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Romney Obliterates Bush in WHD Poll

I thought it would be close. It wasn’t.

In a sign that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has lots of work to do with conservatives if he wants the Republican nomination for president, ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won 92 percent of the vote compared to Bush’s 8 percent in a White House Dossier poll asking the website’s mostly conservative readers whom they would prefer if the choice came down to Bush or Romney.

Some reporting has suggested that Bush’s recent signals he is getting in the race might mean Romney will have to stay out. The poll indicates the reverse may be true.

The survey was not strictly scientific. Readers were simply asked to select their choice on the website. The only choices were Bush and Romney, and only one vote per reader was permitted.

Nevertheless, the overwhelming victory for Romney indicates he must have a much stronger position with conservatives, no matter the methodology of the poll.

If the comments are any guide, many WHD readers disdained the choice between the two relatively moderate Republicans. Fifty six percent of those who answered the poll described themselves as conservative and 26 percent chose “very conservative,” with only 10 percent saying they are moderates and another seven percent choosing “other.” Many in the last group described themselves as libertarian.

Bush has drawn the suspicion of conservatives, chiefly through his support for immigration reform and the common core education standards. Conservatives may also be wary of putting another Bush in office. Romney, while not particularly well liked either by conservatives, may be viewed as having less baggage, despite his introduction of Romneycare in Massachusetts.

The poll was conducted from 12:30 pm Saturday, December 20 until 5:30 pm Sunday, December 21. Readers were asked, “If you had to choose one of these candidates for president, whom would you choose?” A total of 590 people voted, with 541 selecting Romney and 49 choosing Bush.

43 thoughts on “Romney Obliterates Bush in WHD Poll”

  1. These two men are not our candidates of choice. They are as establishment and attuned to the status quo as the moribound Dems in Congress.
    We want a fresh face, a new deal, a new idea and someone who can bring pride and purpose back to the US.
    We want a candidate who can negiotiate like The Donald, one with the backbone of GovWalker, one who appeals to women like GovMartinez, one with a true sense of what Americans believe and willing to stand up for us.

    1. I agree.
      We need someone new, with a spine.
      The economy needs to be fixed, 18 trillion in debt ain’t gonna make it.
      We are still waiting on the next congress to see what they will do as far as an impact on the present administration and the condition of this Country.

        1. I love internet conservatives. Reagan the Legend is an ultraconservative. Reagan the Truth would not have made it out of the primary in 2008 or 2012. Why not? Well, look at his record:

          Massive national debt on the heels of his record spending; massive new spending to bolster FDR’s Social Security program; he of course sliced income tax rates, but he raised a lot of taxes too as he, as an internet conservative would think of it, McCainly reached across the aisle to cut deals with Tip O’Neil; and let’s not forget that, to-date, Reagan is the one President to have offered full-blown blanket amnesty to 4-million illegal aliens. Before all this, Reagan was a huge tax-and-spending governor of California, where he was the first major state Governor to support abortion. Before that, he was a lifelong Democrat. It wasn’t until Jack Kemp took Reagan under his wing that Reagan became a supply-side type of conservative. And, hell, that was something that Democrats a la JFK even used to be 20 years before Reagan.

          So, why is it you supposed conservative purists think Reagan is the model? I’m sorry, but people who think they are conservative and who think they know who is and who isn’t because they comment on the internet or listen to a radio show really are doing a detriment cause. From your talk, there is no perfect candidate which is a stupid person’s pursuit anyhow. Go chase a rainbow—it’s easy, all you need is to ride a unicorn. So, if you had your druthers, I suppose Ted Cruz would be the nominee. That would be Goldwater II. Goldwater, for what it’s worth, was an undeniable true conservative by anyone’s definition. Reagan is popcorn, bubble gum. And Goldwater got crushed, humiliated when he was nominated. If that guy got jacked like that in his day, there’s no way in modern American another of his stripe will come closer since so much of the nation now is lefty and of ethnic backgrounds that have no tradition of individualism.

