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Five Reasons Obama’s Cuba Deal Stinks

President Obama is intent on making nice with one of the most oppressive regimes in modern history. It’s what he wanted to do since he no doubt learned from his professors in college about Dependency Theory and the evils of Yankee imperialism.

Here’s why his move to normalize relations with Cuba is such a mistake.

1. It bails the Cuban regime out right when things were really looking bad.

The Castro brothers had two pressing problems: Their money is running out, and they are going to die soon. Obama’s policy change solves the first problem and can make them feel better about the latter.

As the Washington Post noted in its – and this is incredible – critical editorial against the normalization, Obama has come to the rescue just when the lifelines to the Castros were drying up:

In recent months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker. The modest reforms it adopted in recent years to improve abysmal economic conditions had stalled, due to the regime’s refusal to allow Cubans greater freedoms. Worse, the accelerating economic collapse of Venezuela meant that the huge subsidies that have kept the Castros afloat for the past decade were in peril. A growing number of Cubans were demanding basic human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly.

But now, through tourism, remittances by American Cubans, investment and so forth, the Cuban government, which runs the economy, will receive a desperately needed influx of cash.

And whomever within the oligarchy the Castros hand the reins of power to will now have the money to perpetuate their tyranny-enforced socialist paradise. And American recognition gives them newfound legitimacy to hold power and pass it on.

2. The argument the White House makes is that engagement with a totalitarian regime will help loosen its hold on power and create freedom and democracy. But where, exactly has that worked?

We’ve tried “engagement” with China, Vietnam, and Iran, while the South Koreans have tried it with North Korea. Where is the freedom and democracy in those countries? What we’ve succeeded in doing is propping up regimes that might have fallen by now.

To dust off an old chestnut, did appeasing Hitler work?

3. True, it’s been 50 years with Cuba, but isolating and opposing totalitarian regimes is what works. 

Is this White House under the impression that the Soviet Union fell because Pepsi starting selling sodas there? Because of Nixon’s detente? No, it went down because it saw in Ronald Reagan that the United States stood implacably opposed to its oppression and its imperialist aims just as it finally was running out of money. And it took longer than with Cuba – 70 years – but the patience paid off.

Similarly, the downfall of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas in 1990 occurred after they were forced by U.S. pressure to call elections.

4. The reversal on Cuba is a sure sign to our allies and enemies that we lack resolve and are looking to befriend bad actors around the world and trying to nice them into reforming themselves. This is particularly true with respect to Iran. If the surrounding Sunni nations have ever had more incentive to start constructing their own nuclear arsenals to oppose Iran’s inevitable atom bomb, this is it.

5. The U.S. is now in the Deal-for-Hostages business.

Despite the dissimulation coming out of the White House Wednesday, the freedom granted Alan Gross was obviously in exchange for U.S. Cuban intelligence agent prisoners, for diplomatic recognition, or both.

In the latest blow for White House credibility, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest absurdly tried to deny that this was the case, even though both he and President Obama suggested otherwise.

Said Earnest:

So the President has long sought to make this change, and the chief impediment to his ability to make that change was the unjust detention of Mr. Gross.  And because he was released today on humanitarian grounds, because through the work of this administration we were able to secure that release on humanitarian grounds, we removed the impediment to being able to implement some of these policy changes that the President clearly believes are in the best interest of this country, they’re in the best interest of our economy, and they’re in the best interest of our national security . . .

What I’m telling you is that Alan Gross’s release on humanitarian grounds is something that this administration insisted upon.  And once that agreement was reached, it opened the door for additional negotiations and additional agreements to be reached.  So by removing the impediment of Mr. Gross’s unjust detention, we could engage in a conversation with the Cubans about the spy swap.

Said Obama:

While I have been prepared to take additional steps for some time, a major obstacle stood in our way –- the wrongful imprisonment, in Cuba, of a U.S. citizen and USAID sub-contractor Alan Gross for five years.

Sounds like quid pro quo to me. What’s the mystery about it?

Once again, President Obama has shown the world we are weak, naive, and inconsistent. Not only will Cubans suffer because of it, but Americans ultimately will too.

