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Obama to Hold Year-End Press Conference

President Obama will close out the year with a press conference Friday, according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.  I will live stream the event.

The session will be at 1:30 pm ET. Obama will depart for Hawaii for a vacation of more than two weeks in the evening.

There will be plenty to talk about, including immigration, Cuba, North Korean hackers, Iran, racial issues, and whatever else is on reporters’ minds.

But I’m wondering, WHAT’S ON YOUR MINDS? What would you ask the president if you had the chance? No, let’s not make it a contest, just interested in what you’re thinking. And I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’ll ask one of your questions if he calls on me, because, believe me, he won’t.

Try to limit it to one or two questions so you don’t take away someone else’s, thanks.

86 Responses to Obama to Hold Year-End Press Conference

    • Did all the so-called ‘reporters’ submit their questions beforehand to be approved by the Obama regime…?

      Obama will have the list of ‘reporters’ to call on and the answers typed up and in the teleprompter.

  1. Gosh Earnest’s comments today were a harbinger of what Obama will say tomorrow: he will brag about all he has accomplished this past year. I have no questions and I will not watch, but I will read the comments of the WHD-ers.

  2. I would ask: Do you realize how many American citizens are fearful in the direction things are going Domestically as well as internationally?
    Once he responds with rambling in a circle.
    The next reporter can follow up on that point, by commenting there are a great deal of citizens (who know history) feel the Country is heading downward. Thanks Keith. Will look forward to your question tomorrow.

  3. Mr President, I would like you to select any one thing you’ve accomplished in the 6 years you’ve been in office. Now, my question. Hoe COULD you?????

  4. Penis envy, oh I mean Putin envy. Vlad had all the face time today and we all know we won’t see much of Preezy Envy for 17 days, unless it’s staged, structured, orchestrated and shot behind the rose-colored DeSouza lens.

    I am sure he’ll be very reassuring and explain to us why the military is now using Da’esh instead of ISIL/ISIS/IS. For the guy that loves “I” word he gets all squishy if ‘slam’ follows it. While he wallows in the tropics, another 1,000 troops are being sent off in the coming weeks wearing boots.

  5. Tell him to have a nice vacation. No sense hearing him; He will dance like a peacock that he has so much accomplished, even with dis functional Congress. Blame everybody and shows that he is the smartest person in the room. Reporters just follow his orders, praise him to be like a Superman.

    • Actually it would be kind of funny if no one asked him a single question. He would give answers anyway, seeing as how I I I, me me me loves the sound of his own voice.

      • I would like to see at least the reporters close to retirement walk out, while shouting I have children, grandchildren, friends, family that will have to live in the mess you are making. Ok, maybe not shouting, but loud enough that they can be heard.
        I would love to see the rules. In other words what the reporters are allowed and not allowed to do if they want their job there.

  6. My dream would be that every single question is: “You once said X and now you say “not X.”

    Executive orders, exploding the debt, immigration, the individual mandate (it’s not a tax! it is a tax!), and so on.

  7. 1. During the 2008 campaign you stated it was just five days away from fundamentally changing America. Could you define for us what you meant by the words “fundamentally change”?

    2. Do you feel like you have accomplished your goal?

  8. 1. Why did you decide to unleash the IRS on conservative political groups?
    2. Where were you the night of the Benghazi event? Followup question: why did you order a stand down of US military forces to protect Americans who were stationed in Benghazi at the request of your own Administration?
    3. Why did you permit the transfer of weapons and ammunition to Mexican drug cartels?
    4. Why did you support the Muslim Brotherhood election in Egypt, yet insulted the elected politicians who overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood?
    5. Why do you hate Israel and the Jewish people? What is the source of that hatred?
    6. In the early days of your political career, you were a member of the Communist-based New Party in Chicago (1996). What was that all about?

    And about a hundred more questions, and which won’t ever be answered.

  9. After some thought – I don’t want to ask him anything. Don’t want to see him, listen to him, nothing.
    He has so disappointed everyone from the liberal, progressive base that he claimed to be part of, to the rest of the country that leans conservative.
    We are struggling out here; racism is at a fever pitch, unemployment is still dragging our economy, food stamps and federal monies are all that’s keeping millions of us from the gutter, our healthcare systems are in chaos, and we have been invaded by foreigners.
    I, as so many others, are counting the days until he gets on the helio for the last time so that we might, just might, put things right again.

  10. Why do you care so much more for the illegal aliens who have stolen American jobs than you care about the Americans who held the jobs before the illegals came?

    Then say, “Isn’t it really that you are buying their votes and the votes of their descendants for the Democrat party?

    I’d really like to ask him why he is so indifferent to the suffering of others.

  11. Did you make a deal with Cuba so you can golf there this winter?
    Did you get the feeling the Taliban schoolchildren slaughter was a message to you in response to ending combat ops in Afghanistan?

  12. They won’t ask him nothing as usual. I would ask him where he was the night the Ambassador got raped and murdered and say it just like that. I would ask him why Mrs. Clinton didn’t send help to the Ambassador when he begged and begged and she refused and then he was murdered with the other men.

    Off subject: I hope whoever hacked, hack into Obama’s college records with comments and grades about him. That day will come and we will all know why he is constantly out for revenge against the American people and the country.

    • “Off subject: I hope whoever hacked, hack into Obama’s college records with comments and grades about him. That day will come and we will all know why he is constantly out for revenge against the American people and the country.” Agree—–why don’t they hack into something important like Hahvahd’s records and Columbia’s records and show us the truth about BHO! Much more important than Sony’s emails, IMHO.

          • I thought if we started dicussing what a large number of people it may be, it would entice one, at least one to come out with the truth for the well being of our Country.
            As well when I think about it being a large number of people, I than imagine how many people did those people tell. In other words a spouse, a friend at the bar, etc.

          • We may have to wait for the books to be written AFTER the Obamas leave our WH. And, then, don’t be surprised if they are written “anonymously” as too many people who criticize our Dem presidents tend to meet an untimely death.

  13. I’d like to know why he cannot, or will not, work with congress to do anything? Like a spoiled adolescent he refuses to play nice with others.

    He doesn’t care about Cuba or the Cuban people, or else he wouldn’t have just thrown the Castro regime a lifeline. What is he thinking other than about his own legacy?

  14. Kind of a waste of time to ask anything serious of this dilettante. His lips move, but he never really says anything that is either truthful or important.

  15. I wouldn’t waste my time asking a question that will be spun to make him look informed and intelligent. There is no substance in his answers or remarks, so asking anything is an effort in futility that will result in nothing more than additional frustration. Why bother?

    However, were I a reporter in the room, I would bring in champagne glasses and carafes full of Kool-Aid. I would then proceed to serve every person in the room. At least that way we would all be in full spirit of what the event really is.

  16. President, with the National Debt being over $18 Trillion and projected to be over $20 Trillion before you leave office, is there anything Americans should expect for you and Congress to be doing to protecting us financially?

  17. I would ask:

    Do you think the budgetary pressures stretching the Secret Service would be reduced if you stopped taking as many one day trips to elementary schools, high schools and fund raisers? Do you think that a limit on such trips, and vacation trips, should be imposed by Congress?

  18. The only reason I’d watch would be to see how the press corpse behaves, but I’m afraid they will just suck up and I will get even further depressed. (Dude, where’s my country?!)

  19. Ok, I’ll take a stab at it…

    Mr. President, when you shut out the lights at night, put your head on the pillow, how alone do you feel, and does it bother you?