          Lastly, whoever wins the nomination does just that: wins! If Romney runs again and wins, he did so because he got more votes than everyone else, not because “the Republicans” decided to “run Romney” again. Or because “they gave us Romney” again. Get a clue, internet conservatives, and quit being babies who take the ball and go home when you don’t get everything you want. Romney, hands down, has lived a far more conservative life than 99% of all of us, and that certainly includes Ronald Reagan’s. If we get Romney again, we’re lucky as hell. If we get Jeb, that will suck, but it’s better than more of the Obama-Clinton lineage.

          1. Torsten is not “holier-than-thou.” Internet conservatives and tea-party types are. Every word Torsten just said is absolute truth. Reagan was just slightly right of a political moderate and tea-party types like to think he would fall in lockstep with their cause. Maybe he would, but we’ll never know because he’s dead. I like how tea-party types forget the most important Reaganism of all – Never speak ill of another republican. It’s thanks to the “I’ll rather stay home than vote” tea-party types that gave us 8 years of “hope and change.” Get behind the guy that wins or we’ll have Clinton 2.0. I’d rather have Bush 2.0 than Clinton 2.0.

      1. Don’t hold your breath…..Boehner is a drunk and McConnell is a two-faced turkey. They need to go; no difference between them and the other big spenders. They are all sitting up there like Daddy Warbucks busy counting and spending OUR money.

    2. Both of those in the survey represent poster boys for the GOP establishment, which means the usual “choose the lesser evil” candidates. Instead of holding true to US Constitution, they generally mark themselves as “moderate”. Romney accepted a Massachusetts form of “Obamacare” and the Bush clan never secured the border, ignored immigration laws, and never sought to repeal the 16th Amendment which would rid Americans of the American Gestapo called the IRS. Bottom line: We need Constitutionalists, and as srdem65 stated, someone with the backbone of Governor Walker. It is time long past due that the Republicans live up to their name. Conservatism, like liberalism, has been lost in the meaning of their name description. While “liberals” have progressed toward socialism, “conservatives” have fallen under the spell of status quo. The solution is to adhere to constitutional law and legislate with the principle that it is not the quantity of bills passed, but the qualities. True reformation, across the board, must be accomplished to save our republic; which also means that the general public requires self-education, re-education of the principles set forth by the Founders. Spending billions of dollars to foreign nations who do not appreciate it (and history shows they become our enemies) and ignoring the plight of veterans of those conflicts alleged to make the world a more free place has failed. It is long past due to regroup and quit making the same mistakes over and over with failed solutions to problems that is a clear and present danger to the US.

      1. That’s where I stand–we may get another choice…but I don’t see a mysterious Obama-like specter with pure credentials, admirable temperament, fabulous judgment 100% of the time, a great coterie, the respect/fear of the world, and every bell and whistle you guys want suddenly floating up out of the Magic Eightball.

  2. They’re not that different imho although I don’t know if Romney has a position on Common Core. But they’re both Chamber of Commerce flunkies on amnesty. Bush surprised me by coming out against Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba which the Chamber is all for. A lot of it must be due to No More Clintons/No More Bushes.

  3. I found the results of the poll interesting in that it shows that even though some of us when given a choice will select the least likely to wreck the Country more than it has been under the present administration.
    Also, we are tired of the Bush’s.
    Let’s try someone different,….and I don’t mean Romney.
    Someone will come forward that the American People will accept in the next two years.
    Hopefully they will be fiscally conservative.
    Hopefully they will be willing to work with the congress.
    Hopefully they will be willing to listen to the People in this Country as opposed to ignoring them.

    This Country was formed in 1776 because of a dictatorship.
    Let’s not allow them to take us back there.

  4. I have no intention of shopping at GUM or the equivalent of the choices that were presented. It’s like asking the age old Russian question: “Would you like the brown shoes or the brown shoes.”

    No brown shoes.
    No brown noses.

  5. A pleasant and welcome surprise. Romney is a mature individual quite unlike the boy/man so many of you use to describe Obama. Romney should be welcomed by conservatives because he is a poster child for working to get your own, not depending on the government to carry you. That would be a very welcome and needed change – dare we hope?

