If the government had any balls they would go after the source — China and deal with that.

          But Obama is a coward and a liar.

          I think there is something like 1300 – 1700 new troops being deployed to Iraq. And anybody know about the Ebola troops or did they fall into the black hole where the military languishes while the WH and the Pentagon and the various sycophants get their sh*t together.

        • I saw the blonde State Dept bimbo make a statement about Nork. Ridiculous.

          And I am serious about this — where the heck is Dennis Rodman on this — he was all over the media when he went and became BFF with what’s his name — and now crickets. He didn’t even offer to go and try and work this out. I know how stupid this sounds, but in some odd way that fact that he a ghost on this is so odd.

  11. I thought I heard commissioner state mayor and him both met with the family.
    Mayor said that night was painful for all of us. We went to each famlies home. The policemans kids reminded him of his own. We let them know they were part of a larger family. Every New Yorker needs to think of these families. Put aside protest till after funerals. We can’t let this happen when we can do something about it. Anyone sees somthing needs to say something in social society age. This was attack on all of us. Ask everyone to remember the season, and put famlies first. They announced funeral for Mr. Ramos for 12-26. Commisioner just stated they are working on bringing family members to this Country for policeman Liu.
    He tried to commint suicide a year ago. Put anti government stuff on his instagram. Talked about two men the protest had to due with. Found his phone. Profile quiet scary. Girlfriend had never seen him with a gun before. Showed tape of him walking around that day with a bag. Asked people to contact him if they reconize video. Seeking community with this very important investigation. Have a gap in his movments from 12:30 to 2:30. Troubled man anti govt. anti police.
    We believe he acted alone.
    They keep saying the word troubled. That is not the word I would use.

    • I wonder how many more trips Sharpton will make to the WH? But I shouldn’t really. Obama never backs down but doubles down. Still, the warm fuzzy photos of Obama and Sharpton, Holder and Sharpton, and De Blasio and Sharpton are all out there. They can’t hide the relationship even if they want to.

    • Mayor blaming media for portraying majority of protesters as violent. Then talks about how he’s always been supportive of the police, blah blah blah blah. What a two-faced jerk.

      • The media were to blame for Eric Linsker’s throwing a garbage can at the cops and for the rest of the mayhem on and hear the Brooklyn Bridge?

    • The policemans kids reminded him of his own

      Unlikely Comrade deBlasio– your kids are indoctrinated to fear and possibly hate the Lieu and Ramos’ kids fathers.

  12. Hundreds lined up today for their drivers licenses.
    They will expire in 2 years, and will have to reapply than.
    Update 2 hours ago

  13. Krauthammer made the point — and it is the point — that race was injected cynically and horribly into Ferguson, and NYC incident — when it should have been and is about reform, the relationship of grand jurys to prosecutors and so forth.

    And he did not say, but I took away from that that Obama, Sharpton, Holder and deBlasio then bastardized this into a racial issue. And Obama is most culpable of all because he endorsed, promoted Al Sharpton and more especially left him “in charge” while Obama went off to Hawaii. And I hope that he rues that day that he annointed Al Sharpton.

  14. Well, there is at least one college that is not in the pockets of the crazy leftists: Bowdoin College is going to give PO Ramos’s son a free ride. He is already a sophomore there.

    • These are kind and generous gestures, but only if the son can overcome his grief and return to school.
      I pray that all of the loved ones of those killed find peace, but it could take a long time and may never come.

    • Huh!

      There’s a DC sports connection to Bowdoin. Joe Beninati, TV play by play man for the Washington Capitals, is an alumnus of Bowdoin College. Played lacrosse, and still holds the school record for saves in a season by a goalie.

  15. is a site for libertarians — all rooting for Rand Paul as their big chance. From time to time I go over there to see if I can get a read on “libertarians” and their positions. I find it confusing and not convincing.

    The last few days, no matter how good the writing might be or “logical” the case might be presented, they are truly as nuts as both of the Pauls — down on the police and looking for the unicorns of reform. It’s pathetic and I am no longer interested in libertarians — people say the lean left and vote right. They have looked pretty solidly left to me for quite some time now.

