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Obama Morning News || December 19, 2014

White House takes aim at Rubio . . . A clearly prepared White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at Thursday’s daily briefing that Mr. Rubio’s own past statements on diplomatic relationships with other dictatorial regimes conflicted with his harsh remarks on re-opening ties with Havana. Washington Times

Is the immigration order legal? . . . The National Constitution Center’s constitutional literacy adviser, Lyle Denniston, explains how a federal judge’s ruling in Pittsburgh about President Obama’s immigration orders could be a sign of things to come. National Constitution Center

IRS delivers Christmas present . . . IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says budget cuts just enacted by Congress could delay tax refunds next year. CNS News

U.S. allowed negotiations for ISIS hostage release . . . US counter-terrorism officials backed a high-stakes negotiation involving two of the world’s most prominent jihadi clerics as well as former Guantánamo detainees in an attempt to save the life of an American hostage held by Islamic State. Emails show tentative talks with the spiritual leadership of Isis to secure the release of Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig began in mid-October and ran for several weeks, with the knowledge of the FBI. Guardian

Report to say Bergdahl a deserter, not traitor . . . The U.S. Army’s report on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will show he deserted, but not that he is a traitor, two military analysts familiar with the case told Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Newsmax

Government unprepared for attack . . . The federal government is not fully prepared to handle a nuclear terrorist attack or other sort of large-scale catastrophe and is years away from ensuring the safety of Americans if an event should happen, a Government Accountability Office finds. Fox News

Rand Paul backs Obama on Cuba . . . Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said the U.S. starting to trade with Cuba is “probably a good idea,” and the embargo against the country “just hasn’t worked. Washington Times

Rubio: Paul “has no idea what he’s talking about” . . . Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio slammed fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul for his support of President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy, telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that Paul “has no idea what he’s talking about.” Daily Caller

Grimes threatens to take Paul to court . . . Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes threatened a legal battle if GOP Sen. Rand Paul tries to get his name on the ballot in 2016 in both his race for re-election and in the race for president. Washington Times

Carly Fiorina staffing up for presidential bid . . . Carly Fiorina is laying the groundwork for what one ally says is an “imminent” presidential campaign—one that could launch as early as next month. National Journal

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  1. Is the immigration order legal? Must read.
    I just made comment a moment ago, and the computer(?) would not let me submit.
    This is insulting our judges across the country keeping their hands tied for now.

  2. I agree with Senator Rubio that Rand Paul has no idea what he is talking about on Cuba.
    Rand Paul may have some good qualities but he is as weak as Obama on foreign policy.

  3. That retired Col Tony Shaffer, intelligence, who is often on Fox said this report confirmed another done in I think 2009 that said deserter. Col. Hunt concurred. And they are not gruntled!

    1. The decision, if it turns out to be true, to convict him of desertion and not treason seems to be splitting hairs. He didn’t exactly desert to the Red Crescent. Oh well, they are looking to get out of the situation with the least damage to the so-called Commander-in-Chief.

      1. Desertion is a dishonorable discharge period.
        Treason comes into play depending on what he told the enemy, and that amounts to jail time at the very least.

        1. Thanks. So if he was just going over to the other side but not giving them any vital information which could harm our troops or country would be just desertion?

          1. Yes.
            You can just walk a base or a post and disappear into woods if you will.
            That is desertion.
            You have deserted your mates.
            The fact that he went to the enemy after leaving his post could be construed as treason.
            They didn’t kidnap him, he went voluntarily according to his comrades.

            And as far as a general discharge,…that is for people that just can’t do the job anymore.
            Like for instance a nurse or a medic that just can’t take the carnage anymore.

            Honorable= Job well done
            General= Can’t do it.
            Medical= Can’t do it because of medical conditions.
            Dis-Honorable= Dishonored the Country that you were sworn to serve.

          1. It was a bit embarrassing…she’s so full of herself at times. Although I typically enjoy her interview style, she’s become somewhat grating the past few months.

  4. Carly Fiorina ran HP and had to leave the company due to scandalous activities not necessarily her fault.
    She has bones in her closet.
    I do admire her political ideology,….but, as a republican, the left will destroy her.

      1. Agree. Same thing with Ben Carson. The Republicans have many people who would make good Cabinet appointees, people with expertise in certain fields, Carson in medicine, Fiorina in business and economics. But they don’t need to be cluttering up the presidential field.

      2. I agree Anne.
        I live in Ohio and John Kasich has taken this state from a deficit to a surplus, and reduced the unemployment rate to one of the lowest in the Country.
        I commend him for that.
        We also have a totally republican legislature in recent history.
        Kasich is somewhat of a RINO however, he has done a pretty good job so far.
        He may decide to be a contender for the presidency in 2016.
        It wouldn’t surprise me, and we could do worse.

      1. I like Kasich–he seems intelligent and calm. You guys are never going to get anyone electable that will say and do everything you seem to want…It isn’t in the cards. We need someone to beat the dems, period. You are ranking out Paul, but he has approached the black community quite boldly and seems respected. Each candidate will have some strong pts.

        1. This Country is in bad shape.
          We are 18 trillion $ in debt.
          Rand Paul is not the one to even begin to take us away from that millstone around our neck.

          We need someone that can surround his or her self with people that are Patriots and want to see this Country restored to some semblance of the glory that She is capable of.

  5. OT. Probably not the place to bring this up, but my sister got a letter from her doc asking her to fill out a long online questionnaire on her health history so she can be part of an electronic clipboard thing called Ingage–anyone else heard of this? Does the info go to the govt? She dutifully went for it–then asked me. Too late. I don’t think I would–I don’t do the ones from my plan. If the doc wants the electronic chart for all–say that–not have this company tag up…

  6. Rubio and Paul at odds opens the door wider for the establishment darling Bush.

    That said, Rad Paul does not know what he is talking about. But that doesn’t matter to his libertarian independent followers who also have no idea what they are talking about on this issue.

    Keep going the way we are going and America will be Cuba by 2016.

  7. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says budget cuts just enacted by Congress could delay tax refunds next year. Maybe they need to stop paying John Koskinen until all refunds are sent out–that may speed up the process a tad.

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