  6. Barbara Bush is a wise (American) woman. ‘We don’t need any more Bushes in the WH’. Amen!
    As much as I love(d) Romney, the third time is not the charm.
    Thanks to Obama, we need someone with military experience, a grasp of foreign policy, a fiscal conservative, and one who opposes Obamacare and amnesty. And no teleprompters allowed!
    A combination of Gen. Schwarzkoph, Sheriff Arpaio, and the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher. Still thinking….

  7. It also was a vote against the obvious push by the establishment, and the machine, and the big money people and COC to support Bush. If they manipulate him into candidate Republicans will lose big time. Lots of people will not vote.

  8. Insane! Romney will never get the christian vote. He will loose and lose big. Elizabeth crazy Warren will be the democrat candidate and the fools will rush in to elect her. She is just as bad as BHO.

    Are the Republicans just stupid?? The country is doomed with these fools running things. Damm and double damm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have always thought Mr. Romney would make a great president. He was our governor in Massachusetts and he ran the state with common sense. (That’s hard to do in Massachusetts.)

    I was a strong supporter during the last presidential election. He’s a kind man, a strong leader and a very good business man. He’s successful in many areas, which tells me that he learns from his mistakes and has the ability to change course.

    I hope he runs again in 2016. If not Mr. Romney, I hope Mr. Walker from Wisconsin runs. From what I’ve read, he’s a lot like Mr. Romney in how he runs his state.

    1. I have no problem with Gov. Romney. I think he is an extremely intelligent and hard-working man. His religion gives me a very quick pause, but I can get over that.

      However, the average American cannot connect with Romney. He’s an extremely rich man, no matter how he earned it. And, he’s now damaged goods.

      As for Walker, I’m with you. Well, to a point. I also like Cruz.

      How about a Walker/Cruz ticket?

      1. Walker/Cruz is a great ticket for me too.

        I am a big Cruz supporter but I think if he was on the ticket the media would crucify him and it would drag it down — maybe a Cruz light. I don’t know.

        Besides, Cruz is way too much of a patriot and a talent to be in the VP slot.

    1. De Blasio is digging himself deeper and deeper into the mess he created with his Progressive whack a doodle buddies–Obama, Holder and Sharpton. He’s completely lost credence with his police department, and will never get it back. He’s like Obama in that way: He’s OK, and everyone else is not OK. That”s a recipe for the collapse of civil society in the current situation in NYC.

      There are 34,500 police in NYC. As mayor, you’d think DeBlasio would want to create a situation where they could be successful.

      I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again. De Blasio refuses to undergo a security background check which would allow him, if he’s clean, to have access to high level intelligence pertaining to NYC issues. Just won’t do it. There’s usually only one reason for that: he’s got a lot he wants to hide in his background. Says all you want to know about De Blasio.

  10. I have no saying in this but still, I am all for Romney. I remember what he did for those Olympic Games. Well, he may be somewhat bland in politics but I believe he has common sense and he probably can get people together to pull in the right direction. He is an impressive man with an impressive CV who understands business and I am certain that the world ( Russia, China ) will be impressed by him too. He could bring peaceful solutions. And he certainly looks like a dream President.

  11. If Reagan ran in 2012, he’d have lost and been pariahed as not conservative (and considering Reagan’s ’72 & ‘ 76 attempt, he was called RINO). Romney really is what this country needs. He is conservative enough and brought a massively liberal state more conservative (like a certain 1980s POSTS we all love.)

    You can’t say Romney lost with all the shenanigans Obama’s administration pulled with the IRS, EPA, FBI, MSM, etc. Did Romney stumble? Sure, every candidate will and would have.

    /self described very conservative and TEA party supporter.

  12. you want someone better than Romney? Good luck. If you think a true conservative can win these days, you are out of your mind. The social support agenda of the dems will win every time over conservative policies. Hillary is a horrible choice but she will win by a landslide over the likes of a Rubio or Walker. What we need is a complete housecleaning. Get money out of politics. Bring in someone with proven ability to work across the aisle like Romney or Snyder. Maybe Christie.

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