35 Responses to Five Reasons Obama’s Cuba Deal Stinks

  1. Spot on. I brought up on the morning news thread that Marco Rubio said that Cuba had freedom and democracy before the Castro brothers and that the US helped them get it. I see stories that the Democrats view Obama’s action in relation to changing demographics in FL and that they are banking on Cuban-Americans becoming part of the Democrats’ Latino base. I guess just because they are Hispanics.

  2. I am actually in favor of potentially changing our relations with Cuba. HOWEVER…I don’t think this is the way to do it.

    personally, I miss the days when we had a president instead of a king. can we go back to those days please?

    • I agree. What I can’t get is Obama’s willingness to deal with some regimes and bomb others into the stone age. It seems like a legacy building, political gimmick that he may have gotten right in principle. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day…

      Look, sanctions clearly were not going to be the path forward with Cuba. We really look like a bunch of bullies trying to meddle in the business of a pathetic neighbor. Isn’t that what everyone criticizes Russia for?? And something I think nearly everyone is overlooking is Russia’s renewed interest in Western Hemisphere allies (i.e. the band is getting back together with the Former Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc). I don’t want to give Obama any credit, but keeping Russia out may have been a consideration.

      For everyone that judges US foreign policy from the outside, you need to consider these points. One, US foreign policy isn’t just about promoting freedom and liberty. That’s an ideal, but not so much reality. It’s also about trade and security and a bunch of other stuff. In fact, human rights, etc. are largely talking points in the State Department to make us look like the good guys. (Is John Kerry a good guy, really?) That leads into number two. If the US wants to be a top dog, then be prepared to get a little pooh on you. The world is a nasty place and most American’s are so comfortable in their bubbles, they can’t seem to realize how bad it can get in some countries. Being a top dog means dealing with the Saddams, Castros, Qaddafis because every now and then you might need something from them. That’s a fact, get used to it. We see what the middle east now looks like once the US and Europe deposed Saddam, Qaddafi, Mubarak. These brutal dictators kept the lid on things. Now, we have crazy jihadis on the loose and coming after us. And lest we forget the US-backed dictator (Batista) Castro overthrew.

      The world is not black and white…

    • Spot on Keith. All this pie in the sky crap about how the Cuban people will benefit is just that.

      Here is an additional excellent piece on Obama’s Cuba “action”.

      At this point, the best course of action will be to let the media continue to promote this childish behavior as ok if not even laudatory (because they will not stop) and let the Congress and whatever Judicial means that are not corrupted, prevent as much as possible any of these actions becoming reality. Power of the Purse only means so much to curb an executive who uses discretionary spending as his own personal unlimited credit card.

      The reluctance to impeach this man is shameful. Rather ruin the Republic than be seen as racist or non supportive of illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be a factor in our politics. No one stands for America.

  3. It just does not seem like Christmas this year. No happy times here and I blame it on BHO. It seems he is striking out at us weekly trying to do things he knows the American people do not want.

    Now this. Whats next that we will hate? Endless stream of outrageous
    unilateral acts.
    Its bah humbug time for the USA with the hater in chief doing all he can to bring us to our knees.

    • Ah c’mon Von Ebb.
      Chin up,…eyes forward,….into the fray !
      We will surpass the efforts of Obama to take this Country to Her knees.
      Now we have both chambers of congress, and a chance to put this charlatan where he belongs,……in the dustbin of history as another president that attempted to take America down a few notches in the eyes of the world.

  4. Now that we’ve ironed out the kinks with Cuba, does this mean Elian Gonzales can travel to Miami without the fear of being removed by a FBI swat team?
    Has anyone asked Janet Reno, Eric Holder or Bill Clinton a single question – inquiring minds want to know.

    • Bill Clinton was pretty involved with Cuba back in the mid 90s, allowing Cuban Americans to send money to family members in Cuba and also allowed some immigration. It is surprising, for a man who has an opinion on everything, that Bill is silent so far.

  5. Over on Keith’s sidebar under Newsmax is a good article of the senators vowing to stop Obama’s overreach of power.
    McCain, Graham, Cruz, Rubio, and even Menendez are up in arms.
    Worth a look.