    Republicans count on them in their big tent — big problems. Remember Greg Ormand –yeah, funding from big Dems.


    • I am always confused by Reason too although I don’t go there very often. If WHD had a poll today of choosing between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, I would have no problem picking Rubio. But I don’t think Rand Paul is going anywhere in the primaries.

      • I hope you are right about Rand Paul — he is spinning like a top. He is looking very irresponsible and reactive to me.

        I gave Reason a good shot and occasionally I give The Independents on Fox Business a look. But they careen off the liberal cliff every single time.

        And it’s not a matter of liberal vs conservative so much — as it is — sometimes what they say, their viewpoint, their “solutions” are so out there. Plus I think they are intellectually dishonest. Stand up for what you believe — but they pick and choose — and ultimately stand for nothing that doesn’t change. Oh well. A little rant.

  16. Alan Colmes and all liberals who are saying “crazy” guy murderer — can’t blame Al, deBlasio, protests etc. Typical leftists and liberals — never ever do they own their bad actors. They always blame something or someone else. Just like Obama does as a kneejerk answer.

  17. “Shove your future backlash into your most available orifice.”

    Greg Gutfield to the liberals looking for escape routes for their role in this — part of summation while hosting OReilly.

    It was excellent. And the above phrase just grabbed my attention — for what it was and the way it delivered. In another setting it would have been funny — tonight it was dead serious.

  18. Obama unleashes Sharpton and Comrade Bill — they unleash mob using the racism meme to go after law and order and law enforcement and tear down institutions and authority.

    That whole unleashing thing — at a certain point — the mob stops listening — Sharpton overstepped –Comrade Bill tried to pull back and the mob, their groupies, seem to be having none of it.

    And so it always always goes.

    • I’ve been wondering about HRC. She seems to be in hiding. About two weeks from now when she knows which way the wind is blowing, she will probably come out with a safe statement. This is what she would do every time there would be a crisis, if, God forbid, she became President.

      • Good point — she would hide in a crisis. Pretty much I think that is what she did at State — the one time she did not hide was when she did that ridiculous sit down when Bill the Dog was accused of all kinds of things — and that’s a whole other thing.

        Typical politician — lie low watch the wind blowing.

        Isn’t it interesting how many members of Congress are not commenting about supporting the police. These guys are taking their vacations seriously. The country on hold…..

  19. Unbelievable that this lazy PO(t)(u)Shardly ever shows up in the Oval Office before 10am, yet on vacation on a rainy Monday morning he’s out the door before 8:30 am to go “work out”. It must be because he’s so anxious to get the hell away from Moochelle. As far as “working out”, how can someone who allegedly works out every morning be so damn scrawny?

    President signs disaster declaration before workout

    President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration for a snow storm in upstate New York, before going on his usual morning workout on a rainy Monday morning at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.


    The president’s motorcade left the compound under rainy skies and arrived at the gym at the base at about 8:30 a.m. Monday.

    The rain eased as the motorcade left the base at 9:48 a.m. and returned to the Obama family’s rental home in Kailua. Despite light showers, a few people stood along the road and waved and took pictures of the passing motorcade.

  20. From the same article, the boring Obamas went to one of their favorite high end restaurants on Sunday night. They go there everyyear, with the same friends, usually sans kids (some “family vacation”):

    The president also went out to dinner with friends and family Sunday night at Morimoto Waikiki, a Japanese restaurant created by Masaharu Morimoto of “Iron Chef.” It is one of their favorite dining spots on the island of Oahu and dinner there has become a vacation staple for them.

    Earlier in the day, Obama played golf with friends at the Kaneohe Klipper course on the Marine base. Joining him on the clear, sunny day were Joe Paulsen, Preston Heard and Bobby Titcomb, the White House said. The round of golf lasted less than three hours.

    Obama followed up golfing by joining his family and friends at Bellows Air Force Base beach, the White House said. As the motorcade pulled into the air station, it passed an outdoor barbecue chicken stand, where some onlookers waved and snapped photos.

