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Obama Swaggers on Water

The secret to Barack Obama’s success is an apparently infinite capacity for feeling good about himself without any evidence to support the conclusion.

That’s what propelled a one-term U.S. senator and former Illinois state legislator with an undistinguished record in either body to the presidency: an implacable sense of self-confidence drawn from – well I don’t know where it’s drawn from.

If you watched the press conference today, you saw it on display. He was relaxed, confident, completely dismissive of his opponents, and bragging shamelessly about his achievements. The media are already calling it “swagger.” MSNBC , as you can see below, was practically delirious with the news – that the person some even on the Left had come to see as a false Messiah had somehow resurrected himself.

Obama press conf 12-19-14 4

The president seems unaware that Democrats were destroyed in the last election; that the slaughter in Syria continues; that the economy has stirred to life only after five years of trying under his leadership; that the jobs being created ain’t that great, that incomes aren’t rising, and that more are simply out of the workforce than in 40 years; that the U.S. oil and gas boom occurred despite him, not because of him; that he blew Bush’s achievements in Iraq; that a whole new class of Islamists have been created for us to fight; that Iran is on the cusp of nuclear weapons; that people’s health insurance costs are on the rise and rationing is on the horizon. And on and on.

In short, that the world is a mess. But as I write this, he is confidently boarding a plane for two weeks of relaxation in Hawaii. He took a couple of executive actions of dubious wisdom and questionable legality – immigration and then Cuba – and clearly the narcotic of power has induced a state of euphoria.

The president and his staff seem to have taken flight, disencumbering themselves from reality. They no longer understand what’s happening, and don’t care what anyone – Democrat or Republican – thinks.

And those executive actions. They just make ya feel so good.

Get ready for two years of imperial rule.

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  1. Great piece, Keith….right on the mark.
    All women, no men, no one on the front row and concluding with a fellow race baiter…female.
    He is angry and frustrated and really does not, like Rhett Butler, give a damn.

  2. All he does have is delusion and swagger is pretty much the sum total of what constitutes Obama. BTW he still needs to stop experimenting with mismatched foundation make-up.

    1. I kept looking at his hair. It looked like it was painted on. Then a varnish applied as well.
      As far as the next two years, I pray we will get though it and be safe and strong. A lot of intelligent people will just reply, I can’t handle any more at this moment.
      In other words so… much is being overlooked. No one is doing a darn thing about. We have people we pay for to protect us from every threat. Even ones within.

      1. This is a silly reply to your comment, but I’m capable of that now and then. Moochelle’s eyebrows strike me as being painted on and shellacked. Remember when they were getting thinner and thinner? I think she’s plucked them out of existence and now has to paint them on.

          1. He looks stoned to the gills. No doubt he started his vacation party hearty antics first thing in the morning on Friday. More and more every day he displays the extreme lust for power and cruelty that were the personality traits of the evil dictators of the 20th Century like Stalin and Mao. If he could he would arrest and either execute or banish to gulag concentration camps every American who opposes him. So far he cannot. So far. This monster will not leave office willingly.

  3. His domineering attitude is nothing more than a shield that he uses when in the presence of people that can make him look like a fool.
    All of the reporters sitting in that room could take him to the floor easily.
    Notice that he picks and chooses the ones that he allows to ask a question.
    The arrogance he disseminates and the in your eye attitude he promotes disgust me.

    1. And the “WH press corps” & “media” easily go along with the Obama regime and the way it treats them… (Obama treats the “media” like crap)

  4. Two more years is not an inevitability.

    Normalizing relations with Cuba may have just cost the Democrats the state of Florida in 2016. Most of the older Cubans who fled Castro vote in pretty much every election, and they are single-issue about it. And as we saw in 2000, every vote in Florida matters.

    So here we go again looking at the 2018 Senate map. How many of those Senate Democrats who coattailed off the guy in 2012 are starting to get really, really nervous wondering which group of voters King Barry the Malevolent will piss off next?

    The GOP only needs 13 Democratic senators to break ranks, and there are LOT of 2018 Democrats in the Senate who either won close races, or are in purplish states.

    The votes are there. And the more King Barry keeps poking the citizenry in the eye, the easier it will be to confirm those “guilty” votes.

      1. HA! JE crawls on the ground when he defends this WH. At least when Carney was there he had a shot because Obama hadn’t gone full blown dicktator. Now that he has you have to have truly sold your soul to stand there for the paycheck.

  5. Ok guys, pick a long line in the grocery store this week and read the entire People Magazine article on the Obamas. It’s worse than just the racist Target woman comment (which was implied, not actually said). MO whines about other things too (“raising black daughters” still sticks in my craw).

    BO sticks with his Al Sharpton talking points about race … “we’re making progress” (back to the 50’s his idea of progress?) and proud of that basketball player who wore the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt, wish more black athletes would do that. (It’s anti-police you numbskull !).

    Sadly, this article followed a very moving tribute to Robin Williams and his great personal contributions to humanity, especially sick children and the troops overseas.

    Pick a really long line, read the Williams article after the Obama one, the contrast is powerful.

    1. Was over at Twitchy and saw that very few protesters showed up FOR the cops as opposed to the vile anti police protesters.

      There can be a number of reasons of course — fear, ambivalence, maybe no support for cops, NYC.But it is not a good sign for NY police, LE or law and order in the US.

