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Actually, Obama Doesn’t Know “Who We are as Americans”

Once again, President Obama has claimed to speak on behalf of the American people. And once again, the l’état, c’est moi president is actually just speaking for himself.

Obama, as chronicled recently by Andrew Ferguson in the Weekly Standard, is a self-professed expert on “who we are as Americans” and loves to represent us all on any number of topics. Like all left-wingers, the president assumes his moral judgment and values are unassailable and must by default be shared by Americans, the election of the biggest Republican House majority in 50 years notwithstanding.

Obama thinks

And so, Obama was certain we would share his view that extracting information out of terrorists like they were citrus in a lemon squeezer was not kosher. “Some of the actions that were taken were contrary to our values,” puffed the president upon the release last week of the Senate report on the extra-strenuous techniques – actually, torture – used during the Bush administration.

Well, when contacted by pollsters working for CBS, Americans decided to speak for themselves.

According to the just-released survey, which doubtless won’t get much play on . . . CBS . . . the number of Americans who think “water boarding and other aggressive interrogation tactics” are “sometimes justified” solidly exceeds those who think they are not justified, 49-36 percent.

Unlike Obama, who toasted the report’s release, Americans by 52-33 percent believe the report “poses a threat to the security of the U.S.” They also, being the straight-talking sort of people Americans are, agreed that the techniques were torture.

I understand that Obama thinks these tactics were inappropriate. It’s a legitimate point of view, even if I disagree with it. Obama has a right to his opinion. But he doesn’t have a right to ours.

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  1. Now Keith, how many times has Obama told us he is president and whatever he says is true? He knows we are terrible people, all whites are racist, we need him to make us live up to our ideals (because we aren’t ever going to do so with government mandates, demands, bribes, coercion, and high taxes), and those peaceful Islamists are just sick and tired of our arrogance and aggression (as the rest of the world) and we can’t just go around and hurt them or other people simply because they are trying to kill us all.

  2. Obama wouldn’t recognize a true, patriotic American citizen if he/she was standing right in front of him.

    He exists for one reason — to destroy this country.

  3. Keith, Thank you.
    I want to scream everytime I hear him say “That’s not who we are as Americans” or “That’s who we are as Americans”
    That man has never and will never speak for me as an American. I really resent him ever, ever saying that sentence.
    Who the H does he think he is?
    And I do not speak French.

  4. Pauline Kael after R.Nixon won reelection: :
    “How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon!”

    The same could be said for MrO – no one he ‘knows’ thinks that America is exceptional, that we have tried everything possible to erase racism , that we really don’t want God to “bless Planned Parenthood”, and a whole bunch of progressive, lefty programs.
    In his view of the US – the police act stupidly and shoot unarmed Black youths in a racist fever, we want millions of destitute, uneducated Spanish speaking Mexicans to come live in our communties, and we all just can’t see that Obamacare is the best thing to happen to us.

    • He still thinks he didn’t explain all this correctly. Oh, he splained and splained we just don’t agree–sort of like some of us on this list…One side will never convince the other. I am not trying to…just stating my opinion, come what may.

      • Gov. Sibelius thinks the name only needs to be tweaked: if you call it something other than Obamacare, people will flock to it. The female version of Gruber.

        • No one is flocking that’s for sure. Their estimates are way off. The other day my daughter remarked that maybe she could at least look at Wendy’s health plans–it would not pay her horrendous bills for that paralyzed shoulder ER visit, but maybe–it was not uppermost in her mind…I think a lot of people’s interest has been overrated.

          • Millions will still be uninsured, people will not use it if they have it bec of the deductibles and restrictive formularies, and we will limp on. Did you see the 60 Minutes on the outright fraudulent denial of mental health claims…the ins cos are not behaving ANY better!

          • And people signing up now (if the website works) won’t know if they will get subsidies, which may be only for states with exchanges. Thanks to Mr Grubby no one knew.

          • And the media is downplaying the problems with Obamacare — these are things that are happening on a daily basis in America. It is shameful at the very very least.

          • And I would like to reiterate on more (but certainly not the last) time — the Republicans are now, in my opinion, as much on the hook for the mess that is Obamacare as the Democrats. They simply refused to deal with it in their grab bag cromnibus bill.

  5. Well o need to have a chat with the family who just lost a family member. One of the Australian hostages is dead. Number of other’s in a hospital.
    WE WERE ATTACKED ON 911, as I said the other day, asking them to pretty please give me some information, is not going to work.
    Also releasing them was a bad move.
    If anything needed to improve, change that should have been taken care of from within. Not doing this publicly. They sit on infomation for decades, before releasing.

  6. Enhanced interrogation vs. torture. Who gives a rat’s patootie? Since the vile, execrable, sub-human race of Islamist mongrels insisted on killing 3000 Americans in one fell swoop on 911, and continues to behead men, women and children for no other reason than they will not submit to the Cult of Islam, then they deserve whatever horrible thing that befalls them.
    As a nation we must cease being wussified by the liberal contingent that is currently in charge of the nation.
    Barack Obama does not understand that America is different from other nations. We have a higher creed and a higher calling. We have been blessed by God with a mission that other nations have not been charged with. It does not include letting terrorists or weeping idiots run the show and get away with murdering the rest of the world.
    The reason Obama does not understand this is b/c he is not an American. Whether by virture of birth or ideology, Barack Obama is not an American.
    If we, as a nation were going out and torturing people just for the heck of it, like the Islamists do, then we would be wrong. But we are not doing that. We are extracting information from cretins in order to protect this country and its citizens, and other countries as well.

    • Islam is a greater danger than Nazism, and should be crushed, just as the Nazis were. Our so-called “leaders” are so politically correct, they have lost the will to fight and actually win a war. .

