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White House will “Monitor the Situation” in Brooklyn

President Obama apparently will not be making any kind of statement out of Hawaii today about the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn by a man who appears to have been acting in revenge for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police.

“The President has been briefed on the Brooklyn police shooting,” a White House official said in a terse statement to reporters in Hawaii today. “White House officials continue to monitor the situation.”

The White House put out word that “a lid” had been called, meaning Obama, who went golfing earlier in the day, is not scheduled to be heard from again.

They could of course change their minds, but that’s the current status.

26 thoughts on “White House will “Monitor the Situation” in Brooklyn”

    1. Ah, but his minions are burning the midnight oil trying to find the perfect empty words to explain how concerned he is while at the same time he will be staying on in Hawaii. I hope Keith will be able to find out how soon he goes out golfing again.

      1. why shouldn’t he go golfing? He’s on vacation. People have such unrealistic expectations. He’s not responsible for every bad thing that happens in our country (and believe me I’m not one of his supporters) but him making a comment about this matters that much to you? Why? It won’t change what happened.

        1. Is it unrealistic to expect the President of the United States to act presidential? Is it unrealistic to expect the President of the United States to represent all Americans, not just blacks? Is it unrealistic to expect the President of the United States to stop being a race hustler who associates with the worst kind of self-serving, race-baiting agitators in the country?

          Barry deserves no respect, no vacations, no golfing, only contempt..

  1. The NYPD police union president, Patrick Lynch, said that De Blasio acts more like the leader of “a f–king revolution than a city”, and couldn’t we say the same of Obama, that he has acted like the leader of a f–king revolution than President of the United States?

    1. From the speech during which he said that about the Commie puke:

      This morning, de Blasio is scheduled to atttend a CompStat meeting at NYPD headquarters and on Friday he’ll meet with members of Justice League NYC, a police reform advocacy group helping to organize daily demonstrations around the city. The group is led by former Al Sharpton aide Tamika Mallory, and wants as part of their demands, an “end” to Broken Windows policing and the “immediate” passage of two bills to limit police in the City Council.


        1. He’s going Alinksy:

          “There’s a book they make for us where if you carried it with you, you won’t need to go to the gym,” Lynch said. “Every time there’s a problem, they tell us what we can’t do. They tell us what we shouldn’t do. But they never tell us what we can do. We’re going to take that book, their rules and we’re going to protect ourselves because they won’t. We will do it the way they want us to do it. We will do it with their stupid rules, even the ones that don’t work.”

  2. ………”continues to monitor the situation”….This situation is no more or less important to him than any of the other crises (sp.?) he has set in place to destroy our country. For some reason, I feel more despondent tonight than usual.

    1. Whoops, thought I read they were hospitalized, just saw article saying they were killed, sorry. (Above comment referenced another article I saw saying the police don’t want mayor at their funerals if killed in line of duty)

  3. I just heard on Fox that the deBla. had built a bigger fence. Same time police have been put in such danger.
    I just heard as well two electric workers witnessed the murder, they than followed the murderer, and were able to point him out to police, before he (may have had option of getting on subway). So thanks to the two citizens who risked their lives.

    1. Actually I don’t think he deserves a vacation–he has plenty, we have none, zero, many of us, and we work 10 hr days…He does look pretty crummy physically–but I think there is more to this throat thing than we have been told…He coughed at least once in that conference… We never get a break from him–and I am not inclined to offer him too many.

      1. He has a nice home (public housing) about 12 Christmas trees if he cares, five star food, butlers, maids, body men, a bowling alley, protection, friends can come, golf courses, his family is there–why burn gas to go to some rented house with the same stuff…

  4. Can’t wait to hit the airwaves when a black person is killed as a result of a white person, a police officer, or a grand jury. Pox on him.

  5. Translations – We’re monitoring the public’s reaction to determine how we need to spin, and adjust our course. In due course this outrage will die down, and we can move. I’d say that reflects some worry.
    They’ve made the correct statements, and now they’re laying low and biding their time. Watch the rhetoric from the Left, this tells you what they’re direction.
    I personally think we need a way to ‘lay low’ , still communicate and give them nothing. We need a network.

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