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Obama Press Conference: Ladies Only

President Obama during his press conference Friday called only on women reporters. Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on CNN that this was probably planned in advance and that it was a good idea.

I’m not sure, in the annals of the struggle for women’s rights, that this is exactly the most courageous act or the most significant, given the prevalence of women within journalism, at least at the reporter level. Maybe he just thought they would ask the best questions.

I can only, regrettably, say, its a good thing he didn’t decide to¬†only call on African Americans.

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      1. Hah, I used to like that song. It reminded me of a male dog we had. I can envision Obama singing that to himself as he looks in the mirror.

    1. I see two more. One is a woman in a maroon cardigan in the upper right of the photograph and another is a woman in a black top in the upper left.

        1. Yes, Jon Karl is better than Major, I think. Major was stronger when he worked for Fox….I expect CNN reigns him in.
          Ed Henry really is a bulldog at keeping on digging. Gosh Earnest can’t stand him.
          Ed was very gracious last night about no men or major news outlets being called on….Obama probably hoped he would complain.
          I think Fox is grooming him for anther step up at some point. He is filling in for Bret Baier through the holidays.
          Also, Fox is having some retirements, Wendell Goler and Jim Angle, both of whom are really good.

          1. O’Reilly really gives Rosen “some jazz,” as he puts it–the other nite, karma was mentioned and Rosen quipped that Bill would be in for some some–and Bill said oh, no, he was a good guy–adding this would be Rosen’s last appearance…Bill did laugh, though. Those two are a stitch.

          2. Bill was also shocked and aggrieved that he was only No 10 on the Most Annoying People on Cable list–even Dr Phil was worse. He wanted to be No 1, he sniveled. I dunno–maybe it’s me, but Bill can be amusing at times… He has a big ego but also a sense of humor and even of the absurd.

          3. I agree.
            James Rosen is one of my favorites…his sense of humor is so dry…I think he does stand-up comedy occasionally…maybe just for fun.

  1. A distraction gimmick like so many of his presidential actions. Presidents with help from the media promote distractions to take the public’s mind off serious issue. Then the Grubers can step in and claim how stupid we Americans are. Obama isn’t the first. I can at least trace the pattern back to Bush Sr. and his preference for pork rinds over broccoli, but maybe someone can remember even further back.

  2. After I heard that it was Earnest’s idea it became clearer that it was just a “change the narrative” cover for the petulant child to payback the networks for refusing to interrupt their prime-time show schedules to broadcast his illegal immigrant power grab decree.
    I could care less if they were all women reporters, my problem was that half of them asked questions not even worthy of a 6th grade facebook “journalist”.

    1. Right…”What are your New Year’s resolutions?’…could have asked for today’s tee time too…and tonight’s dinner plans…or when to take the girls for shaved ice.

      1. It’s really a put down of women whom only the Democrats respect and value (sarc). They aren’t going to call on a Sharyl Attkisson even if there were any in the WH Press Corpse.

        1. Sharyl is going to be on Howard Kurtz’s show tomorrow. I don’t care for him but I am always on the lookout for her. She is one of the best journalists I can remember….and that goes back a long, long time. She has such dignity.

  3. FCMABBHO has freed four more from Gitmo. They’ve been flown back to their native Afghanistan against the wishes of our top general there.

      1. When I think of Cuba, I think of Cubans working with Iranians in Venezuela. I then think of North Korea’s ties with Syria and Iran. I then think of Operation Orchard in which Israel flattened a nuclear reactor in Syria and the reported deaths of North Korean scientists.

        1. I had a question for you the other day you might have missed. Did it turn out that the three spies the US is returning to Cuba include the woman you said was so awful (a murderess?)?

          1. No, she’s still in prison.

            However, I want to know if we’re gonna’ get back that cop-killing member of the Black Panther Party, JoAnne Chesimard.

          2. The administration didn’t announce that so I’m assuming that the answer is no. Heaven forbid, they don’t want to bring a black woman back to justice here. BTW, I’ve heard that there are about 70 US fugitives in Cuba.

        1. He has that little trick of rubbing his face with his middle finger when he’s answering questions he doesn’t like. He really is a child in many respects.

          1. I remember seeing a photograph of him doing that during the 2008 campaign. One of my son’s friends got caught doing something similar in school. He got a paddling.

          2. He also has a little childish trick of pulling on his nose when he is slamming Republicans and thinks it is funny.
            Pitiful and childish is not strong enough to describe my feelings..

  4. Actually, Obama did only call on an African American (lady) for his final question, which — as I recall — was after what he said would be his last question.

    April was kind enough to magically come up with a question which enabled POTUS to pontificate on how America keeps beating up on his people. Looking back, the same type of “extra” question enabled Obama to spout off about Skip Gates and Trayvon Martin (although he claims to have a history of NOT commenting on such cases).

    Michelle isn’t the only one in the White House with expertise in plants.

      1. Maybe here he came out looking good. But not at the Sony interview when they made it clear the WH was advised.

        As for the MSM and the Obama cult member it is good enough to stand him mute at the podium and then issue blank documents as press releases.

    1. If I had been there not that would be a war on women and I would
      find it insulting, and demeaniing not funny. Boy am I grumpy. Good old Daily Mail has great pictures of the family leaving and then arriving in Hawaii boy those two girls looked like 2 spoiled
      brats grumpy looks. The entire family needs to go to a ‘finishing’
      school for a few simple manners lessons. If somebody was paying for me to spend 3 weeks in Hawaii I could dredge up a
      faux smile.

        1. I love your suggestion of “finishing school” for the entire family…the girls and Mooch need to learn to walk, sit, smile, and dress among other things.
          Obama could begin with not chewing gum in public and not walking with a swagger (look at me…am I ever cool).

          1. Surely the White House employs a protocol officer, or someone, anyone who could teach the entire family how they should act, as representatives of the United States?

  5. To the current crew in the WH, we are all just demographics- male or female, liberal or conservative, jew or gentile, straight or gay, etc…

    Slicing and dicing the population into categories with silly stunts like this does nothing to bring us together.

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