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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – December 19, 2014

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  1. My fellow readers. I just heard on Fox that the WH was considering the Sony issue a serious Natl. security matter. That the WH was weighing options for response. Our freedom has just been invaded by 1, 2 possibly three different Countries, and he is going to chat, than fly off for two weeks.
    If he says anything worth listening to, I will check with WHD when I get back from shopping.

  2. I am sure there is more to it than what has been reported. What I have seen of the movie it was a stinker.
    Betting presser is 10 minutes late.

  3. It hasn’t even started and I’m already disgusted. We have the ability to turn off the power and water in Pyongyang. We should do it for 3 days as a warning not to F with us.

  4. Did Sony make right choice. He said let me comment.
    Threat to employees. He said Sony made a mistake.
    In this digital world there will be chances for hackers.
    First thing to do is harden this at govt. level. Lot more needs to be done.
    Hopes Congress works with them with strong cyber for private sector to prevent. We cannot have a society that has a dictator impose sensorship in U.S. Imagine if producers and distributors start engaging in self senshorship. So that’s not who we are. I wish Sony spoke to him first. He would have said don’t get in pattern of being intimidated. Will occasionally this may happen.
    He was asked will you watch? He said he don’t discuss his movie list.
    We can confirm N Korea engaged in this attack. They caused a lot of damage. We will respond as we choose. Will not annouce how in a press conference. Internet is like Wild West. Cyber security so urgent. That’s why Congress needs to address this.

    I don’t like the idea of him having anything to do with restraining the internet. I don’t feel we would win by having security on the net, but be restrained from it one way or another. IMO

    The tax area is one area where we can get things done. Fairness, everyone pay their fair shair. Important fix bridges! I have been fussing about the bridges for how many years?

    Do you think N Korea was working with other Countries. He said no.
    Cuba will work more freely inside. This is still a regime. Don’t expect over night changes. If you done the same thing for 50 yrs. You should try something else. Now will be open to the world, like it has not been before.
    Offeres internet, and over time chips away the sealed society. Greater freedom for Cuban people.

    • He has a list of who to call on.
      The whole damn thing is staged,…theater.
      During the Sony questions I was screaming at the computer for someone to remind him of the amateur video that his regime said caused the Benghazi affair.

      Nothing,….nada,….orchestrated “press conferences”.
      They are worthless.
      Where are the people that will stand up and demand an answer from this charlatan ?

      Answer,…they don’t exist because of the possibility of a repressive regime and the power it wields against it’s enemies.

  5. So how staged was this so-called “press conference”…Did I miss anything…?
    Since the ‘reporters’ have to submit questions beforehand, and would NEVER ask Obama a real, challenging or embarassing question… (Keith how many topics are you NOT allowed to ask the Obama regime)
    How pathetic was this Dear Leader Obama “propaganda conference”…???

    • It was bad Spook.
      I was ready to go through the screen at him.
      He had what appeared to be a list of which reporters to call on.
      None of which would pin him down on anything.
      Overall,…it was just another example of an arrogant POTUS that was waiting for AF! to warm up so he can get the hell out of here.

    • As AFVet says, the presser was completely staged. It seemed like a Junior high school class play where everyone knows the script ahead of time and has to pretend it’s all new stuff.

      It came complete with pre-screened questions and giggles and tee-hee’s from the reporters every time Obama cracked a very lame joke. Obama looked bleary and disassociated. His eyes were not always well focused, his thoughts not well expressed and he rambled all over the lot.

      To tell the truth, he looked like he had just done a a little Acapulco gold, and was enjoying the after-effects. That’s what it seemed like to me.