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Former NY Gov. Pataki Blames Holder for Shootings

Former New York Gov. George Pataki pegged the shootings of two Brooklyn police officers today on the “divisive, anti-cop rhetoric” of Attorney General Eric Holder and New York City mayor Bill DiBlasio.

Pataki, a Republican who is considering a run for president, tweeted:

Sickened by these barbaric acts, which sadly are a predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric of #ericholder & #mayordeblasio. #NYPD.

By blaming Holder, Pataki would appear to be stopping just short of pointing the finger at President Obama.

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  1. Well, remember Obama had Sharpton and other leaders of the Ferguson riots to the WH and told them to “stay the course”. He’s just as complicit in fomenting violence as the others.

    1. There’s a long list of enablers and every one of them will or should be held to task. The politicos should be very worried because we all know it’s the men and women wearing blue who protect them.

      O/T: Don’t cell phones work indoors?

      Two Chicago men mugged Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s teenage son right across the street from the Emanuel family home on Friday night — and gave the high school senior a bloody lip and a chipped tooth to boot.
      The strong-arm robbery occurred at about 10 p.m., reports the Chicago Sun-Times.
      Emanuel’s son, Zach, had stepped outside and across the street from the residence to make a mobile phone call. The two men approached the teen, forcibly examined the contents of his pockets and stole his phone.

          1. @Playrighter, the house indeed has 24/7. The story sounds a tad ‘fishy’ to me. Kid with fat lap and broken tooth and oddly enough the complete absence of a description of the perp/s.

    2. Absolutely agree with you, Julie. This presidents politics are so divisive, so harmful. He and his partners in this race-mongering should all be held responsible. War against the police , it is shocking , but ,well, it is not an unexpected consequence of the irresponsible rethoric. I somehow hope that the police will be a little late when these politicians call for help…..

      1. I was tucked into bed when you put your comment up. If you come back, I’m curious about when the Swedish elections are to be held.

    3. Just remember that the man who calls himself “Obama” has invited all of this anti-American, anti-cop, anti-white garbage into the American culture. He started by inviting vile rappers into OUR White House. Rappers who were intoning to “paint the White House BLACK”. These are the fruits of those actions. Lovely, isn’t it?

      1. Wonder what sort of trouble Obama and his band of Black Liberationists are going to cause AFTER his presidency. Can’t abide the thought of Obama leaving with all of our top secret security info in light of his affinity for every third world dictator on the planet.

          1. Correction. Jay-Z didn’t make them, he got them delivered to the NBA players, and then ordered 1,000 more.

            Oddly, he didn’t wear one, himself. Apparently, the shirts didn’t come in the right size for him.

  2. Just noted that CNN has not interrupted their regularly scheduled pre-recorded shows to carry this breaking news story. And yet they had people on the ground in Ferguson for days and nights – non-stop coverage ad nauseum. By the time Monday rolls around, this heinous hate crime sparked by Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and DeBlasio will be just another ‘deranged’ shooter who couldn’t get psychiatric care before Obamacare kicked in.

    **Just heard the DeBlasio’s spent their honeymoon in Cuba. Figures!

    1. Let the CNN mavens of racial events wallow in their shame for the part they played.
      Tomorrow morning, maybe CandyCrowley can explain how the murder of an Asian and a Hispanic NYC police officers is a just response to the unfortunate death of a Black man who was resisting arrest.

      1. It’s certainly going to interfere with the Left’s narrative.

        Can’t wait to hear how msnbc handles their 6 pm new slot with Sharpton. Of course, I realize that it’s the same network that has no shame, no soul and in fact almost no viewers either.

  3. No one would be blaming or accusing MrObama, MrHolder, or even the NYC Mayor of fomenting events that led to the assination of two NYC police officers if they had only supported the legal system and had refused to allow that the deaths of two Black men were racist in nature.

    They chose to play the race card for reasons only they know, and now they must answer to the charges of abetting the commission of this crime.
    MrObama can “monitor” all he wants, but he, more than the others, is responsible for being irresponsible in his words and actions.

    1. Obama will be holding a private ‘beer summit’ following the next round of golf.
      He started this crap six months into the regime with Henry Gates. Obama will be more than a footnote in history, he will be a stain.

      1. Depends on who’s writing the history books, Sadie. As he did yesterday at the presser. Obama is dictating his legacy, and his obedient stenographers are taking notes.

        1. Island Girl…any idea why the MSM is not reporting on the location of his vacation palace? As I recall, they always give the locale and the price of the rental. Why the secrecy this time?

          1. So is my brother. It is hard to reach him because of the time difference. Will let you know what an aggrivation this may/will be for the people who live there, after I speak to him.

      2. Exactly. Right from the beginning we saw Barry’s contempt for law enforcement when he opined that “police acted stupidly” in the Gates incident. Nixon caused a major ruckus when he stated that Charles Manson was guilty. So why is it permissible for Barry to inject himself into criminal / legal matters?

  4. Could care less about what Pataki has to say. Where was he in the last election cycle getting conservatives elected? Where was he when Coumo refused to even debate Astorino? Where was the help for Mark Assini?
    Pataki is just another self serving RINO.

    1. And sad to say only 18% of people (unions mostly) voted in NYC and voted for Big Bird — of course, there are a lot of illegals in NYC, who might still be bound by decorum — not recognizing that, course they can vote.

