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Obama Goes Two for Two

President Obama today went golfing for the second time in two days of vacation, playing with aide Joe Paulsen, longtime Hawaii friend Bobby Titcomb, and someone named Preston Heard.

It’s his 50th time playing this year and the 207th time as president.

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      1. Marco Antonio Parilla Jr. was born January 7, 1991. He’s used plenty of aliases in his 23 years, including ‘Tre’ and Treavon Williams. Marco Antonio Parilla Jr.

        Another dreamer?

    1. I also read somewhere that an off-duty St. Louis police officer was shot multiple times. He is not dead but in critical condition.

          1. And I am sure that none of these incidents has anything to do with Islam….or so we will be told and then some moron can start an #I’llride with you hash tag.

          2. Yeah, I’ll ride with you as long as you don’t pack your car with explosives and then blow it up in a crowded marketplace. Or, as long as you don’t run down a bunch of pedestrians.

            Aw, forget about it. You get wherever you’re going on your own, and I’ll do the same.

        1. I have a very slight nit to pick. I see no difference between someone who’s converted to Islam or someone who was fathered by a Muslim.

          1. I understand. I’m trying to figure out the purpose of identifying someone as a convert instead of just a plain Muslim.

            On one level, I think that anyone who converts to Islam has more than a few loose screws.Is this what reporters are trying to imply when they note that someone is a convert? Is your typical reporter this savvy?

          2. I think that’s probably the difference. If you were born a Muslim (so to speak), you didn’t have a choice to make. You are Muslim at birth. But if you convert from something else, there’s the thought that you like this jihadist thing, or you had a Muslim sword ready to separate your head from the rest of your body. There are some conversions from Shia to Sunni, and vice versa. Those get pretty violent in some Muslim circles.

          3. Again the generalizations and spew. I know people who converted–yes, personally–and they are not bloodthirsty murderers or have loose screws. My former filmmaking partner’s in-laws live in Teheran and do not deserve to be nuked from orbit. Can’t we be sensible for five mins on this site?

  1. I think we need a scoreboard to keep track of who’s winning the war against law enforcement (cops) – ISIS or Obama and his commie co-horts. So much of this stuff is going unreported.

  2. Always golf first, never family or country first. I read that the NYC cop killer was a Ferguson protestor. The media will trip over themselves trying to bury that news, if true.

  3. We have a problem with Fox and Muslims, and I’m sure many know what it is: Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second-largest shareholder of News Corp.

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  5. I don’t mean to sound sacrilegious during this holiest of seasons, but what kind of name is Titcomb any way? what is the background on that?


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