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Obama Condemns Killings

President Obama Saturday condemned the killing of two police officers in Brooklyn, asking people to “turn to words that heal.”

From the written statement, issued from Hawaii:

I unconditionally condemn today’s murder of two police officers in New York City. Two brave men won’t be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification. The officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day – and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal – prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen.

120 Responses to Obama Condemns Killings

  1. It took him a day to come up with that?

    And “I unconditionally condemn?” seriously? Let that sink in. He needs to say he condemns it? Was that a question? Such milquetoast words for the horrible act. I’m guessing it didn’t really bother him. He doesn’t sound bothered.

    • You are so right Troy. What an obvious piece of low-class garbage. Still plays golf after 2 policemen are murdered and he’s supposed to be the “President” of the country? Words can’t describe what a horrible individual he is. And the Republicans are as bad, funding these illegal acts for a whole year. They too should be thrown out in the trash like Obama. No different, same politicians who don’t care about America, just about themselves. Let’s get them out! Now!

  2. Let’s see now. You and Eric The Black have spent the last weeks telling us how the POLICE need to get their act together in dealing with the oppressed citizens — and encouraging people like Al Sharpton to incite more civil unrest. You even managed to get another magical final question at your “press conference” to further stir the pot.

    How about you tell the citizens to treat the heroes in blue (risking their lives every day to keep the peace) to RESPECT the POLICE for a change?

    That might be change we can believe in. It could even keep more of your voters alive.

  3. Lies, lies, and more lies.
    Now back to the golf course with his prostitute hiring buddy Bobby.
    Sharpton says he had called for non violence…Lie.
    Holder wants patience.
    They all need to be lined up and shot.
    Our country is hurting and it is going to get a lot worse as Obama “gets done with it.”

  4. After telling the protesters/rioters to ‘stay the course’ for weeks on end – what gall !!!! All of a sudden he has become camera-shy – issued a written statement. What a coward!

  5. All of a sudden he became camera-shy. Issued a written statement.

    Also, George Stephanopoo-lus just skpped over the headline executions and went directly to the Sony fiasco. The lesser of two evils, I suppose.

    • The AP is lamenting today “the backlash over the bloodshed could derail the protest movement that has grown out of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.”

      It could also derail their daily, never-ending stories stoking the flames.

  6. Think of how many spouses are begging their spouse to take a long vacation. Think of how many children are doing the same thing.
    They bravely go into work. Those teary eyes will be with them though out the day.

  7. BHO is pleased that his divisive rule is working so well. His plan of destroying of America is going just fine.

    He can now play golf as all is well in his world.

  8. Just re-read his statement.
    “Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal ”
    Where was he when his peeps were chanting ‘What do we want now? Dead cops”??? Why didn’t he address the country from his perch in the Oval Office and decry those incendiary words? Especially since his close advisor, Sharpton, was leading the protests.
    Not to mention his own words: Trayvon could be my son. And ‘stay the course’ in Ferguson. And the Cambridge cop acted stupidly.!

          • Someone on Fox last night (former law enforcement, I believe) noted that De Blasio’s remarks were empty and canned…all he did was read off of a piece of paper. The guest noted that the mayor was far more animated (without reading anything) when he was standing beside Sharpton throwing the cops under the bus in the days preceding the murders.

          • Yes, Mr. T, It was a former NYC police commissioner, can’t recall the name, talking with Judge Janine and making a very astute observation. I’d love to see the comparisons side by side in videos.

    • Where was he when they were chanting those words “dead cops” He never said a word against that? Their chanting came true and Obama never said a word to stop that rhetoric. And now he’s talking big talk like he gives a crap? He only talking now because it affects him and then he goes back to his golf like a low I.Q. that he is.

  9. Just an afterthought. Last week both the wife and daughter of Mr. Garner(sp) went on national tv and stated emphatically that they did not believe their father/husband’s death was racially motivated. And yet DeB, Sharpton et al continued the unruly protests in NYC.

    IMO, this case was tragic. From the video of the take-down, it looked like excessive force to me…and a civil case was in order. This man was not a hardened criminal. There are hundreds of Mr. Garner’s in every metropolitan city eking out a living and committing petty crimes. Why waste the time and $$$ when we have bigger fish to fry? But that’s beside the point. The media, city officials, and mob protesters worked themselves into a frenzy waiting for an indictment. When it didn’t come, it was ‘…kill the cops’. That’s when Obama, DeB et al should have called a halt to the protests. The blame is squarely on their shoulders.

    **Just heard that another cop was killed in FLA. No details yet.

  10. Does anybody in their right mind believe for an instant that Dictator Obama actually wrote this gibberish? No doubt Valerie Jarrett assigned one of the lower court lackeys accompanying Dear Leader and his husband beating wife on their well earned vacation. To those of you that do believe that Dictator Obama actually spent vacation time on this message I would like to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. He could care less about these officers.

  11. Unconditionally condemn as opposed to conditionally condemn. What crap is that? He calls for patient calm here, but tells the Ferguson agitators to stay the course. He does not know his ass from his elbow.