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The Obama Morning News || December 16, 2014

Obama thanks troops for service in Afghanistan . . .  Obama marked the end of combat operations in Afghanistan with a trip to a joint military base in New Jersey, where he thanked the troops for their sacrifice and said every one of them should be proud of what they accomplished there. Washington Examiner

BET host: Obama gives too much time to Hispanics . . . The BET host who interviewed Obama last week complained that the president has given Hispanic media outlets more attention than black outlets during his presidency. Breitbart

Cruz stands his ground after angering Senate . . . Republicans and Democrats found something to agree on: their dislike for Sen. Ted Cruz, who forced a rare weekend session for the Senate. But rather than back down, Cruz opted to call out Washington politicians. “Too many politicians in Washington don’t believe we can stand and fight,” Cruz said. “Enough is enough,” he told Hannity. The Daily Signal

Cruz tries to appeal to moneyed moderates . . . Earlier this month, the senator slipped away to Los Angeles for a series of meetings with top GOP donors, a trip that included a dinner at the California Club with a group of some 20 Republicans who served as bundlers for Mitt Romney in 2012. National Journal

Clinton quiet as Warren rises . . . Hillary Clinton and her allies were quiet while Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) led a Democratic uprising in the Senate over changes to the Wall Street reform bill that were included by Republicans in a $1.1 trillion government-funding bill. The reason for Clinton’s silence, some of her staunchest supporters say, is that she likely supported the spending bill — even if she didn’t want to go on record with that support. The Hill

Poll puts Romney, Jeb on top . . . Romney has the support from about 19 percent of Republican voters, with Jeb Bush receiving 14 percent. The former governors were followed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Mike Huckabee, both with 9 percent. Ben Carson received 8 percent. The Hill

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  1. So MrO thanks the troops and pretends the ‘war’ is over. Four days ago :A Mesa (Az) resident was one of two soldiers killed during a military operation in Afghanistan on Friday, Dec. 12, according to the Department of Defense.
    Spc. Wyatt J. Martin, 22, died when the vehicle he was riding in struck an improvised explosive device, according to the DOD news release.
    Yesterday, the Taliban slaughered over a hundred innocents at a school in that hellhole of a country.
    The war is not over, we are not done sacrificing our children for the sake of some idiotic ‘war’ where our soldiers must ask permission to fight.
    (Spc.Martin was a classmate of my Granddaughter and her friends. I consoled her as she sobbed and related how proud he was to be in the military. His family is flying to greet his remains when they arrive here in the US.)

  2. I watched the clip of Obama telling the joke to the troops yesterday which landed like a lead you-know-what, and I commented on their stone faces. But I wonder if it was not just the lame joke but the whole of Obama’s speech which caused that. I imagine them up there with their minds completely tuned out, thinking of something completely different while he jabbered on. They know how deep his gratitude and concern for them is. (Sarc.)

    As for those Republican polls, we really don’t know how limited the list of candidates was. What really needs to happen is for conservatives to rally around one particular person early on, or the political parties and the media will win out by focusing narrowly on their establishment choice.

  3. Let a chi-chi cafe in a “western” nation get attacked and Fox is all over it. But, there’s hardly dick about the slaughter of about 140 kids.

    • Speaking of Fox, Mandy, and looking for a surreptitious way of bringing an OT to this thread, did anyone watch Megyn Kelly’s extensive and powerful interview with James Mitchell, among other things interrogator of KSM, last night? I hope others did. The second part is on tonight. Megyn did herself proud with this one.

    • As for the kids, Obama wants us all to think while we’re comfortably in bed tonight that that war has been won. And in Australia it was just another insane lone wolf.

  4. OT Kelly Ayotte. What an embarrassment she is. Sandwiched between her two masters the boy twins Miss Lindsay and Juan she does whatever they tell her to. Now she has taken to bashing Cruz — ML and J can’t do it all by themselves. And the liberal media is lapping it up.

    This woman has turned out to be an absolute tool and puppet.