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The Obama Morning News || December 18, 2014

Marco Rubio’s Havana moment . . . A day after fellow Floridian Jeb Bush announced he’s seriously exploring a presidential run — dampening Rubio’s 2016 prospects — the senator took back the spotlight by emerging as the face of GOP opposition to the White House’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba. Politico

Obama blames U.S. for denying Cubans tech access . . . “Unfortunately, our sanctions on Cuba have denied Cubans access to technology that has empowered individuals around the globe. So I’ve authorized increased telecommunications connections between the United States and Cuba.” CNS News

Obama gambles with Florida . . . The surprise move represents a bold political gamble on behalf of his party that demographic and generational change in the ultimate swing state will offset the inevitable backlash from Florida’s aging exile community. Politico

How the rapprochement came about . . . In the spring of 2013, Obama authorized direct talks between key White House staffers and Cuban officials. One of those staffers was Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security advisor in his mid-30s who has worked with Obama since 2007. Rhodes’s background is in speechwriting and press management, but he has moved steadily deeper into Obama’s inner advisory circle. Politico
How Republicans could try to stop it . . .  On the list: deny Obama funds to reopen an embassy in Havana, stall the nomination of a potential ambassador, vote down a bill to open up travel more widely and ignore requests from the White House to lift a decades-old embargo. Politico

Cuban blogger: Gross a “hook” to release spies . . . “The contractor wasn’t arrested for what he did, but rather for what they could do with him,” wrote Yoani Sanchez. “For those of us who know the mechanism of pressure used by the Plaza of the Revolution toward its opponents, the capture of Gross itself was a move aimed at recovering the Interior Ministry’s agents.” CNS News

IRS forced to cut enforcement . . . The IRS will freeze hiring and stop overtime as a result of the budget cuts just passed by Congress, according to an email obtained by Politico.

Nice Michelle story became racism . . . She previously said a request for help from someone at Target was an adorable story. Now, it’s a racist assumption the black woman was there to perform a service. Truth Revolt

Part of a People article in which the Obamas detailed their racial slights.

Where’s the rest of the Syria coalition? . . . Although President Barack Obama’s administration announced the Syrian air strikes three months ago as a joint campaign by Washington and its Arab allies, nearly 97 percent of the strikes in December have been carried out by the United States alone, according to U.S. military data provided to Reuters.

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  1. I saw a clip of Michelle on Letterman (?) in an ugly outfit scowling about how this poor vertically challenged woman did not even KNOW she was first lady (wasn’t she in disguise or slops or something?) and asked for help, which of course could only happen because she was black and blacks were supposed to be helpers. What nonsense. Also she is by extension a public servant, right? Wonder how she likes that one.

    • As a short as well as a small and elderly person I often need help in reaching a top shelf. I am fortunate to live in the South where taller, polite and courteous people will usually offer their help if a store employee is not around.

    • Some post somewhere on the internet suggested that Black people should take classes to learn how it is to be White, instead of the other way around.
      No one gives us a leg up, we don’t go to the front of the line, the MVD people are rude to us, store clerks are snippy, drivers yell at each other, and nothing is a guarantee for us.
      If we’re not educated, don’t know how to act or dress appropriately, then we don’t get that job we wanted.

      We know all Italians aren’t Mafia mobsters, and that all Blacks are not thuggish loafers, so why would they assume that all Whites are racist or privileged?

      • In my life time, especially when I lived near Chicago, black people offered to help me occasionally without being asked. The Obamas should be schooled by them. Courteous, Mrs. Obama, is what Americans are like, no matter what color you are.

        • In almost all daily situations that I know of, people are just people–they hold doors, reach things, smile in greeting, exchange quips in long lines, if someone is short 50 cents on a grocery tab, chuck it over…etc. Without a second thought. It’s forgotten before they get out to the car.

        • Julie, remember that Mooch learned from her not so courteous mother who was said to have been quite rude to “the help” in China.
          I have been around black people all of my life and never found them rude. Actually my first encounter with that was after my divorce and I had to return to teaching in my sixties….there were some very rude black union people but also some white ones who were just as bad.
          Most of the black teachers I worked with in South Arkansas were very professional with high standards for academics and manners.
          Teachers unions have caused nothing but harm.

          • Just as an aside, I couldn’t agree with you more about teachers’ unions. Here in Oregon they have a lock on the economy and politics. When they don’t get the salary increases they want, they go for other things in lieu of money, for example, days off with pay. I was writing about it to a friend of mind and I checked the number of days in November in which school was in session. Nine days! They had the whole week of Thanksgiving off and two three day weeks because of snow once and because of a scheduled teachers’ seminar the other.

  2. I haven’t thought about Cuba much lately until this. Rubio was on Fox last night, and he handled himself very well. Among other things he took Obama to task when O referred once again in his remarks yesterday to American “colonization”. Rubio said he didn’t know what Obama was talking about and pointed out that in the Spanish American War, we helped the Cubans obtain their liberty from Spain and establish democracy, something which the Cubans enjoyed up until Castro. Both Fox programs also brought out that Cuban very recently has been active in getting weapons to North Korea. It’s good to be reminded of history, past and near.

    • I think the Democrats see the aging and passing of that generation of Cubans as a sign that the younger Cuban Americans born here are up for grabs. I don’t think so. Many of us on WHD come from traditionally Democratic families and know how difficult it is for people to give up on family tradition. Why would it be any different for second and third generation Cuban Americans?

      • I agree. Something that bothered me with Obama’s unilateral decisions was that in his entire announcement, he talked about many things, including the Bay of Pigs, for which John Kennedy, unlike Obama ever, assumed responsibility.
        He never once mentioned the Cuban Missile Crisis.
        My husband was furious…he went to Cuba for that on a carrier and said it was a hair-raising experience. He was flown to Gitmo from a Naval Base in Florida and then taken by helicopter out to his aircraft carrier. He says the harbor looked like WWIII.

  3. One headline not getting enough attention is that the state of Vermont is giving up on single payer healthcare because they can no longer afford it. (Via Daily Caller)

        • That Betsy McCaughey (is that her name) who carries the law around in a huge stack and has written a book on it, says people don’t get the “fine” (I mean tax, bad Star) part for not having insurance. It is 2% of income or the flat rate which ever is highest…per person covered, and this can incl the tots. By 2016, I think she said, this could be a thousand a head. People won’t be happy….

          • I’ve been waiting for that day for a long time. Hate to say it, but I can’t wait until people start getting fined for not having health insurance. Maybe then they will wake up and realize what Obamacare is all about, and finally enough people will demand its repeal.

  4. The Obamas haven’t experienced racism – therefore they have to stretch the truth to get there. Their answers weren’t much different than #41 trying to answer an audience question at a debate on how he experienced the recession like the questioner from the audience did. He couldn’t relate, nor should he have been expected to (it’s like asking Warren Buffet if he knows where his next meal is coming from). Bill Clinton didn’t experience the recession himself, but at least he won her over with the “I feel your pain” quote.

    All thObamas do is make up stories and then re-use them when under the least amount of pressure to respond.

    What kind of racism did Michelle experience as a lawyer on staff at a Chicago hospital (@ $300K/year). HINT: The correct answer is she met a quota and had connections – not that she was qualified. She’s not worth that kind of $$ in terms of output.