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Sunday Open Thread || December 21, 2014



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          1. I’ve wondered that myself, Star, but really every time I brought him up, I’d go into mod. I was griping that he was the only Senator who was being challenged to head a committee in the new Congress. But as it turns out, he graciously bowed out and will let the Senator from WY head the Senate Budget Committee.

    1. So have I. I usually sleep until 5:00. I’m not gonna’ cook anything, though, and will head out to get an Egg McMuffin from the restaurant that the NLRB loves to hate.

      1. We are going to Hardees….way too fatty but so good. I will have a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and their great coffee. My husband will have the full breakfast with sausage and sausage gravy on his biscuit.
        Not healthy!!!!

    2. Almost my favorite breakfast — 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, sausage, bacon , rye toast. Preferably at a seaside diner with an ocean view.

        1. I grew up overseas and have odd eating stories. That said, my husband’s family is Italian — have a beach house in Naragansett — Rhode Island. They would pack for the beach — chicken cutlet sandwiches on fresh baked Italian bread and bring a thermos of Manhattans. Lunch at the beach. Fab.

          And as an adult on contract I was in Cocoa Beach FL and I used to walk down a ways to a diner on the beach and eat that breakfast and read the paper. When papers had readable content of course — or saved by the crossword puzzle!

          To food memories and good times good times!

      1. I agree. I have not taken a bite of beets since I was 6 yrs old.
        Grits are great when you break the yolk and it runs into your grits.
        Lots of pepper, easy on salt.

  1. Many prayers to the families who lost their loved ones in the horrid shooting. I cannot imagine the suffering they must be feeling. Their lives are changed forever.

    May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sunshine warm upon your face.
    May the rains fall upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  2. To my fellow brothers and sisters of the NYPD.
    On this saddest of day’s I can only offer the word’s of Psalm 23.
    I won’t print it here, take a moment with your family, and maybe your partner, read it, remember it.
    May God watch over and protect you.
    Ret’d CPD

      1. Interesting story G1, maybe.
        After graduation from the Academy, while taking pictures with family, friends and congratulating each other, a man and woman walked among the crowd passing out a few miniature bibles and laminated copies of Psalm 23.
        Some of my colleagues declined, but I accepted the Psalm.
        Said thank you, smiled and put it in my wallet. Kinda sorta forgot about it.
        Wound up carrying it for 30 years on the job. Still have it, a little wrinkled and worn. I wish I could thank that couple again.

  3. Is it just me, or is Mayor Guiliani lowering the temp on DeBlasio’s participation in all of the race stuff. He only blames him for not controlling the protesters. Hmmm.

        1. He talked about how wrong it was for De Commie to harp about white cops killing African-American when the overwhelming majority of murders in the African-American community are perpetrated by African-Americans.

          1. G has made the pt in the past–and in a feisty way–that if blacks did not break the law in some places, there would not be so many police of any colors in those places…

    1. The first conversation he seemed a little more upset, than the 2nd one on Fox this morning. Did he get a phone call. I hope not. I hope he just wanted to speak calmer words for everyone’s benefit. ?

      1. Maybe there is a code of honor between ex-mayors and current mayors. Most of the commenters have said DeBlasio should resign. And I agree. His stance on illegals, closing the carriage rides, and a myriad of other reasons.

        1. Some made the pt the other evening that Bllomberg let the Wall Street stuff go on for a reasonable time, then shut it down. I think the time to shut down was the DEAD COPS chant…OK, we’re done.

        2. Did he actually go through with firing the horse carriage rides? Would he be happier if the frowned upon white male pulled the carriages?
          (I always think of Gulliver’s Travels when I see horses.)

        3. It’s almost 2 p.m. here on the West Coast and my husband just listened to Guiliani and agrees with you that he let De Commio off lightly.

    2. Guiliani would have never let those protestors block roads and bridges, DeBlasio told the cops to let them do whatever they wanted.

      DeB’s created an anti-cop environment by siding and agreeing with the professional agitators, totally not what a Mayor should do. Did he pull the trigger, no. But I agree he’s as much too blame as Obama, Holder and Sharpton for throwing gas on the fire of hate. Not what good leaders should do.

      1. Once it was known throughout the country that looting, pillaging was ok. They took to blocking public access and invading stores and public places as nuisances. I thought it was a big deal when these people were allowed on roads, bridges etc.

  4. I believe when our lives end here on earth, we are welcomed into Heaven with great joy and rejoicing to celebrate our eternal beginning:
    Hebrews 12:22 (KJV):
    “But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,”
    May God comfort and protect the families of these policemen.