      Elections have consequences.

      That said, NYC police executions are indicative of conditions throughout the country.

      1. Gratuitous patting on the back… as I am not a fan of De Blase’ at all. From my post January 1, 2014 he was elected with such enthusiasm (sarc) that is why I call him De Blase’.

        Guillermo Grande January 1, 2014 at 9:56 am
        And in a new creative writing exercise: “The new mayor was elected two months ago by a record margin…”

        Which while technically correct is misleading. 17% of the voters were for De-blase’ or less than 9% of the pop chose the leadership and direction for NYC. Just another example of you get what you vote for. Good luck NYC.

  5. The execution shootings. Having lunch. Never had a chance. Took a shooting stance. Already a fugitive after shooting girlfriend.
    Emails were sent out to late. It had stated 2 police cars need to show up for each call.
    Pat Lynch head of police union: There is blood on many hands tonight.
    It stops at the steps of City hall. I just saw the film of the police turning their backs to the mayor.
    Rudy Giuliani will be on Fox within the hour on Fox.

  6. Issmaily Abdullah reportedly had ties with the Black Guerilla Family.

    “BGF has been talking about getting back at cops for Eric Garner and Ferguson,” a source told The News, citing intelligence intercepted in Baltimore area prisons.

    1. Thanks for posting that Mandy. I just heard it on Fox. Same time I think of o on a course. Helps this ugliness with his ranting, than takes off on vacation.
      Arthur Aidala Legal analyst at Fox. He just mention the policeman had a 13 yr. old, and a kid in college.
      He said: o needs to come out and make a strong statement as well as mayor De. Doesn’t understand how bridges, streets etc. were violated by protest. He said De. should have come out weeks ago and stated yes you have free speech, But we don’t want d. cops. Pat Lynch needs to sit down with mayor explain we don’t want this to turn back to what it was decades ago. Deb. lost all his political credibility.

      1. There are some reports that he attended that notorious mosque in Brooklyn, Masjid Al-Farooq.

        I’ve been trying to find out if Michael Williams is a Muslim. He’s the guy who allegedly stabbed four people on Amtrak in Michigan earlier this month.

        1. All I know is that the maniacs (as I call them) are still laughing there tail off, of what has been happening. Do they want a happy America, NO! Do they want people supporting our police, NO! Do they want politicians speaking well of the police and the citizens of America, NO!

      2. Obama’s specialty: Hit and run. The coward’s way. He would have made a good arsonist, too. Starting fires and fleeing the scene. I doiuble dare him to give another lecture on ‘race’!!!

  7. Mayor Giuliani stated on Fox said had not had assassination muder like this for a long, long time. He called it propaganda (regarding all the bad mouthing of cops for the last couple months).
    Fathers should be talking to their kids regarding the wrong doing of criminals actions in their neighborhood, (killing each other), (which is a high percent), not ther very low percentage of cops killing a criminal.
    Real problems. Time should be spent on why. He used to have anti italian protesters running their mouth, when he was arresting so many mafia. criminals. Tragedy that o and co. is not addressing the crimes in, inner cities instead of stirring up hate to the police. While he was mayor the bridge being taken over would have NEVER OF HAPPEN. You don’t stop flow though the streets. 92% is the problem, Not the 1%. Al tearing down the grand jury is an absolute outrage. Crimes were being commited. Both armed men commiting crime, and or resisting arrest.
    Does not blame mayor for murder, he is blaming for protest getting out of control. They did not have permits, and a set place to protest.
    He feels sorry for Debla. and Bill Brattin. Mayor has to make speech stating police is not the problem.

  8. Bo Dietl former NYPD speaking on Fox. He called mayor a big bird, not to be funny. When you make an environment like has happen, let this man persist.
    By the way the question I could not hear last night,
    Will this increase tensions? That is when the mayor said he did not want to talk POLITICS….
    Bo Dieti said mayor needs to build a bigger wall so he can smoke some pot in his back yard. (The mayor has just built a bigger fence). Bo said he needs to STEP DOWN. The people of N.Y. and Gov. of N.Y. need to take control of mayors actions. He worries for these cops, and apologizes for being so emotional. The commisioner has to stand there and listen to big bird talk. People from black, hispanic communities need to stand together against what has happened. (Messy note taking again)

    1. Building a bigger fence reminds me of our former racist mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, who built an eight foot wall around his temporary home, the Getty Mansion in Hancock Park, so that he could entertain his girlfriends in private. The wall was totally against code, but he did it anyway.

    1. I typed in news on Mall of America. About 25 people were arrested during a police brutality protest at mall in Bloomington, Minn. This happened Saturday. Hundreds of people gathered in mall despite warnings that the facility is private

  9. The increasing mix of black grievances and extremist Islamic ideology is a very dangerous brew. To which , of course, is added liberal, leftist, white, minority and others drawn to revolution and anarchy for various reasons. But this gives them something to cling to and hang their hat on.

    The one thing that I think is bizarre is the call “White Allies to the front” — and the cannon fodder moves, up. Idiots.

    1. “The increasing mix of black grievances and extremist Islamic ideology is a very dangerous brew.”

      Actually, the ideology is not extremist. It’s based on the Koran. The Koran commands Muslims to kill infidels. Did you see my link about what he had on his Facebook?

        1. Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.

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