  6. They may try to withhold money for this in the coming Congress, but I predict eventually there will be Burger Kings and Starbucks, more casinos, everyone will smoke their darn cigars until they turn blue, and when the Castros leave the building, someone else will have to deal with whoever comes in, a hothead or a pleaser. It will play out, in other words. Which is just what the admin is counting on–kerfluffle–diversion–new kerfluffle.

  7. o calls up and says I want Gross released. Josh said, since that was taken care of, other things were than handled.
    That does not make any sense.
    Cast. would have told him we are not releasing him, unless…..
    Than he is going to run…(fly) off tomorrow. Why can’t he stick around to chit chat about this move, as much as he runs his mouth at fun raisers.

  8. Dictator Obama is at this point an out of control, enraged narcissist, who will do his best in the next two long, long years to destroy this country. Nothing worse than a rejected narcissist Dictator like Obama (is there any documentation that he legally change his name?), who was resoundingly rejected in the last election. That’s what this totally irrational action on Cuba really is all about in Dictator Obama’s pea brain – Revenge.

    Said it before and will say it again: Dictator Obama is going to get millions of Americans killed at home and abroad.

    We need an Act of God to undue this evil.

  9. Keith, you are being way too analytical on this subject. Obama is like a crazy child on aderoll….prancing from one activity to the next with zero focus or completion. I am exhausted by the daily foolishness and mayhem that comes out of the considerable space between his ears. Happily, he only has today for anymore destruction as he leaves for vacation tomorrow. I lived in Florida for 9 years and have many Cuban friends……this is not going to have long term benefits for the demcrats, but that is their look out.

  10. Obama has two more years to fundamentally transform the world into a competing Islamic terrorist dominated world or a Communist/Socialist/Totalitarian leftwing world of poverty, chaos, civil unrest, and economic collapse. He working for BOTH to become a reality.

  11. But hey, don’t we do business with China, they manufacture all our clothing, housewares, you name it. They don’t reciprocate, which they must under the haha Fair Trade Act. And they certainly are no better, if not worse, than Cuba. So what’s all the fuss about? Good gosh.

  12. It must be pretty fun to be in the oval office in the mornings, or evenings..anyway. I wonder what these kids talk about and what chemicals they have going through their brain. I’m sure it goes something like this.

    Advisors: “Maaaan, President you’re so popular on Reddit and stuff. I think we should do something that’s going to make you really fly, man”

    President: “I agree. You know.. I’m tired of being called a lame duck and want something in my Library other than how I was cool with the kids”

    Advisors: “Maaaan. Seriously. I think something like an exhibit on the Affordable Health Care really isn’t going to draw a lot of people like we thought. It’s not that popular, man”

    President: *Puff *Puff. “Hey! Can someone tell me something? What’s our beef with the Cubans? I mean for real.. We aren’t fighting Russia anymore….
    (collective sigh)
    I mean..I need a Nixon in China deal. You know that dude still gets praise for that even though he got fired!”

    Advisors: “Soooo wait…are you suggesting we get some photo ops with Castro and start some summits we’re it’s looking like we are talking about democracy and making inroads on helping them?”

    President: “hahaha. No, maaan. I’m talking about these (holds up cigar) Maaaan. Think about how popular I’ll be. Seriously. I think we should just drop all embargoes immediately and not even get a feel for what the Amercian people want… .because they just want these, man! (holds up cigar) *puff *puff


    President: “Set up a television opportunity for me so I can announce this awesomeness.”

  13. As to tourism , I’m looking forward to the marriage of capitalist greed and socialist efficiency : A $20 ( includes a $6 mandatory gratuity ) Cuba Libre that takes a half hour to be served .

  14. 6. Because Barack Obama admires the Fidel and Raoul Castro and the transformation they have brought to Cuba. He particularly admires the lack of dissent in the country, the compliant populace and the disparity that places all the wealth and power in the hands of the Castro(s) and their sycophants. Additionally the compliant police and intelligence community is also appealing to Barack Obama.

    Obama aspires to transform America into Cuba and this is just another mile along that path. All this talk about America bringing change to Cuba is just pap.