  5. We woke up today to an unpleasant surprise. We live in a rural area and rely on satellite television….we have always had Dish….today Fox has been removed. People we know say Direct TV is awful.
    What to do? I don’t think there is another one.
    Our only complaint ever with Dish has been that we are from South Arkansas and retired in the Ozarks. All of our news networks and sports come from Springfield, MO and we can’t get Little Rock Stations with Arkansas news. Springfield does give our weather.
    I feel lost….will eat worms for breakfast.

        1. From 12/12: The co-founder of broadcasting giant DISH Network was accused in a federal complaint last week of intimidating company executives into making political donations that largely went to Democratic causes. SNIP

          1. No, no, don’t be so literal. It was just hypothetical. If the Tea Party were extorting political donations for the right through some means . . . the IRS would have been right on it.

    1. Anne, there may be another alternative for you–a WIFI internet radio. I pretty much don’t watch any news programs on TV anymore. I rely instead on my WIFI radio–with 65,000 digital stations from all over the world in any genre you like. News, music, talk radio, sports–anything you miught like.

      The device more or less looks like a small radio, but it’s really a small computer that gathers and organizes the radio stations streaming on the internet. There’s an event in Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.? Tune in one of that country’s stations and learn about it first hand. I happen to have the Logitech SoundBox, but there are many different manufacturers.

      Here’s a sample of what these “radios” look like and what they can do.

      1. I guess I should have added that you can search for a particular station, or a particular host, or country, lock those stations in your “favorites” list and voila. C’est magique!

      2. A big thank you Marcus!
        I too avoid the my local Ministry of Propaganda.
        I’m not very tech savvy, still in the crystal radio era.
        I think Santa will leave me one of these.
        Great link.

          1. As the world turns, we are decompensating back to radio? I started with books, then radio–we listened to Wild Bill Hickok, The Lone Ranger, etc. I like radio–have even explored getting screenplays done as radio…but really, this is the sequence?…Pretty soon people will read books, then scrolls, then rock walls, and where will we be?

          2. I dunno’ but I saw Rosalind Russell’s Auntie Mame last night and I still love it. With hindsight the liberal/conservative “clash” was even funnier.

          3. Siriusxm had a great station, book radio- the pictures are in your head. But they discontinued it, now we listen to Radio Classics, a great compilation of ’30’s-50’s old time radio; Sherlock Holmes…Johnny Dollar…good stuff.

          4. Star, I have about ften “radio drama” stations in my favorites list. Mostly old timey mystery and sci-fi. There must be at least 50 others available. As AFVet says, it’s the “Theater of the Mind”. Great fun.

    2. I heard that that was in the works Anne.
      We have Dish too and I can’t believe they took Fox away.
      See if you have Newsmax, they are great.
      Any idea why they removed Fox ?
      I’ll have to see what they put in it’s place.

    3. It might be resolved soon.

      Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network are not currently available on satellite-broadcaster Dish Network, the result of an impasse in carriage talks between the two companies. SNIP

    4. Dish is bad–we had Direct–and (don’t ask) switched to Prism, which is awful. I would go back to Direct if the process would not make me take my brain out and step on it.

    5. I’m in same boat here in Joplin. Far enough out that can’t get a cable subscriber and have witnessed first hand the rate hikes and poor customer service from DirectTV via my folk’s service over in Kanas.
      From what I’ve read it was actually Fox that blocked DISH from carrying the signal right now but it still goes back to the way DISH negotiates and intimidates. Remember CNN and CBS fiasco just awhile back? And yet while DISH blusters about “protecting” its customers, all they do is keep raising the rates as well.
      It’s only a matter of time before TV 2.0 comes along and gives them BOTH the competition they need to stop this crap!

      1. Yeah Geoff.
        We had a hell of a time getting Time Warner to stop billing us after we went to Dish.
        TW was removing stations and if we wanted them back we had to pay them for a box for each TV.
        50 channels and twice the price of Dish who gives us 250 channels and one receiver for two TV’s.
        Dish just raised their rates 5 bucks a month and removed Fox.

        I would love to see them allow us to select the channels we want to watch,….never happen.

    6. Anniearkensas, I saw that noted on Fox website yesterday. I did forget to mention on the thread here, with all the terrible news coming in from. I will ask my neighbor if she no longer has it as well.

        1. Yes, me too. Perhaps we will hear about it in a few years when it is discovered that one of GITMO’s “lowest” kills one of our finest in the field.

          1. Gen. Campbell is not happy. Unlike recent released prisoners who’ve been taken to Uruguay or nations other than their own, these guys are from Afghanistan.

