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Obama Announces Normalization of Ties with Cuba

President Obama today announced that the United States would take steps to normalize relations with Cuba, resuming trade and economic ties and opening a U.S. embassy in Havana.

Obama said the change was needed and just because the old policy of walling Cuba off had not dislodged the Castros from power.

“We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries,” Obama said in remarks from the White House. “These 50 years have shown that isolation does not work.”

Obama pointed to “a younger generation of Cuban Americans” who are less supportive of the old policy, and said that “neither the American nor the Cuban people are well served” by it.

The president said he would have acted sooner if not for the imprisonment in Cuba of U.S. contractor Alan Gross, who was released today. The United States also exchanged three Cuban spies in our custody for an American spy who had been imprisoned for years in Cuba.

Some Republicans were quick to voice their opposition.

“The President’s decision to reward the Castro regime and begin the path toward the normalization of relations with Cuba is inexplicable. Cuba’s record is clear,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

“This is an incredibly bad idea,” tweeted Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Democrats seemed mostly supportive, except for Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., who said Obama’s decision had “vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban government.”

Writing in the Weekly Standard, Elliott Abrams said America’s sudden rapprochement with its enemy will chill allies around the world, especially with respect to Iran and the possibility that Obama will try to normalize relations with the Ayatollahs.

The American collapse with respect to Cuba will have repercussions in the Middle East and elsewhere—in Asia, for the nations facing a rising China, and in Europe, for those near Putin’s newly aggressive Russia. What are American guarantees and promises worth if a fifty-year-old policy followed by Democrats like Johnson, Carter, and Clinton can be discarded overnight? In more than a few chanceries the question that will be asked as this year ends is “who is next to find that America is today more interested in propitiating its enemies than in protecting its allies?”

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51 Responses to Obama Announces Normalization of Ties with Cuba

      • No, they’ll be able to afford the good stuff, now; we’ll even give them the money.

        All that “environmental” twaddle is just a control device anyway, and it not required for populations ALREADY under comrade control, viz. China, Cuba, and North Korea, to name a few. The Eastern bloc countries were all toxic cesspools after the Sovet Union broke up, and our Eco-Weenies never said a word about all THAT.

        Of course, there’s another reason our Green freinds never said such things to THOSE folks. It’s because when you tell a dictator how to run his dictatorship, the only emissions that are going to get reduced are the hot air coming from your vegan hole. No, let’s just try to solve supposedly “global” problems by limiting only the productivity in the democracies. That should make enough carbon credits for the other billions in the more elightened nations, nicht wahr?


      I wanted to reply to a comment you made earlier about Putin and Russia, but I can’t find it now. Just because Putin and Russia are exploding I don’t think it is necessarily to Obama’s advantage. Remember, we supposedly live in a “global economy” now so that if Russia sinks, there will be ripples created all around it and others drawn into the maelstrom. Already Putin has announced that he will sell foreign assets to try to buck up the ruble. Even little countries like the PIIGS several years ago were “too big to fail”.

  1. I am related by in-law-hood to a whole extended family of “mariel boat” refugees who fled Cuba in the ’80s. How they, and the other refugees, will view this hand across the waters is not known yet.
    Me?, I recall with horror at the ‘missile crisis’ and the Cuban embrace of our enemies. If anything has changed in their anti-american attitudes, it hasn’t been made clear.
    They are still a brutal, communistic country, ruled by a devious and lethal government.
    This new policy came too easy, too swift. We’ll be sorry.

    • I heard Menendez ( a Dem in opposition) say that for him this has been in the works behind the scenes for some time and that this is the first anyone has heard of it. If that is true, and I suspect it is (and God only knows what dark actors Obama had acting on his behalf ) then this is even worse.

    • The EU is orchestrating that now. Today the EU parliament passed a resolution supporting pre-1967 borders. And, just for good measure they took Hamas off the terrorist list. Since Keith set up guidelines for what is acceptable speech on this site, I can’t begin to express myself fully. Suffice it to say, may the EU drop dead, fall into a hole in the earth, burn up and disappear from the face of the planet. Oh, before I end this little mini-rant – there is no Palestine. Even the friggin’ word translates into “invaders”.

    • The Land of Israel was given to the Jews by God.
      It is up to them to defend it, and they can and they will.
      The consistent attacks on them is amazing to me.
      Leave them alone !
      A country the size of New Jersey is targeted to be destroyed by by countries that are a hundred times their size.
      Why ?
      Come into my chamber said the spider to the fly.

    • No Star,…now we can send a plane over there to get them.
      Nor do the migrants from the south have to use a train, we’ll just go get ‘um in a plane.

  2. Wow. Obama is really showing his true color-red-with this one. But hey, why not support a Communist dictator in addition to the terrorists, especially the Muslim Brotherhood who developed our national security guidelines? Obama doesn’t like anything the U.S. stands for and was truthful one time when he said he would fundamentally transform it-out of a Constitutional Republic with capitalism, free markets, liberty, and unalienable rights and into a hellhole Islamic/Marxist dictatorial banana republic.

  3. The only true test of this deal is whether citizens of Cuba will benefit. Will they have more individual rights? Will the Cuban government continue to treat them like animals? Will they release political prisoners from Cuban jails? Right now, I don’t see it. There’s no mechanism in the agreement to cause any of this to happen. Allowing the Cuban people to live free, satisfying lives, and create their own future? Not going to happen at this point.

    • I have a dear friend who has been here since early sixties.
      Does not trust o’s move. He said the same thing. He is concerned for the citizens. Doesn’t feel any of o’s negotians will benefit the citizens, only Castro’s back pocket.

      • But Barry has declared this is “the right thing to do” – which is his way of saying we’ve been doing the wrong thing all these years.

        Can’t stand him.

        • It’s another instance of Obama’s view of the world. He is OK (his actions, viewpoints, decisions), and everybody else is not OK. There’s something not right with this guy. Very not right.

      • Lee, Obama’s actions never benefit us. They always benefit those who are our enemies–the Cuban government, the Muslim Brotherhood, the drug cartels (Fast and Furious), etc…these anti-American groups can always count on Obama to come through for them. We cannot do the same.

  4. This is truly the thirst for retribution and revenge by the Chum Gang gone wild. Revenge is a dish best served cold but this is way too close to the recent Republican “victory” to qualify for that axiom. Sugar was 59 cents for 5 pounds and soft drinks 79 cents for 6 before the Cuban shutdown. Only a small percentage of our sugar even came from Cuba but that escaped the media’s attention. They had the folks believing that we would never have sugar again. LIke some kind of automaton, I found myself coming home from the store with three bags of sugar without any recollection of buying them. Of course soft drink prices skyrocketed and they merely switched to corn syrup and never looked back. I hate all this with a passion but wouldn’t mind a cigar or two.

  5. I’m getting more convinced every day that two more years of this narcissist will leave nothing but a shell behind for future Americans, whoever/whatever they are.
    I’m not against smart, step by step trade negotiations but once again, we gave up 3 spies for 1 American, sent our allies (do we even have any left?) the completely wrong signal, and got nothing for our efforts but yet another box check for Obama.
    God help the former United States of America.

  6. John Kerry is the perfect Secretary of State for Barack Obama — two men who want to weaken and embarrass the US and yet elevate themselves in the eyes of our enemies. “Glory” Hogs.