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Live Stream || White House Briefing – December 17, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Josh insisit that Gross being released has nothing to do with Cuban spies. Reporter wouldn’t let up saying you can’t say it did not. Josh
    Other agreement was the Spy swap.
    Sony hacking. Does o think N. Korea had to do with threat. Josh can’t comment. “UNDER INVESTIGATION”
    Will you agknowledge that Gross have something to do with spies.
    Josh rambled.
    Rubio stating this puts price on hostages. Making other people holding hostages will do. Josh said no Gross was released under humanitarian conditions.
    Reporter said:
    Months ago the talibun swap with Bergdahl, When will that investigation be released. Noting Congress was not involved, which is against the law. Josh said no it wasn’t. We were not going to leave this man behind. Did not say when the investigation will be complete. NO UPDATE. They believe this had to do with, not leaving man behind.
    When o spoke to Castro, What time. Josh said during the time.
    Did Castro give assurance for democratic reform. Castro informed o said he would release prisoners. Josh said you would have to talk to him.
    You can be sure o impressed upon Castro it was a priority that Castro due more for the people there. This is not a matter of trust. This is best interest of out economy, the people there, security interest. We have confidence will do more to pressure to advance rights for people the ignore for last 5 decades. We have seen them do more in the last day, expanding communication, red cross, and prisoner release.

    • “Noting Congress was not involved, which is against the law. Josh said no it wasn’t.” – Lee

      Nice capsule description of everything that’s gone on since Obama’s been President. He does lawless stuff, then his shills go out and simply say ‘no it’s not, nyah’, and that’s the end of it thanks to our spineless RINOs and uncaring proletariat. Seems he was right about the “sugar”, and Gruber was right about the “stupid” after all.

      Ever since Lord Barry decended to Invesco field ‘twix the columns, he’s been his own law. Other rulers would define it as “L’etat c’est moi”, but perhaps الدولة لي is a bit more “him”…

      • A little OT, but…

        Sorry, didn’t know I would cause a controversy with an innocent phrase! FWIW, Marcus is correct; it’s basically the same statement attributed to Louis XIV roughly translated into Arabic. My only intent was to suggest that, while our dictator may be comfy with the sentiments of a divine right ruler, he may be happier if the language were that of the Caliphate, given his upbringing. Just bringing a visual to the party, and a little new language is never a bad thing…


        As they say in Klingon, “qo’mey poSmoH Hol!” This is the motto of the Klingon Language Institue, and I’ve never seen it phrased better…

        This is all serious, but it’s OK to have fun sometimes, too…

        Being dour and serious all the time is a thing for the Left. So many rules, very inflexible in their tolerated language, and always a linguistic land mine to be found in any phrase. It doesn’t hurt to sidestep English every now and again. It’s especially fun with some liberals to switch to Spanish for a word or two, and watch them try to decide if they should be offended or not, since – like Hopey – they rarely take the time to educate themselves about their own “safe” voter blocs.

        As the Cuba issue would seem to prove…

    • He would welcome the attention. He would just say it’s because I’m ‘black’. However he is just as white. As long as he is the center of attention, it doesn’t matter what ‘they’ try, his handlers will take care of it.

  2. Daily Caller which is one of WHD’s blogroll has a headline that Raoul Castro is egging Obama on to use executive actions to overrule Congress.

  3. OT: Arizona just added one more Repub vote to Congress with the win by Martha McSally, a retired Air Force Colonel.
    The man she defeated was an aide to Gabby Giffords and was appointed to the positon after she was shot by the crazy man.

    note: Not only did she defeat a Dem, she did it in a big Dem area in Southern AZ. What great news.