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Obama Visit to Cuba Appears Probable

He didn’t exactly say it, but responses by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to questions today about the possibility of President Obama visiting Cuba appeared designed to lay the basis for just such a visit.

Speaking at today’s briefing, Earnest pointedly declined to rule out a visit and sought to justify a possible Obama trip the Cuba even if the regime’s repressive tactics had not changed.

Said Earnest:

There’s nothing on the schedule right now. The president did hint that there will be senior government officials who will carry out the kind of work that’s indicative of two nations that are seeking to normalize their relations, so I certainly wouldn’t rule out a presidential visit.

I assume, like many Americans, he has seen that Cuba is a place where they have a beautiful climate and lots of fun things to do, so if there is an opportunity for the president to visit, he wouldn’t turn it down.

Asked if things would have to change in Cuba before Obama would visit, Earnest noted that the president visits other places with unsavory rulers, like China.

Meanwhile, following a threat by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., that Congress would not fund the administration’s planned embassy in Havana, Earnest said the White House might be able to establish it without Congress.

“It’s not clear to me that additional appropriations will be necessary to establish an embassy in Cuba, principally because there is already a diplomatic presence in Cuba,” Earnest said. But Earnest didn’t rule out a future appropriations request by the administration

47 thoughts on “Obama Visit to Cuba Appears Probable”

  1. Totally saw this coming, as soon as the announcement was made this morning.

    Hey, maybe Obummer can locate his library there? He and Mooch have finally found a good place to settle after vacating the White House? I hear Beyonce and Jay-Z like it there, so, hey, it’s cool. Go for it, Barry and Mooch!

      1. Perfect! Plus, they’ll accommodate him by providing a copy of the Quran and a prayer rug, and letting him pray five times a day. He can even hear “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

  2. This seem to be to easy…………………………………..
    He is going to help Cuba’s economy? Has anyone noticed the price of grocery items? How many people who were laid off due to o care get another job just as good?
    Don’t get me wrong the citizens I know have suffered for decades due to that evil man, Castro. It just seems to easy……………………………………
    I also would appreciate Congress not getting the ***** again.

    1. One commentator Morning Joe said conditions in Cuba were REALLY bad after they left the Russians try to blow us up–but were better, though grim, now…so the bros at least helped the people a teeny tiny? I am not saying they are any bargain–but they won’t be around forever…Who is coming along behind?

  3. I think he did this because Hillary won the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award last night at the Robert F.Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. He wants Elizabeth Warren to run. Obamas hate the Clintons. Read Blood Feud!

  4. Just heard SONY is scraping plans for a remake of the King and I featuring Obama as the King of Cuba. Damn hackers spoiled everything. ValJar was gonna play Anna.

  5. Clearly this is a bail out of not only Cuba but Venezuela. Venezuela needs $150 oil in order to survive. Venezuela is a colony of Cuba. Castro took them over without firing a shot. Cuba has no where to turn now that Venezuela is going belly up. In the past Cuba went thru some tough times after Russia cut them off for their spend thrift spending ways. Now Russia is having her own problems. Venezuela has received lots of loans from China. China has reached their limit. The US does not have anything to gain by bailing out Cuba. Now is the time for the US to hang tough and let the Castro boys stew in their own juice.

  6. Geez, what’s next? Normalizing relations with chicago??? Next thing you’re going to try and tell me he’s giving th Panama Canal back to Panama!!

  7. Is this satire/parody? Did Earnest really say,

    I assume, like many Americans, he has seen that Cuba is a place where they have a beautiful climate and lots of fun things to do, so if there is an opportunity for the president to visit, he wouldn’t turn it down.

    If so, this misadministration is even worse than I thought…and I thought Obama was Satan with a stubbed toe before.

    1. That struck me too. “Cuba is a place where they have a beautiful climate and lots of fun things to do”!? That’s the criteria for recognizing Cuba? And don’t forget, they’ve had Obamacare for years! That’s why all wheelbarrows in Cuba have “AMBULANCIA” painted on them!! And there’ NO wait time at the morgue!!!

  8. Now I see that Jay Z and Beyonce’s visit to Cuba was a trial run. They went over there to check something out — who knows what.

    I laughed when I saw Beyonce walking around with her head held high in the way that she must think that a real lady walks.

  9. Can’t wait to see Obama in his Che beret and tee — and fatiques as he stands at the podium with Raoul . Oops as he waves at the crowd from the balcon.

  10. As a nation, It is comforting to hear that 10 Presidents and 50+ years of foreign policy that all 10 Presidents from different parties and generations were wrong. Obama is so much smarter………..

    The only reason Obama is doing this is because he is so desperate to get into the history books. Obamacare is on its last legs. If SCOTUS doesn’t knock it down Congress will. He ended two wars and has or will lose the victory and or stalemate.

    Meanwhile, Sony Corporation and Hollywood is being held hostage. The Taliban and ISIL are killing children for their parents action at work and their religion. So, will we start accepting Cuba’s Children now and give the Welfare and SS.

  11. Island Girl would probably be MUCH happier if he spent his, uh, “Christmas” with ‘Shell and the kids in Cuba and not so much her home state. So too would I, provided he didn’t come back…

  12. “Earnest said the White House might be able to establish it without Congress…”

    Sure. Why should Obama go through Congress for a crummy embassy. He’s shown that he really doesn’t need Congress for very much at all.

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