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Ros-Lehtinen: Engagement With Cuba has Already Failed

The White House noted Wednesday that the United States is the only country still disengaged from Cuba. Which, as Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., notes, begs the question, how has the engagement with Cuba of the rest of the world worked out?

15 thoughts on “Ros-Lehtinen: Engagement With Cuba has Already Failed”

  1. First comment: Another issue of o breaking the law. Regarding Embargo issue.
    This will not bring any help to the citizens. The dictator (s) is not going to change! Now why isn’t every single person in office stating the same thing?
    I as so fed up with him breaking on law after the other.
    Remember what I typed months ago. I typed that his click felt if we throw so much (I will say stuff this time) at the fan, no one will be able to keep up with our agenda.

  2. OT–Quoting this woman reminded me of my friend in Ft L and how she likes this woman and this in turn reminded me of a story this friend told me yesterday. She teaches Eng as a Second Lang in a pretty expensive school for adults and one of her students left to return to Venezuela to get married and when he got to the airport and got in a cab, the cab driver kidnapped him…He knew he was in trouble and leapt from the moving can–broke ribs, his arm, and had other injuries and may get married from a hosp bed. Such kidnappings, the students assured my friend, are normal and he should have known not to take an airport cab. This was last Tues. Makes you apprec things a little. The Cubans have it bad, too–but I am getting various emails from friends and acquaintances reminding me they tortured our vets in Vietnam, were horrible in the Congo….but again, tarring a whole population for the sins of a few…

    1. When it comes to Cuba I want to get there so much (Cuban sandwhiches, 1950s cars & hot women…)
      Heck, Communist China killed over 20+ million of its own citizens from 1949-1972… and yet Nixon showed up in China just after the pyschotic maddness of the “Cultural Revolution”

  3. Think about it. Obama uses Sharpton as a serious adviser, so my little theory is not so far-fetched.

    Remember that Beyonce and hubby JayZ went to Cuba about 6 months ago?

    I think that Beyonce came back and reported to Dear Leader how wonderful Cuba was and wouldn’t it be great if Beyonce could go there will all her friends. Barack would love it too.

    Voila! Six months later, we’re moving forward to that goal.

    I know, sounds silly, but remember: He uses Rev Al as a SERIOUS advisor.

    1. Remember how he reminded us he was “still young” and prob would get to Cuba. That sally was irritating–you are not that young and hey, you’ve lost what looks you had. Now I am just being mean–oh, well…

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