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Obama Already Playing Golf

Just 30 hours or so after holding a White House press conference, President Obama is in Hawaii playing golf.

His partners are two junior White House aides, Mike Brush and Joe Paulsen, as well as Hawaii friend Bobby Titcomb.

It’s Obama’s 49th golf excursion of the year and the 206th of his presidency.

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    1. Yep, sending them back to kill our boys again. I know you and Marcus are still practicing Catholics–and I am not–but some of Pope Francis’s comments play right into Obama. He has come out against life imprisonment so I suppose it’s ok to send Taliban back to Afghanistan to kill all over again. The last time I looked at the official catechism, even capital punishment was accepted in certain cases. I think Francis may be a liberation theologian who waited out John Paul and Benedict.

      1. I’m not offended, either. This whole Cuban thing is a disgrace, from beginning to end. The arrangement–whatever the Vatican role was– was one-sided, the Cuban people got nothing. The political prisoners are still prison, and will remain there, no doubt.

        The only people benefiting are Obama’s Progressive lefty fat cats (they’ll be “in control” of the sales and distribution of Cuban products, you can bet), and the small circle of Cuban politicians who will make money by the wheelbarrow-full. And we can safely conclude that these Cuban marketeers will be paying some sort of fee back to Obama’s pals.

        Lefties have been in love with killer dictators forever.


        Walter Duranty’s New York Times writer and his disgusting praise for Stalin at the height of the murders, gulags and starvation in the Soviet Union is a perfect example.

        They loved Mao, the East German Communist leaders in the Cold War, the North Vietnam leadership during the Vietnam War, Putin, Chavez. And now, Obama’s infatuation and allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, the mothership of the Jihadist movement.

        You name the murdererous lefty dictator, and American Progressives loved him. They are taught to do so in American colleges and universities and even in the K-12 classes throughout the United States.

        The Vatican’s role in this Cuban fiasco needs to be fully investigated and exposed.

        (I realized this turned into a rant, but there we are ;+})

  1. The blood of two NYC police officers are on his hands. He promoted this kind of hatred, he wished it to continue, and advised the haters to “stay the course”.
    The blood of the two police officers should slide down his golf club and stain his shoes.
    IMO, of course.

    1. Reoccurring a$$ hole-ness…me me me. White crackers need to pay the price for any misconstrued animosity their ancient elders may have thought about the help.

  2. Who paid the greens fee?
    And where are the non-native Hawaiians staying? Who is paying for room and board? How many guests are included on this annual, traditional vacation? /sarc

    1. Did we pay for the aides trip also? Is that what their job is, going golfing with him? As far as the other issue, I am speechless at the moment. Except for the point I have turned off the news every single time they wanted to chat with anything about it. I did not want to feed them the attention. This is sinful. He needs to get off that dad burn course, address all the people he cheered for, and tell them to back off. So much for speechless.

    2. Tomorrow I expect a comment from Obama on the police assassinations, the usual cliches, and then off he goes to the golf course.

    1. Do you think a man who appoints an official race hustler to incite American blacks against whites and who returns terrorists to the theatre where there is an active war deserves to remain as President of the United States. Are we supposed to just wait him out Star? How much more violence will be done to people and institutions because we are cowardly to allow us to do what we are legally able to do.

      1. Sharpton is being referred to as a senior White House advisor. I am not hoping the Republicans will attempt to impeach him. They will avoid it at any cost. But how do you get the Constitution back on track if they give him their tacit approval?

  3. Also it is a statement that this cop killer went all the way to NYC to do this. It is promoted and sanctioned there. DiBlasio and Sharpton cannot escape that.

    And listening to Fox, like all of them, trying to weasel out of putting the blame on the Brown and other deaths and Sharpton.

          1. Reply to Mandy: Well, I only respect people who hold positions if they deserve it. I don’t respect positions per se. I’m never in Obama’s vicinity, but I would heckle him if I got the chance.

      1. His quote from the Koran: Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.

        Some Religion of Peace.

  4. I was trying to search for an article on this matter. Nothing on Drudge yet about this. Front screen: Castro declared victory for the Cuban Revolution on Saturday in a wide-ranging speech, thanking o for a new chapter while also reaffirming that restored relations with the U.S. did not mean the end of Communist rule in Cuba.
    Good job o. sarc.

    1. Lee — fyi or maybe you know Drudge takes weekends off.Rarely does the site contain current or new info over weekend.

      Saw that Castro statement there and elsewhere. Shocked. Shocked I say that Communism will continue. And be strengthened with Obama’s policy of dollars into the hands of Cuban government and the Communist Party.