    So far, it seems he’s spent more time with Bobby Titcomb the prostitute patron, than he has with Moochelle and the kids on this vacation. As usual for the Hawaiian vacations, and even the Martha’s Vineyard vacations, he can’t even spend a full day with the wife and kids. He has to play golf with his pals first.

      • UNbelievable – he did not go bowling with the kids, but with his buddies!

        President Obama’s Hawaii Vacation: Day 3

        How President Barack Obama spent the third day of his holiday vacation in Hawaii on Monday:

        EXERCISE: Obama arrived at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay for a gym workout on a rainy morning. The island of Oahu was under a flood advisory, with heavy showers over the windward part of the island.

        HOMEBODY: The rain eased as Obama’s motorcade left the base and returned to the family’s rental home in Kailua. Despite light showers, a few people stood along the road and waved and took pictures of the passing motorcade. A hand-painted sign near the security checkpoint entrance in the neighborhood read “Aloha Obama Ohana,” using the Hawaiian word for family.

        BOWLING: The motorcade returned Monday afternoon to Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, where Obama went bowling with friends Bobby Titcomb, Joe Paulsen, Greg Orme, Abigail Orme, Greg Heard and Pete Souza.

        Like I said, some “family vacation”!! He and his pals can’t play golf due to the rain so they go bowling instead. Anything to get away from Mooch and the kids.

        Interesting, it looks like one of the wives joined them. Not Moochelle, though. And, yet again, Bobby Titcomb. Three days in a row!

        • That is so disgusting. And since when does he golf in under 3 hours? …or a billion dollar oceanfront vacation rental doesn’t have any workout equipment? Phony fake family.
          The weather BLOWS right now LOL!!!!

          • I questioned the three hour golf time also because it’s usually double that. But, then I saw that he met up with the family at the beach, so that explains why he had to cut it short. Heaven forbid he spend a full day with the family. He does the same thing in Martha’s Vineyard, just a couple of hours with the family at the beach, the same day he plays golf.

            As far as the weather, I hate to wish bad weather on you, Island Girl but I have to admit I did laugh when I saw this on the front page:


            I agree about the exercise equipment at the multi-million dollar beach front house. Surely, they have adequate exercise equipment, or King Obama could have some brought in. No, he likes the idea of “escaping” from Mooch and the kids. He probably doesn’t even exercise there. I bet he goes there to smoke…

          • It’s right on the beach, which they shut down except for pedestrian traffic, even if you go broke trying to earn a living just to live there. Just got to flex his minuscule muscles to let the world know he is wasting our hard earned money and as pointed out by Snark.Esq, escape the family and SMOKE and God knows what else.
            Great reporting!!

    • What a creep. Not only does he make the SS serve during their long holiday vacations now he has to use military beaches and military golf courses.

      L’etat c’est moi.

    • Evil dirtbags.

      Also, I just read this:

      But the Rev. Al Sharpton, a de Blasio ally, and other protest leaders said Monday they would not heed the mayor’s call to suspend demonstrations.


      De Blasio said he would be willing to meet with the union leaders but angrily suggested their ire was fanned by media exaggeration of anti-NYPD sentiment among protesters.

      Bratton said a viewing for Ramos would be held on Friday at a Queens church, followed by a funeral the next day. Officials are working to obtain travel documents for some of Liu’s family in China; a funeral will be scheduled after they arrive in the United States.

      De Blasio said he would attend both funerals.

      • I did my very best to listen to the entire PC yesterday. I could not stand listening to the mayor very long.
        The last words I wrote down was when he stated move away from anger and hatred.

  21. This is at least as fascinating as a bad coffee pot. Since this is an open thread, I am back to my save the albino kids in Africa thing…check out No, we can’t save the world–but maybe a few kids who will otherwise be chopped up for witchcraft ceremonies. I first learned of this from the Univ of Wisc magazine, some professor and his family have set up a compound where albino kids can be guarded by armed guards so they are not slaughtered. Not a big fancy deal like the Red Cross–rather humble, in fact.