      And it is not a good sign for America – we are intimidated by race hustlers.

  6. With The One it’s always how he would have done better and what he would do if others didn’t stop him.

    B.S., I’m tired of him. How will the nation endure the rest of his term? The aggravation will be terrible.

  7. And yet, Obama still has tons of supporters who like what he has done. After an almost daily revelation of how he is a racist, traitor, supporter of our enemies, hates the Constitution and the rule of law, lies about everything, and uses federal government agencies to punish his opponents and taxpayer’s money to enrich his supporters, and on and on and on, one cannot wrap their mind around how such a person can be an American.

  8. Instead of the MSM turning their eye, they need to make a point every day of the Nixon issue.
    Compare every single day.
    As well they need to read off what is in the Constitution every single day, compare to everything o has ignore and pursued on his own.
    The MSM also needs to state that they would love hundreds of illegals in thier neighborhood and schools. They need to also state they would love for protest riots in their neighborhoods. I could go on and on.
    They need to state the facts and stop playing cheerleader for him.

      1. That is why I am scared.
        Early this afternoon reports on Fox that the FBI was stating this was a serious natl. security matter. He spoke this afternoon as Keith stated. He didn’t

    1. LMAO! the “MSM” having a backbone to say the truth about Obama…
      (I have even noticed FNC can be kinda soft on Obama on lots of stories…)

      1. an implacable sense of self-confidence drawn from – well I don’t know where it’s drawn from.

        Fortunately for you, Keith, David Brooks does: “I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant”.

  9. I watched but didn’t hear the comment Chuck Todd must have made somewhere else that loser Obama is taking a victory lap. That clip, btw, was absolutely disgusting. That’s where he gets it from, Keith. The MSM is brushing aside that the Republicans won a great victory and enabling Obama in his delusions of invincibility. Of course the Congressional Republicans likewise have enabled him.

    1. MSNBC actually gloating about his swagger that was so utterly disgusting is to be expected. Their brainwashing is permanent.
      Middle America, whether here in flyover country or on the East and West coasts are starting to wake up.
      I have to believe that our time is coming…America is still America and we are not brainwashed.
      I do agree that we have some really weak GOP in Washington….they need to be voted out, one election at a time.
      Let’s pray that 2016 will see us unite.

  10. “He was relaxed, confident, completely dismissive of his opponents, and bragging shamelessly about his achievements.”

    Just like a typical dictator would act.

    1. Speaking of the media. Yesterday morning Fox was stating that their connections (Inside source) were telling them that 3 Countries were involved. O comes out and says no, just N. Korea. Now I don’t know what to believe.

  11. After reading your article, Keith. I was trying to determine exactly what kind of ‘disorder’ he has and realized, sadly, it’s pretty much not different than any of the bad players in Boko Haram or ISIS. He’s a serial killer of feelings, his own and dismissive of others. Lest I forget, he’s also a jive-ass-city-slicker, too.

      1. “The narcissist has alloplastic defenses. In other words, he tends to blame the world for failures, mishaps, problems, and defeats. Because he has a preconceived notion of a hostile, menacing Universe – his experience only serves to fortify his prejudices. THE NARCISSIST LEARNS NOTHING, FORGETS NOTHING, AND FORGIVES NOTHING. A post-mortem of a relationship conducted with a narcissist is very frustrating because it never achieves closure. The narcissist is interested exclusively in allocating blame and generating guilt – not in progressing, developing, atoning, soothing, or concluding anything.”

  12. Couldn’t believe it! He patted himself on the back and said ‘what a good boy, am I’. The man is obviously delusional. Have always said he needs a psych evaluation followed up with what surely would be a diagnosis of extreme mental illness.
    Buckle your seat belts for the Toady POTUS Wild Ride – two years of EO’s, Memoranda, and personal extravaganzas. He’s writing his own legacy and the truth be damned!

  13. There is no way I could watch what he said after reading all these comments. Just got a breaking news the eagle has landed.
    What a dream come true!
    I will do what I can to convince him to resign

  14. Someone other than me can post a link from Hawaii News Now KHNL
    Looks like they requested no one greet them at Hickam Air Force.really?

  15. Just heard on Fox that N. Korea responded by stating; Not behind the attack. They want a joint investigation.
    Now I don’t know who, what how this will be investigated. I cringe everytime they say: Investigate. They have so many things they claim they are investigating.

    1. N. Korea claims it can prove they were not involved. They said there will be grave consequences if U.S. continues with accusations.
      That compares to o’s comment yesterday regarding Proportionally handling this matter.
      To remind everyone o called the internet the Wild West.
      As for as I am concerned he is Wild.

          1. I wouldn’t mind a real joint investigation as opposed to an independent one by NK. That would be more akin to what happened in the OJ trial.

          2. If an honest investigation could be achieved, I would be all for it. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a nagging thought that in spite of what the experts are saying, NK is not capable of doing this all on its own.

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  17. Keith; You described aka Obama perfectly. That should be all anyone needs to know about his mental status. No healthy person responsible for the carnage he hath wrought would be swaggering. A mentally healthy person would have long since resigned and retired from the stage. Ungrounded and untethered from reality and holding the nuclear codes without a single legitimate identifying document to his name.

      1. I was going to say–why not give the new Cong time to get here, find the bathrooms, set up their offices, and let the leaders get to know everyone and everyone learn the ropes, then start chipping away at them for this or that…

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