      1. That’s a really bad policy Drudge has. They should pay some people overtime to cover the weekend. We will not see this story there until Monday.

    1. Julie Banderas definitely struggling doing the “anchoring” this evening. She used to be one of the regular weekend anchors before being (understandably) demoted to “fill-in” status a couple of years ago.

      1. Julie took a reporter’s job at Fox on weekday mornings while she had 2-3 little ones. Now she is back doing some weekend anchoring. I think she is actually pretty good. Don’t think she was demoted. Judge Pirro has had 4 former NY cops calling for DeBlasio’s resignation. The fact that Sharpton marched with the folks calling for cop-killing should put him in line for a future Peace Prize. Thank God the President was able to play golf during the killings.

      2. Julie Banderas is hot…but dumb like many of FNC babes.
        The bimbos on Fox&Friends weekends are terrible…they can barely read a teleprompter and can’t really carry on a conversation with Tucker or Clayton

      1. I found out a little. Ramos was 40 and had a 13 year old son. Liu was newly married 2 months ago. Sad that we learn so much about the assassin before we learn anything about his victims.

    1. He just wiped a tear. Tears at the foundation of our society when our police are killed. Every New Yorker should feel they were attacked. Even though he took his life we will be vigilent for any other info regarding this. Anybody should tell the police if they here of anything. There is a sadness that is very hard to describe. Met parents, wife, child of policeman. We pray over the bodies of these two officers. Terrible loss at moment. Come together to support these familes. Thankful there are heros like the officers. He is now speaking in Spanish.

      1. Kerik makes the point, that this is widespread and encouraged across the nation. You saw yourself what was on the left wing blogs. So, I would say yes. It will continue. These two poor NYC police officers are just the first.

        Kerik commented he wanted to see a day of outrage about these executions. Think that will happen? I don’t. Over at WZ there is a piece about how many people are writing deBlasio with outrage etc., but where were these people when there was a Rally to Support the Police.

        This is well organized. And I think it will get worse before it gets better. And it is Obama’s fault — he abdicated to Al Sharpton and Sharpton, with full rein, will never stop.

        1. And there are too many nefarious, possibly terrorist and certainly communist elements , in this Sharpton mix. Al incites — that is what he does. He has no ability to control what he starts.

  5. Comrade Bill — “heinous individual” — as far removed from Sharpton, and the race hustling, kill a cop protesters as he could get.

    “we pray” — BS — Commies don’t pray — they prey.

    And in Spanish! I will be gracious and say this is for Ramos — although I am pretty damned sure Ramos saw himself as an American Law Enforcement Officer.

  6. Again, no connection to terrorism.

    No mention of the connection to Sharpton.

    HA! To save Sharpton and deBlasion DOJ will probably call this a lone wolf terrorist.

  7. diBlasio — going everywhere but to himself and Sharpton.

    Think about the families, not politics. And look to the internet. Heads up!

    And NYPD disallows that — brings in the protests. anti cultural. last few weeks of the insanity and madness in the streets of Brooklyn.

  8. Someone asked a question, could only hear the words White H.
    Bratton answered said this is not easy at all.
    Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were the officers KILLED.
    You try to make sense of it.
    Next question: Could not hear it
    Bratton said there were posting on instagram. They will determine what was the motivation. They were anti police.
    Question: Can not hear.
    Bratton: We will try to determine. Indicate strong bias against police. Will investigate if that was the actual motivation.
    Question: Can not hear
    Bratton: Trying to put together his movement in the recent past
    Question: ?
    Bratton: No site of terroriest groups at this time. Trying to learn.
    Question: ?
    Bratton: Discuss the ax killer. Said that was listed as terrorist. Put out notices to police regarding lone wolfs. Specific motivation will investigate.
    Question: ?
    Deblasio: said this is NOT TIME FOR POLITICS. Time to think of families.
    Killer put info on the internet.
    Bratton: Nothing of this nature in terms of the postings that this man many have made strong anti police. If he was part of demonstrations, will be part of investigation.
    Question: ?
    Bratton: Give..
    Question: ?
    Bratton: Discussing people crossing the line by saying something. Just as the warning came in the murders took place. Put tablets in police car to see picture of people they need to watch for. (Technology)
    Question: ?
    Bratton: Talking to neighbors. Ask people who know anything to contact them.
    Question: ?
    Bratton: Early stage. no terrorism in sight.

    1. When it’s a lone wolf, it’s not terrorism, according the government, but we’ve heard from the radical Islamists encouraging them to act as lone wolves.

      1. You are correct Julie. I could not hear the reporters questions, or comments. I do not think they threw that point back at them. I sure would like to know what the question was before Deblasio brought up his stupid politics comment.

