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Levin’s Epic Rant Rips the Republican RINO Establishment

Radio talk show host Mark Levin went on an epic tear last night, searing a verbal gash into the deserving folks who lead the Republican Party.

You can listen to Levin’s criticism here. It comes at the beginning of the December 15th show. Levin says he is “an inch away” from leaving the Republicans. I don’t think he’ll do that, because there’s nowhere else to go. But I don’t doubt his sincerity or blame him for his frustration.

You see, Levin’s point is very straightforward, even though its seems mysterious to most Republicans: The people have handed the GOP – I hesitate to use the initials, since it certainly is an old Party, but not acting very grand – an historic victory, an opportunity, and even a responsibility. And yet they squandered it so everyone could go home and decorate their Christmas trees.

To have gained power without even a symbolic effort – other than that waged by Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, which just pissed everyone off – to take down President Obama’s immigration order or stop his $1.1 trillion spending eruption is a disgrace.

As I’ve written before, I believe Americans will understand that if you are really angry about something, really passionate about something, you don’t put off for months your effort to combat it when an opportunity, however quixotic, arises.


And it will take passion, irrational commitment, and an understanding of the stakes involved for Republicans to make any progress at all in repairing the damage Obama has done. The GOP leadership’s determination to fold on these issues is a sure sign they don’t get that even as they ascend to authority, their power is being ripped from them by a president determined to rule, when he wants to, on his own.

The Republicans, with their vow to take care of business in . . . February  . . .  bring to mind this skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Think of Obama as the marriage counselor, Republicans as Arthur Puty, and Deidre Puty as Article I of the U.S. Constitution. You’ll get what I mean.

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  1. The Dems are Lucy and the RINOs are Charlie Brown, running up to the football and missing yet again. Wait, that gives the RINOs too much credit for actually attempting to do something.

    Although cartoonish does capture the entire charade being played out in DC at our expense.

  2. Heh. Keith you were thinking of Python and I was thinking Churchill.

    “At a late night dinner party, so the story goes, an inebriated Churchill asked an attractive woman whether she would sleep with him for a million pounds.

    “Perhaps,” the woman said coyly.

    “Would you sleep with me for one pound?” Churchill then asked.

    “Of course not, what kind of woman do you take me for?” the woman responded indignantly.

    “Madam, we’ve already established what kind of woman you are,” said Churchill, “now we’re just negotiating the price.”

  3. Levin is an ‘inch away from leaving the Republican party’? I don’t see why he is hesitating. Happily, Mr. Girly1 and I both left after Obama’s first election…and haven’t looked back. We are proud Independents now.

    If ever there was a time to leave…it’s now. Those blithering idiots, Boehner et al, blew the historic Nov. election before the new Congress was even seated! Immigration/amnesty is basically a done deal and Obamacare remains to be seen. The GOP can tweak it to their heart’s content. But as long as the govt controls the delivery system, we are doomed. We needed insurance company reform – not govt. control.

    Now is the perfect time for an Independent or Third Party!!! The R’s still do not have a frontrunner….only warmed up leftovers. Fortunately, Hillary is vulnerable (if she decides to run) and Betty Warren is a joke. Actually, both women are ‘jokes’.
    Whatever the outcome in 2016, America is the loser,

  4. Don’t leave out Jeff Sessions. The Republicans have named all their committee chairmen except for the Senate Budget Committee. By seniority it should go to Sessions but he is being challenged by Enzi of WY. The only one to be so challenged. It stinks, and it’s all because Sessions thinks the Republicans should take in the working American citizens of this country who have been abandoned by the Democrats in favor of the entitled and illegal. Of course the establishment Republicans would take illegals over US citizens too to pay them lower wages.

    I hope mentioning Sessions does not put me in moderation as it usually does.

  5. It has been bandied about whether there should be a third party started.
    I don’t know if that is a good idea.
    Maybe we should try to fix the party that is supposed to be conservative first.
    Any suggestions on that ?
    Maybe a Constitutional Party, or a Conservative Party.
    At least you would know what the party stands for.

    • RINOs are why we lose. I’ve never seen a moderate win an election. It’s always the person who can get out the base. The candidate who invigorates their base the most wins. A RINO will always lose.

  6. Time to start running JFK blue dog fiscal conservatives on the other side of the aisle. When you are no longer making headway on one side, start working the other side, particularly in red states such as Texas, Indiana, and the Carolinas where the Democratic party has been demolished by the liberal establishment..

  7. When I was a teenager, I followed professional wrestling. I knew it was fake, but it was great fun. Even though we knew it was fake, it was still hard to believe that the good guys and the bad guys were great friends and shared the same goals.

    Folks, Boehner, McConnell and the Republican establishment willingly play the media bad guy to the statist good guys. Boehner is The Sheik to Obama’s Bobo Brazil. McConnell is Randy Savage to Harry Reid’s Hulk Hogan.

    These guys are all playing from a script and want the same thing: a huge, activist federal government, and more important, for themselves to get fabulously rich and famous. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and some others come along and actually have principles and try to upset this apple cart, so they must be demonized by everyone with a stake in this charade. They threaten the gravy train.

    The Republican establishment, along with their comrades such as the Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove’s groups, the K-Street lobbyists, etc., are never going to come around and follow through on their promises. Just pretend when they are giving speeches that they have a WWF logo in the background and then accord them the proper level of respect and believability.

    I left the Republican Party after the leadership betrayal after the 2010 election. I vote for Libertarians, or in some cases Republicans if they seem genuine.