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The Obama Morning News || December 15, 2014

Immigrants line up for door opened by Obama . . . They pushed strollers, tugged toddlers and streamed into the convention center in the heart of this city on Sunday, thousands of immigrants here illegally and anxious to find out if they could gain protection from deportation under executive actions by President Obama.

The day became a kind of coming-out party for about 5,000 unauthorized immigrants, the largest gathering in the country of people who might qualify for temporary protection since the president’s announcement last month.

Hundreds of activist leaders also converged for a three-day strategy conclave to plot how to enroll a maximum number of people in order to create momentum among immigrants and Latinos so they will defend the president’s actions and try to stop Republicans from canceling the programs before they get off the ground. New York Times

Obama sex crackdown threatens free speech . . . The Obama administration’s crackdown on campus sexual misconduct has led to the adoption of “flatly unconstitutional” speech codes and poses what may be the greatest threat to free speech facing higher education today, according to a newly released report. Washington Times

O’Reilly: Obama made race a “grievance industry” . . . Citing a new Fox News poll, conservative political commentator Bill O’Reilly said that race relations in America had grown worse under Barack Obama because the president has facilitated the “grievance industry.” Newsmax

Watt steering U.S. toward next housing crisis . . . Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Mel Watt pleased affordable-housing advocates last week by directing the bailed-out mortgage businesses to begin contributing to special housing. Watt has left many conservatives afraid and angry at the possibility that he is leading Fannie and Freddie back down the path toward failure, just six years after the companies crashed and required a nearly $200 billion bailout. Washington Examiner

Ready for Romney? . . . “On Sunday, supporters of Mitt Romney filed the appropriate paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to establish a ‘Super PAC’ with the goal of urging Mitt Romney for [sic] run for the presidency in 2016,” reads the press release. Weekly Standard

Cruz will bank on the base . . . His strategists aren’t planning to make a big play for so-called independent voters in the general election if Cruz wins the Republican nomination. Cruz sees a path to victory that relies instead on increasing conservative turnout; attracting votes from groups — including Jews, Hispanics, and Millennials — that have tended to favor Democrats; and, in the words of one Cruz strategist, “not getting killed with independents.” National Review

Elizabeth Warren is catching fire . . . Progressive activists haven’t agreed on what to call the movement urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president, but they largely concur on this: With every recent anti-establishment move, the Massachusetts Democrat grows more attractive as a 2016 candidate, both in her own right and as a progressive foil for Hillary Clinton. Politico

Government to rate colleges . . . “What we are opposed to is the federal government taking the factors IT thinks is important from a policy perspective and putting a federal letter grade INSTEAD of leaving that judgment up to students and families depending on their individual needs,” said Pete Boyle, vice president of public affairs for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. Fox News

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      1. I should have stated that better. I do watch him quite a bit.
        Maybe I was at the spur of the moment being selfish, and stated it should have been stated more.

  1. Many many illegal people meeting. That is just dandy. sarc.
    Tea P. meet and are trash with invasion by the ***. God Help us.
    After the recent vote this past weekend, I do not have trust that our better behalf will be taken care of. Yes the Reps. may have a little box of things they plan to proceed with. However they need to act and speak now.

  2. America in decline. The illegal amnesty is a fait accompli. Shame on Congress, DHS and DOJ and every Senator who failed to vote to uphold the Constitition.

    1. I saw a story somewhere that quotes a Drudge tweet about Boehner. Maybe WMD? It says that Obama has dirt on him d/t NSA spying and that there have been stories about Boehner hanky-panky for years. Now I couldn’t find the Drudge comment nor do I necessarily believe the story true although I wouldn’t put it past Obama to have used the NSA in this way.

      I only mention it because if you have stories like this going on around Boehner, I’m hoping it doesn’t bode well for him continuing as Speaker.

        1. I am inclined to believe that Boehner did what he did because he is in line with Obama politically and means to have this Congress cooperate as much as possible with the Democrats. This includes not opposing Executive Amnesty, which will be a fait accompli by the time the new Congress is seated, and not repealing Obamacare.

          None the less here is a link that includes the reference to the Drudge comment.

          1. I agree. Boehner is a Chamber of Commerce Republican who wants cheap labor from amnesty as well as the big bucks the Chamber would contribute to his coffers.

      1. Oh please, Obama is the one who has dirt all over him. The Republicans made a deal with the devil, they let us down, they promised over and over they would repeal Obamacare and the illegal immigration exec order and what did they do? They gave this horror everything he wanted. It is so sad that the Republicans lied to us.

  3. It was comforting, don’t you think, to see a picture of Obama in the Oval Office being briefed on the situation in Australia….courtesy of White House photographer. Was that the illustrious Susan Rice doing the briefing…even more comforting and reassuring.

  4. Such insanity! Thousands of illegalS line up for workshops on how to game the system to get TEMPORARY PROTECTION. All it takes is a rent receipt, DWP bill, or phony purchase receipts. All of which can be purchased on any street corner in every city around the country.

    There is nothing TEMPORARY about Obama’s criminal act. How in gawd’s name will the govt. be able to track ’em all down and demand the return of the ill-gotten SS cards, green cards, and Medicare cards?

    Amnesty boils down to three little words: Permanent legal status. That’s it. That’s all the criminal illegals want, and that’s what Obama wants. The rest of the thousands of pages contained in any immigration bill are superflous. They don’t care about citizenship – only the benefits of citizenship – WHICH THEY WILL RECEIVE! Everything but voting rights – which is easy peasy with motor voter, etc. It’s insanity!

      1. I waited 6 months to receive a patronizing form letter response about my Obamacare concerns, from John McCain’s office. Never got through via phone calls.
        Not interested in repeating that experience.

  5. Here’s Betty Warren again being buffed up, polished, shined up for her run to the White House. Who is behind this political theater? Who’s pulling the strings behind her? Who’s putting money into this campaign?

    As mentioned before, someone, some group, some money source has decided to put a halo on her head and place her on a magic political carpet. No vetting, no questions asked, no argument. She’s being Obamatized before our very eyes.

      1. And at a time when liberal Dems are being tossed out of Congress. Let’s hope the “we are sick and tired of these phonies” wave is having an effect on Washington.

    1. Yes I saw a video of him smiling as he was being arrested. Had a glim look as he stood in the courtroom. Why didn’t he have the guts to have such a childish grin when he stood before the judge?

        1. Cut some slack. The i sits to the right of the u on a standard keyboard. Could be nothing more than a simple, intolerable and unforgivable typo rendering glum to glim.

          1. Oh–I actually did not see that–wow–cut ME some slack. I thought it was a glimpse or something. As you know I don’t point out misspellings…I even make them myself.

  6. Breeding and welfare; that is what immigration has become in this country. Yet we are told that these people are a boon to the economy. No, LEGAL immigrants like myself who have zero representation in this country, as in fact a boon to the economy. We pay our immigration fees, wait in line for status changes at cockroach infested processing centers and pay our taxes. I have never taken government assistance in the 18 years that I have lived in this country. Shame on Obama and shame on the Americans who support this mess.

    1. They all stink illegals! my friend who lives in Elmhurst,Queens NY says there are so many of them in Queens and that she doesn’t know why but that all the stores stink from them, smell bad? Different way of life?different cultures? less bathing in other countries, I suppose, not like life in the U.S. My friend is selling her co-op and moving out of Queens where she has lived most of her life but can’t stand how crowded it is now, she says its unbearable,

  7. Elizabeth Warren is a freaking nut living in the exciting world of the 1960’s. Whoever votes for her is as anti-American as she is. No one who LOVES this country would vote for her, only the ones who are completely off the wall mental.

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