          2. This is outrageous. I would really like for someone to ask Obama about this — in public with a nationwide audience — why he approved the transfer to Afghanistan while we still have our military there —

  6. Recently I saw a true crime analyis type show on TV. Chris Wallace was the “interviewer” — He has worn out his welcome on Fox — he should go back to low level crime shows. Not that he was particularly good at that either. He’s leans left and I am tired to his sneaking in the snark.

    1. Oh dear. In keeping with the breakfast theme — “egg on my face”. Wallace just did a lovely piece on the laying of wreaths at Arlington by a private company and patriotic good American citizens.

      Trump that Obama.

    1. During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.

    2. Why, yes, he did. Well, he and I did.
      We would meet in a secret location somewhere in Roswell, NM. Working with a huge set of Legos and a ham radio set we devised a new and wonderful way to communicate over the airwaves.
      We never get any credit for the invention, but it’s Ok.

  7. Some of you were having a discussion on the Mall of America protests, but I can’t find it now. Anyway, Drudge has decided to come to life today and has lots of photos. The story claims that there were thousands involved.

    1. Yet only 25 were arrested!

      My fear for years has been of a splodey-dope in a mall on Black Friday or any other day before Christmas.

        1. Yep. Presidential Directive 51. When POTUS declares there is a “national emergency”–defined by POTUS–he can suspend the US Constitution and declare martial law. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the rest of the Progressives have been vigorously stirring up the racial pot for weeks now. Cops killed, riot crowds in malls, all steps to create more chaos and disharmony. This is not looking good.

  8. Mandy Manners December 21, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Once cleared of jihadis and turned over to Castro, maybe the prison will be used to house opponents of the regime.
    Unlikely — too nice after the Muzzie renovations for the likes of opponents. More likely some Dickensian prison fortress in the middle of friggin’ Ohio not far from Chicago. And I’ll bet the prison guards will be quite something!

  9. O/T even for an open thread..its a beautiful day here in Hawaii, lucky Obama’s. In response to Girly1 on a prior thread while searching for local headlines on where the o’s are staying (Kailua) I see we had a historic 1st same sex marriage at the women’s correctional facility right there in Kailua on Friday, one 40 something halfway through her 20 year manslaughter charge and the 20 something drugs and theft, etc.
    I wonder if they will be congratulated for their bravery by BO and MO?
    Also I had mentioned I read they requested no one greet them when landing so maybe they are starting to wake up, although I also read Michelle just wanted to sleep in…so there’s that.
    RIP NYPD heroes!

    1. Well thank you for the update Island Girl.
      Personally, I speculated that they didn’t want a riot at the airport given the fact that there is turmoil back in the lower 48.
      I would also assume that there was limited press coverage of the debarking of the POTUS and the MOTUS and their precious daughters and the entourage that they take wherever they go.

      Now we must wait for the photo ops, breathlessly.

      1. You are welcome! His little buddy 80 something year old governor got kicked to the curb in the primaries this year (Neil Abercrombie) so that mostly leaves his high school choom gang pals to slobber over him.
        Happy Winter everyone.

  10. I checked out how “isolated” Cuba has been from world trading partners. There seems to be a lot of trading going on. Don’t believe the ‘Bama when he claims Cuba has been isolated for foreign markets.

    Russia 374 77 297
    Netherlands 230 47 183
    Canada 227 263 -36
    Spain 122 603 -481
    China 93 156 -63
    France 55 285 -230
    Germany 26 83 -57
    United Kingdom 24 61 -37
    Italy 12 213 -201
    Venezuela 6 144 -138

  11. I will talk about death panels:I have cared for woman 20 years.she is 89 now.She recently fell broke pelvis Thanksgiving.Hospital xrays and within 9 hrs.sends her to “rehab” facility.She develops bleeding inside, extreme pain.send her back and forth btwn rehab and hosp 4x.blood work/then transfusion.still no hospital stay for 89 yr old.Rehab leaves lady in wheelchair for 2-3 hours waiting to be put to bed.Won’t take her to toilet.She finally tries on own.Falls.Breaks Back.Rehab tries to hide it by saying she had a “spill”.Next day…won’t come take her to bathroom.She wets bed.She tries to go to bathroom.Falls one notified.she calls me screaming crying.I call threaten to call 911 and send paramedics to nursing home to help her…nursing home blames patient and tries to hide fact she fell again.She has NEVER seen a doctor from this facility though I am sure one is billing medicare.(on Medicare website this place is rated 5star) OBAMACARE does not allow doctors to admit anyone with broken pelvis or hip for any amount of time to hosp. and if patient isnt well enough for rehab but too well for hospital they are then forced into adult group home.

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