  7. Heads up Barackus I — Dead border guard and Mexicans from F&F; dead Ambassador and 3 brave Americans left undefended by their CiC; IRS as a political tool against any group, let alone conservatives, unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegals; having your race relations advisor incite to riot, and bankrupting an entire coal industry is not who we are.

    But I suspect waterboarding and any torture of Tea Party members and conservatives and anyone who dares to dissent, that would pass muster for Barackus I.

    The man is vile. He soils the Office of the President.

    • He is vile! He is also a murderer by drone so who is he kidding? We may have waterboarded and other things but we didn’t kill them like he does and also their families. I love your post Grace. I read it twice. You so hit it on the head. I wish Obama never was. Maybe the Americans are stupid to have voted for him. And now maybe we are stupid to have voted for Boehner and McConnell, the way they are supporting the enemy in the White House? And now McConnell and Boehner are agreeing with Obama? They lied to us and now have funded this illegal exec immigration order, they also should be arrested with Obama, I am sorry but this exec order is illegal and should not be funded. Also the Obamacare is illegal, voted for by only the democrats in the middle night and lied to the American people about the whole thing. I just don’t get it how this creep gets away with everything and now Boehner and McConnell are right in with him. F them all. Something has to be done to save us? When? Will we be saved?When will they all be run out of office?

  8. Yesterday in DC President for life declared that he was the only person who can say what the peasants of Mexico North believe. (former USA)

    He is divinely empowered by birth right to see all and know all.

    Today he is planning a EO declaring that whites can only marry blacks as this is the only way whites can stop being racist. “Its in their blood” he declared.

    He is thinking of an EO to end food stamps and welfare. These programs will be replaced with a yearly grant of 65,000 dollars per person to run to the end of their life. Whites are not allowed to be in this program because “they are racist and need to work to pay for the folks who were not born white”‘

    He also declared “white folks are just too pale and uppity” .

  9. Knowing what Americans are “really” like, what they truly believe, is what happens when you become POTUS using a phony Social Security number. It’s what happens when you are so ashamed of your background that you lock up all your personal bio files so citizens don’t really know who they are voting for.. It’s what happens when you prefer watching ESPN over performing your Constitutionally defined duties.

  10. I too wish Obama would stop speaking for me, as we share nothing in common. Too bad some terrorists were treated roughly, if it saved even one life, it was worth every bit. If Obama allowed capture of the enemy, instead of droning them to death, maybe the lone-wolf attacks could be learned of and stopped. Just my humble opinion.

  11. One of my friends sent me a photoshop of Obama in which he says that looting will no longer be known as looting but as undocumented shopping.

  12. Our commie commander from hell made a stupid “joke” during one of his blithering teleprompter addresses today saying that are troops are like “Santas in Fatigues” while wasting the valuable time of our troops at a base in New Jersey. This lame remark was met with a stony silence by the troops who were no doubt ordered to attend.

    Never mind what country this jackass is from rather what freakin’ planet is he from?

    What a massive un-American tool.

  13. I’ll tell you what enhanced interrogation is:

    The American Community Survey – you should see some of those questions. What is the name of your employer? What is the address of your employer? How many times have you been married? When was the last time you were married. On and on and on like the Energizer Bunny, just not as cute.

    Then we can move on to torture techniques currently utilized by this administration and the Democratic Party as seen below:

    Robo calls and commercials at election time – hello! People can only take so many lies at one time. They are brutal. The glassy-eyed stare is a sure give-away that you have been victim to their specialized techniques.

    White House briefings with Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney, and Josh Ernest – We’ve all been there. There just isn’t enough tea on the trolley or enough Cheetos in the bag. To make matters worse, the inability for any “reporter” (and I use that term loosely) to ask pertinent questions is mind-numbing. Who wouldn’t run from the room screaming after having to endure these tedious propaganda transference initiatives?

    Election night (both times) was high caliber torture. Recovery from exploding head syndrome is not an easy task ladies and gentlemen. Some people don’t fully recover.

    Scandals and the resulting spin to reassure the base that all is well in LaLa Land – Come on, for those of us who do not suffer from the caput in fundament malady, these are enough to drive even the most passive amongst us insane.

    Ah the list goes on and on….I’m sure you all can add to the techniques utilized by progressives in order to torture those they don’t agree. Seriously. And they have the nerve to feign horror at other techniques. Maybe other nations can rent-a-progressive or two and find success in their torture techniques. It’s working on us here.

  14. Spot on, Keith! The American spirit never, ever existed within the soul of this out-and-out radical racist/agitator whose only agenda is to turn us into a third world culture similar to his own paternal roots,
    Hearing those words from him is tantamount to fingernails down a chalkboard. That, and ‘my Christian faith’,

    We don’t have an ‘American president’ in any sense if the word!

  15. When will the media stop reporting the lies the POSOTUS keeps spewing from his nicotine stained lips. At this time of year every thing I pay for is going up, up, up..

  16. There has to be something wrong with this Obama. We didn’t kill people like he does with drones. Where is Obama’s United Nations with Obama killing people? We waterboarded a couple of people and did some other things that would scare me to death, but the CIA LET THESE PEOPLE LIVE, unlike Obama with his drones. I mean, how on earth can Obama accuse and have a report prepared about torture when he KILLS terrorists AND THEIR FAMILIES ALL THE TIME? He makes no sense and neither does his cohorts either, they are all guilty of treason in so many instances.

  17. “Some of the actions that were taken were contrary to our values,”

    And yet it’s just fine to dump drones on American citizens without due process of law. Tell me, Senor Caudillo Don Barack, how is what you’re doing any damn different from flying planes into buildings?

    The principle is the same.