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Video || The Worst of MSNBC in 2014

It’s been another banner year over at the Soviet News Network, with many moments to be thankful for.

4 Responses to Video || The Worst of MSNBC in 2014

  1. Morning Joe is not the worst! They have intelligent people on for the most part, even if some say things I think they have not thought through or are plain wrong. Can’t speak for all the others bec I do not watch.

  2. Nicely done.

    Now, how about a collection of greatest hypocrisy of the year?

    BTW, last night, desperate for entertainment, I went through some 2,000 channels and found one called “HERE!”. (Turns out it’s a gay channel, which really makes the odd piece out of place) Between gay shows, they aired “The Hunting of the President”, which was just a little bit “biased”. Oddly, one of key sources is David Brock (attacking Clinton), who now runs Media Matters, that “nonpartisan” group dedicated to destroying the right.

  3. What a shock the ava lunch of Rep electees must have been to the people of MrObama’s TV cable shows.
    Since, nobody they know would ever vote for a Repub, the MSNBC crew should have asked for a federal investigation of voter fraud.
    Also, _________________—–uh, I forget.

  4. This reminds me of one of the reasons I dislike television.


    What do you guys think? Just came up with it on the fly. I’ll have some bumper stickers in time for Christmas if you’re interested.