  9. del Blasio, Sharpton and Sharpton wannabes et al all have blood on their hands. It’s not the first time Sharpton incited Bed Sty with death as the result, but it is the first time that I can remember that the SOB was regarded as a WH advisor while hosting his own tv show.

    If the yahoo thread on the assassination of two police officers is any indication of the level of anger, there are almost 15,000 comments.

    1. I didn’t catch the whole statement, but Holder said we condemn shooting. barbarrism, make all resources avaiilable for investigation. If someone has the whole quote, please post it.
      Heard it on Fox.

    2. Good to know. Let’s see who provides Sharpton et al cover.

      Holder — BS statement.

      On Fox, fmr police detective says NYPD has been “declawed” and this was just “reap what you sow”.

          1. Wonder how comfortable diBlasio and son are with their police detail now. The police are honorable and do an excellent job protecting those they are assigned to — but I hope the Commie is sweating bullets.

    1. Judge Jeanne and Kerik not pulling any punches — puts the blame where it belongs Obama et al including Commie Bill and Al — Kerik also makes the point that this is not just NY where law enforcement is endangered– but across the country.

      So good on them.

      1. I just posted a second ago about police turning their backs. I listened to Kerik as well. Will such blunt needed points be made tomorrow as well.
        She is now speaking of the Sony issue. She said o Piles on and blames Sony. Makes clear as we here have discussed that Sony had been in discussion with them. Who to believe o or N. Korean dictator. Where was o when Sony stood alone on this.
        This is a huge issue she is stating.

  10. Two NYPD Officers shot point blank in the head in Brooklyn this afternoon…..I was on the train back to New Jersey after work in NYC when I heard the news. FU Bill DeBlasio and Al Sharpton and all of the agitators….two families grieve tonight. Cops turn their backs on DeBlahBlah at the press conference. Cops did not even see the guy coming. God Bless and RIP.

        1. The W Press Corpse should try this maneuver with Josh Earnest. Just a thought ….. as if….it would be the backs of two — Ed Henry and Jonathan Karl.

  11. Just some thoughts:
    The ground has shifted, the narrative of racist cops targeting innocent Black men is now exposed as bogus, and with one terrorist attack on an Asian and a Hispanic policemen the White vs Black theme has exploded into Everyone vs Black criminals.
    The Blacks who have access to media sources, from the President to entertainers and sports figures, now must defend the indefensible – the ambush execution of two men wearing the uniform of the NYPD in retaliation for the foolish actions of two Black criminals who caused events leading to their own deaths.

    We’re at a watershed of racial relations and this can go bad with just one more outrage.
    It’s time for the President, MrHolder, et al, to step up and call an end to these demonstrations that are inflaming the people of America. Demonstrators who use false narratives of what they see as unjust actions to block innocent travelers, to stop the peaceful commerce in malls and cities, and who protest in front of city buildings must be discouraged before more harm and damage happens.

    1. Exactly! Neither of the cops were white; so basically Obama, Sharpton, Holder et al are marginalizing their own people. Sick!! A crime against law and order in this society. Liberals won’t stop until America is in chaos.

  12. Have been out all day and just returned only to hear about the atrocious execution of the two cops in Brooklyn. Right now, the only thing I want to see is DeBlasio being dragged by his feet out of Gracie Mansion – tonight! Now! He and Sharpton are directly responsible for the ‘What do we want? Dead Cops’ chanting we hear every day – day after day. Tonight, Obama, Sharpton, and DeBlasio have blood all over their hands! But it is DeBlasio who must go NOW. How did we ever end up with Communists and Black Liberationists running this country? The NYPD turned their backs on DeBlasio at the press conference. Hope this leads to his immediate resignation…or impeachment.

    **And please, FOX, get ditch Bernie Kerik and keep Bo Dietl. Dietl is a great spokesman for New York’s finest – Kerik is a dead fish.

  13. New on WZ…there is a petition for the removal of De Blase’. There were 14,000 signatures mentioned; however, I find it curious the petition seemed to be sponsored by

    1. I saw that too. I wondered if was trying to distance themselves from the people even more left than they, for example, OWS. “You don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing.”

  14. Obama might want to educate his superficial self and read the autobiography of Malcolm X. Malcolm X knew what the race hustlers were about….using their own people. When he exposed them, his own people assassinated him. And who is the biggest mouth of racism out there, inciting hate and murder? Louis Farrakhan.

  15. I walk past NYPD officers everyday and they are every color of the rainbow….this is about hate for authority and hate for law and order and one group refusing to obey the law.

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