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Torture Shrink: My Work Saved Lives

Former US Air Force psychologist Dr. James Mitchell, who helped devise and carry out torture sessions with terrorist prisoners, staged an impassioned defense last night of the interrogations, telling host Fox News host Megyn Kelly that his work saved lives and, in fact, he was given an award for it.

Mitchell said he was never contacted by the Senate Intelligence Committee to respond to charges contained in their report, which condemned the practices developed by Mitchell. The report, he said, had endangered his life and that of his family.

This is truly Kafkaesque. The man, with the full knowledge and at the urging of Congress, goes to work to save this country from future savage mass attacks, and then is himself the target of attack ten years later, from Congress.

I’m sure in the future when people like Mitchell are asked to serve their country in difficult or controversial – but necessary – ways, they’ll think twice before helping out.

22 Responses to Torture Shrink: My Work Saved Lives

  1. Thanks, Keith. For those who missed it, I hope the first part of the interview will be repeated. The second part is tonight. Not for those who just like their news in soundbites but really thought provoking. I can’t recall anyone recently less glib than Mitchell. Well, compare him to Gruber or (more closely to the subject) Diane Feinstein. He’s one of a very few people who come across deep and sincere in these times.

  2. i watched also.Megyn did good, glad Mitchell didn’t let her get the salacious info, but kept his facts/perspective.Mitchell was speaking from his heart and it was pretty beaten up. He at times echoed sentiments to me that I heard the Vietnam vets talk about as far as their treatment after serving. I think the fact that Feinstien and co. counted each “pour” of water as one waterboarding session is telling.The Obama admin is used to using their own set of numbers to make their liberal point whether its unemployment,cop shootings,economy etc…. and worst that KSM told Mitchell that his own country would turn on him speaks VOLUMES!!!!

  3. This was the ‘interview of the year’, in spite of Megyn’s irritating interruptions, and one that should backfire big-time on DiFI and her evil cohorts. Not one person from the CIA was interviewed!
    Dr. Mitchell’s life is already in danger. A few mornings ago he received a phone call and was told to leave his house immediately.
    It took guts for him to reveal himself on national tv, but he has a story to tell, and tell it he did.
    Looking forward to part two tonight.

  4. The whole thing is irrelevant. Its just an Obummer distraction so we will not be talking about the Republican sellout on immigration. Or the sell out on Obamacare, or the fact that the Republican leadership are all RINO’s in Obummers pocket.
    Really, at this point what does it matter about what the CIA did. Obummer gets away with all sorts of treason/high crimes and nothing is ever done about it.
    Torture smorture, we have to quite playing the demorats game!!

  5. Dr. Mitchell also said he reported many abuses. No credit for that – in fact I think the report in essence shifts the abuse blame to him and others like him.