In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Koffler on the Rick Amato Show

This one’s from last week -, apologies, just got the video the other day. Talking about Jonathan Gruber and Obama’s use of the Bible as pretext for his policies.

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18 thoughts on “Koffler on the Rick Amato Show”

  1. Good job, Keith! I hope when you become a news anchor, you’ll remember us little people!

    Obama is like an improv actor who has to sell a point with whatever prop he’s handed. In this case, his team thinks a Bible will have the moral authority to intimidate opponents of amnesty.

    So, the rephrase: “I’m not going to deport these people. (I hope you buy the liberal lie that it’s physically impossible to do it.) So, if they are here working, you old people need them to be legal employees so you won’t have to starve in the streets. You see, you’re parasiting off of young working people, after all, and you might end up homeless if the illegals don’t pay Social Security contributions.”

    Of course, if the illegals were deported (which would create a lot of jobs associated with their deportation), the jobs that they hold illegally now would be freed up for Americans to do — and these legal American employees would be paying Social Security taxes and getting off the public dole.

    So, Obama, once again you have tried to fool us with dirly mirrors and poison smoke.

      1. Does Obama & family even attend church…?
        (…I know, its one of the many questions NO ONE is allowed to ask about the Obama “family”…)

  2. I don’t ‘read’ the Holy Book. Even though I was steeped like good tea into the Catholic religion, smacked by Nuns into being good, and attended church (now and then), what little I know of actual quotes inbedded in the Bible are bits and pieces that I would never quote to anyone.
    But, hey, I’m not a proven liar, don’t have an agenda to force other people to my will, and no one cares what I think.

    Thanks for the link. Veddy interesting.

    1. I too had the Bible drilled into me when growing up in the Lutheran Church.
      KJV does not say a log in your eye.
      Paraphrased, Remove the beam in your own eye before you try to remove the mote from your brother’s eye.
      This is referring to hypocrites.

      The passages are in Matthew and Luke.

  3. Speaking of the Bible, Obama obviously believes that is it ‘more blessed to give, than to receive’. Yesterday it was Cuba – nothing in return; Iran – nothing in return; African summit – nothing in return; plus a multitude of similar giveaways to countries that hate us. And then, of course, there is the open sesame immigration policy whereby millions of illegal aliens are invited/escorted into this country and given benefits they never dreamed of before.

    None of this, of course, would be possible if Obama didn’t rob Peter to pay Paul. For half of the country, Barack-a-Claus is coming to town next week! The rest if us will just find a lump of coal in our worn-out old stockings,

    1. As Raul Castro was bragging yesterday, Cuba didn’t have to give up any of its “principles” to get what it wanted. Again, Obama tghrew the store away completely in order to appease his Progressive base.

      Meanwhile, there are 8,000 Cuban political prisoners who are living in dungeons and jails in Cuba, AND about 50,000 political prisoners forced to work on labor farms there. Not much of a deal for them, is it?

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