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Obama Phone NYC Police Commissioner

President Obama today called New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton to express condolences for two police officers killed in Brooklyn and to offer assistance.

From a statement by White House spokesperson Eric Schultz:

In their conversation, the President reiterated his call for the American people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal – prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen. The President told Commissioner Bratton that his staff would continue to monitor the situation in New York, and that Administration officials would be working with leaders across the country to echo the same message. The President also offered the Commissioner his full support for any possible assistance in the days and weeks ahead.

30 thoughts on “Obama Phone NYC Police Commissioner”

  1. Again with the “words that harm” and “patient dialogue” nonsense?

    I’m sure his idea of “patient dialogue” is everyone patiently listening to him while he tells us “who we are” and whatever he thinks is “the right thing to do.”

  2. I’m watching the press conference of cops and the family of Officer Ramos. There are some incredibly pissed off cops speaking. One is kicking De Commie’s ass.

    1. Well, I was watching him go off on de Commie but Fox cut away just as he was getting righteous. So, I switched to MSNBC which cut away when a priest came up to pray.

      1. They’re all folding like cheap suits. I think the regime made more than one call today. Meanwhile, back at Ferguson, there’s some Pali muslim creep caught on tape yucking it up over the murders of the two officers. I won’t link it, because the SOB shouldn’t get even 15 seconds of fame.

    1. I wonder if he’ll find the time for another dozen in Tarpon Springs, Fl.

      Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. has been arrested and charged with first degree murder of Tarpon Springs cop Charlie Kondek. The media is being very tight lipped about Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. No one yet knows his motivation, if this was another ‘revenge’ killing like the two NYPD cops or not. The media has been as best they can to try and censor everything about the 23 year old suspect Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. (except of course, his mugshot and all his aliases).

    2. BS == what a worthless sycophant.

      Sounds like boy king called all his little fire starters and told them to be public, visible and vocal about peace and support of law enforcement while he is in Hawaii.

  3. Let’s really think about what he really discuss with Bratt.
    I think he told Bratt. to keep his real thoughts and comments to the public and policeman very low key.
    Bratt told him don’t bother, regarding (late) offer of help.
    o hung up on him.

    1. Correct. Who would believe him if/when he goes down that road. He is not worried. By the time he get’s back there will (as usual), be many other things we are worried, concerned, scared, mad, and disagree with. That has been his game all along. The msm have been playing the same sick game.

  4. Yup.. Didn”t Obama’s senior advisor, Rev. Al, also speak out against violence today?

    Sorry, guys, where were you the last few weeks when you condemned the racist police time after time?

    A guilty conscience can be pretty tough to live with, can’t it?

    1. Sharpton is claiming death threats against his repugnant person, trying to shift the victimhood of the policemen onto himself.

  5. BS — Barack running scared — Sharpton let it get out of control and boy king and Holder took their eyes off the bouncing balls.

    NAACP, media and pols all scrambling to blame everyone and everything exept the resulting protests incited by the gang.

    Obama and Candy Crowley interview — HA — surprised he didn’t ask her to present and read supporting data for his lies.

    1. Barack running scared — never! He’s playing golf all the time now. He has no shame, no character, no integrity, nothing, him, Holder, Sharpton, commie Mayor disgusting DiBlasio stoke the fires and they won’t stop, they are too stupid and too hateful of America.

  6. What a complete phony Obama is! We have a President, a racist, another racist named Holder and now we have a racist mayor in New York, these dangerous individuals hate America and its their fault these policemen got killed and now Obama has the nerve to say we should have respect for the police with Holder? These disgusting individuals have caused so much hatred and bloodshed, and now another cop was killed in Florida, thanks to Obama, Holder, commie Mayor and Sharpton. Impeach, and get the others out!

  7. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, DiBlasio, they don’t care about the dead police, they only care how it affects themselves. Dirty rats caused a firestorm in this country. Dumb politicians that they are, and thats all they are.

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